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  1. capriccio

    Key West Shark Encounter

    Welcome to cruise critic! There is lots of information on here and it takes a while to learn how to find all of it. In the Roll Call section of the main menu, pick your cruise line, then your ship and finally the thread with your embarkation date. Have a great cruise!
  2. capriccio

    Are there Fjord tours from Oslo?

    Thank you to those who expanded the answer to the original question to include other Norwegian fjords. We're looking forward to a mid-June cruise entitled Land of the Midnight Sun (we'll be above the Arctic Circle for the solstice) that visits Stavanger, Flaam, Geiranger, Trondheim, North Cape, Tromso, Gravdal, Alesund and Bergen.
  3. capriccio

    Are there Fjord tours from Oslo?

    I don't know about other excursions, but Oslo sits at the head of the Oslofjord and the sail in/out is lovely. We had a great day there on our Baltic cruise in the summer of 2009. DIY touring is very easy and interesting.
  4. Welcome to cruise critic! This is a frequent question - with lots of responses - on the Florida Departures Board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ Oops - just read LHT28's similar answer (great minds think alike)!
  5. I would suggest taking the free parking shuttle to the midport garage and walking across the street to terminal 26. The other alternative is to convince a taxi driver to take you. I think there is a $10 minimum fare.
  6. Terminal 29 is out of the way with no nearby parking so park at the midport garage and take the shuttle to/from terminal 29. You can call Port Everglades to confirm the location of the shuttle stop (954- 523-34040). Terminal 26 is across the street from the midport garage. https://assets.simpleviewcms.com/simpleview/image/upload/v1/clients/porteverglades/Port_Everglades_Map_REVISED_November_30_2016_bae57d31-04c5-41d1-b193-a4bf242d9293.pdf
  7. capriccio

    Is there a waitlist for sold out excursion??

    In addition to consulting your roll call and TripAdvisor, take a look at the Caribbean Ports of Call board for excursion recommendations: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  8. That's a great price for any hotel in Fort Lauderdale in March! Congratulations and hope you have a great visit and cruise.
  9. capriccio

    Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale North Airport

    When, what is your budget, are you looking for a specific location, special amenities, etc.?
  10. Since you are staying two nights, do you plan to do some sightseeing and/or beach time? If so, I would chose the B Ocean for its location: on the beach, on the sun trolley route (www.suntrolley.com) and close to a water taxi stop (www.watertaxi.com). The beach strip is great for walking (all the other hotels are in an area of strip shopping malls).
  11. capriccio

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    Next month we are on a 10 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the the Crown with stops in Princess Cays, St. Thomas, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire and Curacao which is also an unusual itinerary for Princess (especially both Bonaire and Curacao).
  12. capriccio

    Looking to do Alaska cruise-opinions please

    The northbound Voyage of the Glaciers route on Princess (Vancouver to Whittier) includes Glacier Bay and College Fjord (numerous glaciers). You also have the possibility of taking on a land trip after the cruise.
  13. capriccio

    Swimming Pools on Alaska Cruises?

    The weather on our first week in July cruise was fantastic with temperatures in the high 70s/low 80s. Lots of folks were sunbathing and many people were in the pools (this was on the Ruby Princess) including our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, her dad and her mom. But that weather was unusual.
  14. capriccio

    Coffee Card Expiration

    Why would he/she "end up in an embarrassing situation?" My DH has a card with a past cruise number and no date with 14 punches left. Just what he needs for our upcoming 14 day December cruise. He plans to use it but should it be rejected he definitely won't be embarrassed but will ask for an explanation since everything I've read said it should be good until next August.
  15. capriccio

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    We have a cruise scheduled in mid-June next year entitled "land of the midnight sun.' It is round trip out of Southampton and stops in the following Norwegian ports: Stavanger, Flaam, Geiranger, Trondheim, North Cape, Tromso, Gravdal, Alesund, and Bergen.