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  1. capriccio

    Brochure pdf

    Princess stops in the Falklands. On Princess (and I would guess other cruise lines) check out the excursions available on this winter's cruises. They don't change much year to year. Also check out the South America ports of call board. We used that and TripAdvisor extensively for our LA to Rio cruise in 2016/2017 and, if I remember correctly, didn't do a single excursion through the cruise line. There is also lots of info on this board, just search by the port name.
  2. capriccio

    Princess website down AGAIN

    I hate to jinx myself but I'm still having no problems accessing the website, the cruise personalizer or the cruise search.
  3. capriccio

    overcharged on final bill

    $4.48 seems an odd amount for a drink (too little $3.80 plus 18% for alcohol). If it wasn't a drink could it have been an additional port charge from the last day? I know we have had credits and debits on port charges but never after we've disembarked.
  4. capriccio

    Movies Under the Stars (MUTS)

    Princess will probably send you an email a couple of weeks before the cruise. On December 2nd we received one entitled "Its Nearly Showtime" for our 10 day Crown Princess cruise departing on December 17th. It listed Christopher Robin and Crazy Rich Asians.
  5. capriccio

    Miami parking

    I remembered a thread from years ago on just that topic and did a search: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2174913-getting-to-port-miami-by-public-transportation/?tab=comments#comment-46512782 Locals then definitely advised the OP to park at the port.
  6. For the hotel recommendation, please provide date and your budget. Barring unforeseen problems that 10:50 am flight should be okay. You need to aim to be at the airport NLT 9:15 but earlier is better of course.
  7. capriccio

    Commodore Romano

    No, he retired earlier this year. See The new Commodore is Giorgio Pomata. See
  8. capriccio

    Princess website down AGAIN

    Just signed in with absolutely no problem (didn't try yesterday). I looked at my upcoming cruises and priced a cruise for next year.
  9. capriccio

    Tell me about "The Voice of The Ocean"

    Also be prepared for instrumentation that is different from the original song since they like to make sure the entire band plays. Our daughter sang Adele's Make You Feel My Love and the first notes were changed from piano to horns. Since she is mostly deaf in one ear, she pleaded with the music director that she needed to hear the correct opening notes on the piano and he made that adjustment. While the horns were unusual in the song, our daughter enjoyed singing with them and the musicians (as we've found on every Princess cruise) were very talented.
  10. Amy - Welcome to cruise critic! If you search (top right corner of the main Princess page) on 'wine packages' you should find a number of threads. This is from a recent one: Many posters note that it is not well publicized so best to ask your waiter at your first meal in the dining room about availability.
  11. capriccio

    FLL and Miami Pre and Post Cruise Questions

    Given that hotel prices vary with the season (high season - winter - is very expensive; low season - summer - is inexpensive; shoulder seasons - spring and fall - are in between), it would help if you gave us your travel dates to provide recommendations for questions 2 and 4. Also, are you looking for a room for 4 or two rooms? Many South Beach hotels - especially the older ones - have smaller rooms than most travelers are used to.
  12. capriccio

    Time to get to port

    Edit isn't working for me. Above should read: If the Royal or the Regal are in port they have priority at terminal 2.
  13. capriccio

    Time to get to port

    And if there is more than one Princess ship in port - not unusual on a Saturday or Sunday - the other Princess ships are usually at Terminal 21 and/or 4. If the Royal or the Regal are in port they have priority at terminal 25. OP - if you haven't checked out the Port Everglades website (www.porteverglades.com) I suggest doing so. It has a port map, ship schedule, and lots of other cruising related information.
  14. capriccio

    Tell me about "The Voice of The Ocean"

    In our daughter's case, it was spread out across sea days and the show itself was only an hour long or so. The 'longest' commitment was the dress rehearsal and show on the last day (1+ hour rehearsal, followed by some down time, followed by the performance). On our cruise that was the afternoon at sea en route to Victoria, BC. And if you love to sing and perform, it is a fantastic activity.
  15. capriccio

    EZAIR experiences?

    From my reading here on cruise critic, that ability is dependent upon the airline booked. We've booked one way tickets for two and round trip tickets for 7 on United through EZ-Air. We were able to choose our seats at booking and DH and I were able to upgrade to economy plus (a status perk) by logging onto the United website immediately after booking thru EZ-Air and change our seats to Economy Plus. Another United status perk is the ability to extend that perk to 2 more passengers but we couldn't do that until we paid for the tickets (which we do at final payment). Luckily there were still seats available so that worked out.