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  1. I absolutely agree. We never bother to go to Club 6 on the Royal class ships.
  2. Then one of the hotels in the Blue Lagoon area should suffice - have you checked the pricing? I just googled blue lagoon miami hotels for March 28th and they range in price from $152 (hampton inn) to $287 (hyatt house). Some may have 2 bedroom suites which might save you money over reserving 2 separate rooms.
  3. Especially if you are on a ship where it is held in Skywalkers! Since the lounge often takes place during sail away the views can be wonderful.
  4. If you chose one of the hotels n the Blue Lagoon area (assuming they are cheaper than those in downtown Miami) after dropping off your luggage (even if the rooms aren't ready yet) you can take their shuttle to the airport and then catch the airport flyer bus to Miami Beach for the day for less than $3 p/p person each way. When our DS and DIL got married in Miami Beach, lots of the guests took the bus and spoke very highly of the experience (clean, cheap and on schedule). Miami Beach is a great place to spend the day sightseeing, people watching and eating! https://lincolnroadmall.com/from-mia-to-south-beach-the-airport-flyer-express-bus-is-fast-easy-convenient-and-only-2-35/ https://www8.miamidade.gov/transportation-publicworks/routes_detail.asp?route=150
  5. Hotels in Miami are discussed daily on the Florida Departures Board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/ Hotels close to Port Maimi will be more (sometimes much more) expensive than those out by the airport in the Blue Lagoon area.
  6. I agree. I think I may have seen it once early on in our cruising on Princess (about 25 cruises; 2007 to present) but definitely not in the last 6 or 7 years. Princess, unlike many other cruise lines, does have self serve laundries usually on each passenger deck.
  7. That private party was, most likely, was what you were looking for being held in Club 6. The sign is up to dissuade other passengers from using it as a thru way to the lower level of the theater or Churchills. Instead passengers are directed through the Casino. It also keeps folks from just wandering in, especially if they have no one staffing the entrance to check cruise cards. Now if wasn't in Club 6, I have no idea...
  8. We made a deposit in mid-April 2019 for a YC cabin on an early January 2020 cruise. The total deposit (for 2 passengers) was $398.
  9. We booked our January 5, 2020 YC cabin on April 11, 2019. Final payment is due to my TA (who always requests it about a week before the actual final payment date to ensure there is time to handle any potential glitches) on September 27.
  10. Judy - you might want to start a new thread asking that question since folks with Port Canaveral experience may not be reading a post entitled Port Everglades.
  11. The phone number is also listed at the top of the 'dining guide' section on the back page of the Patter.
  12. We were 7 cruisers in 3 cabins last year. DH and I were paying for everything but as others have said EZ Air is reserved by cabin. I made all the reservations without a problem and got seat assignments. My husband's United status allows a free upgrade from economy to economy plus for us and for two more passengers. We upgraded our seats on the United website immediately without a a problem as we have done in the past. DS and DDIL wanted the free upgrade (the other family didn't care) but the United website wouldn't let us do that. DH called and they said that the upgrade for them couldn't be processed until the tickets were paid for (this was 300 days before the cruise; we paid for the tickets at final payment and asked that they be processed immediately) and that they would link all 3 of our reservations and keep the originally chosen seats on record. Luckily there were still economy plus seats available after final payment and as soon as I was notified that Princess paid for the tickets (less than 24 hours later) we were able to upgrade them on-line.
  13. Please re-read (or don’t since you seem bound and determined to refute everything I write) my original post: this was advice from US Embassy Prague in 2009 specific to Prague. Initially I did take umbrage at your comments about fearful Americans until I realized how easy it is to make unsubstantiated generalizations behind the anonymity offered by a keyboard and screen.
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