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  1. In the case of Brazil and the required yellow fever shot on an Amazon cruise back more than a decade ago immigration boarded the ship at the mouth of the Amazon and did check and if anyone didn’t produce the vaccination record or a valid doctors explanation of why the vaccine was contra-indicated the ship wasn’t allowed to sail up the Amazon.
  2. This morning's news out of Florida (Sun-Sentinel https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-silversea-cruises-to-require-vaccinations-20210412-7ok6fwabpndc5aop6oyla5tgvq-story.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Don't Miss&utm_content=5601618279477#nws=true) Silverseas cruise line announced yesterday that vaccines will be mandatory. In response the governor's press office emphasized that his EO extends to cruise lines operating in Florida. “The Governor’s Executive Order provides that businesses in Florida are prohibited from re
  3. Today's Washington Post has a story (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dani-connor-squirrels/2021/04/11/cb870814-9978-11eb-b28d-bfa7bb5cb2a5_story.html) about a young British amateur photographer who posted a short clip of a young red squirrel in Sweden that I'm sure you would enjoy! She also posted a longer video:
  4. DH and I went to Georgetown and settled in Arlington decades ago. We then spent most of the 80s and 90s living in Europe and returned to Arlington in 2000. Our son now lives about 1 mile from where we lived when he was in high school and our daughter lives in Annandale. I laughed at the story about the Falls Church city police cars because we just told that to a friend last week! Don Beyer, Jr. (as in Don Beyer Volvo) has been the member of Congress from Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria since 2015. My DH has a brother-in-law from Syracuse and after attending A
  5. We agree. We have a July 2022 Caribbean cruise booked (replacing the June/July 2020 cruise that was canceled) with our family. We have all agreed that we will cancel before final payment if mandatory vaccinations for crew and passengers are not required. We are hoping that our 7 1/2 and almost 3 year old granddaughters will be vaccinated by then or we will cancel. We also have an April 2023 Round Australia cruise booked with my 3 siblings and spouses. We have all likewise agreed that vaccinations are mandatory for all.
  6. It averages about 2 feet a year but can vary greatly depending on location and elevation. We were there until early January this year and got a 7 inch snowfall before Christmas. It was the first snow DH and I had experienced since moving to Florida in January 2013. That was enough! We much prefer to see pictures of the granddaughters experiencing snow in northern Virginia now.
  7. Both our kids went to school in upstate New York (Ithaca and Syracuse). We had been living in Belgium and Greece while our daughter was in middle and high school and she had just about zero experience with snow. When we went on the tour of the Ithaca College campus with our daughter they said that the average snowfall was 64 inches a year. She looked at me panicked and said, "but I'm only 64 inches tall!" Our son, who went to high school in Virginia, was quite proud when Syracuse University won the Golden Snowball Award (a competition at that time between Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse) f
  8. So is mine! More specifically, a house we built on a whim which is what capriccio means in Italian.
  9. I'm not 2wheelin but here's my response... Most Caribbean port stops are longer than a 'few' hours arriving in the early morning and departing in the late afternoon. While we live on the beach in South Florida, we aren't really 'beach' people. In the Caribbean we have done zip-lining an island tour with a group on a 'trike' (3 wheeled vehicle) an independent island tour on a golf cart a group tour on Segways took part in an 'America's Cup' sailing race did tours including multiple snorkeling stops. We've also taken island tours
  10. We experienced that once when arriving at Pier 21 but not the other couple of times we've disembarked there. OP is on a Princess cruise and, if they are the only Princess ship in port that day, they will dock at pier 2. We've never had an issue with getting a taxi there. If there are other Princess ships in port they also use piers 4 and 21 most commonly. It seems to me that when there are multiple Princess ships, the newest Royal class ship gets pier 2. Added: OP if you haven't found the official Port Everglades website yet, check it out: www.portverglades.net.
  11. Princess transfers would be the most expensive option by far since they charge per person. Port Everglades and the airport are almost contiguous - only a highway separates the southwest side of the port from the northeast side of the airport. As for timing, you will have to call for Uber or Lyft and wait (usually) only a few minutes. Taxis are normally lined up outside the terminal but may cost a few dollars more. As CruiserBruce notes, right now all bets are off on whether the disembarkation procedures and, therefore, timing will change when cruising resumes. I would err on t
  12. Take a look at this article from US News and World Report: Best Pool Hotels in Fort Lauderdale (https://travel.usnews.com/hotels/pools-Fort_Lauderdale_FL/). It lists hotels by category and has a search engine where you can enter your budget in addition to dates. Do look out for mandatory resort fees in some hotels (noted in the article) and for parking fees you may need to check each hotel's website. Personally I would start my search with Lago Mar. It is in a great location, and has free WiFi and free parking according to the article!
  13. I think it is more often a factor for novice international travelers - especially families with one or more kids - not sure they want to expend the money for a passport they think they may never use again and/or who have sticker shock at the price.
  14. Another reason they are popular with Americans - no need for the added expense and/or hassle (not my words, but arguments I have seen made on cruise critic) of getting a passport on closed loop cruises.
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