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  1. capriccio

    Beverage package timed?

    I watched the fares for our summer solstice cruise above the Arctic Circle before last summer's Sip and Sail promo was announced. The price actually went down $50 per person with the promo. Since the promo ended the price has gone up. This may be due to the relatively rare itinerary but we've had similar experiences where the price didn't change with Sip and Sail and went up after it on a LA to Rio cruise in 2016 and a Rome to FLL trans-Atlantic in 2017.
  2. The absolutely cheapest method from MIA to South Beach is the Airport Flyer bus (route 150). It is a cheap ($2.65) trip to South Beach, convenient and comes highly recommended by a number of guests at our son's wedding at a South Beach hotel. https://lincolnroadmall.com/from-mia-to-south-beach-the-airport-flyer-express-bus-is-fast-easy-convenient-and-only-2-35/ https://www8.miamidade.gov/transportation-publicworks/routes_detail.asp?route=150 As others have said, Uber or Lyft would be cheapest method to the port.
  3. capriccio

    Pros/Cons of Alaska glaciers

    College Fjord is an afternoon (at least) of scenic cruising on every Princess Voyage of the Glaciers cruise northbound (Vancouver to Whittier) itinerary. I agree it is beautiful and the number of glaciers in a relatively small area is incredible. Just looking at the July 2019 schedule, the following Princess ships are doing that itinerary: Coral, Golden, Island, Royal, Grand and Pacific.
  4. capriccio

    Biking vs. sailing through Wachau Valley

    We spend our summers in Shenandoah County on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. Right now I'm in sunny and warm south Florida on the beach. Charlottesville and its environs are beautiful. My sister graduated from UVa many years ago.
  5. capriccio

    elite 14 day cruise

    Should the cruise also be sold as two 7 day cruises (back to back), in our experience they will replenish the mini bar whether you booked the cruise as a 14 day or two 7 day.
  6. capriccio


    I don't know since it is way out of our budget but on our Royal Princess Caribbean 20 day B2B cruise in 2015 we reserved the regular Sanctuary loungers for the first 10 days and were asked by the manager if we intended to do the same on the next cruise. When we replied yes he offered us a cabana without the cabana amenities (except the TV head sets which were of no interest us to us) for the same cost as the loungers! It was lovely to always have a place in the shade regardless of the sun's direction.
  7. capriccio

    Picking an Italian Cruise

    Based on itinerary alone (we've only cruised on Princess), I would definitely pick the Carnival option. First, 9 days is better than 7 days! Second, you get to visit the 4 main Italian ports. The additional ports also look great: Barcelona - while not on your wish list, this is a wonderful city. It is definitely on our list for a longer visit after spending a port day there in October 2017. Marseille - haven't ported there but have in Toulon and love Provence. Corfu - easy to DIY. If you chose this cruise, you might enjoy watching The Durrells in Corfu on PBS. While it is based on the actual experiences of an English family in Corfu in the 1930s, it is filmed entirely on the island. Kotor - has one of the most beautiful sail in/sail out in the world plus the medieval walled city is very easy to DIY.
  8. capriccio

    Biking vs. sailing through Wachau Valley

    One thing to consider given that the scenery is truly gorgeous - on a bike ride you are seeing only the scenery on the other side of the river and immediately around you on your side. On the ship you obviously have much more sweeping views. Either way, I'm sure you will enjoy it!
  9. capriccio


    $140 per half day. It includes other amenities in addition to those provided folks in the loungers: Sanctuary Cabanas – Within The Sanctuary, the Sanctuary Cabanas offer an even more exclusive and special experience with amenities such as a personal television with noise-reducing wireless headphones, cushy sofas, luxurious robe and slippers, a welcome cocktail, and healthy snacks including nuts, and dried and fresh fruit. The cabana also features a fully stocked mini-bar with refreshing waters and sodas, as well as a choice of alcoholic options, including beer or wine. Sanctuary Cabanas are available beginning at $140 for a half day. (https://www.princess.com/news/backgrounders_and_fact_sheets/factsheet/Guests-Can-Enjoy-the-Ultimate-in-Pampering-Aboard-Regal-Princess.html)
  10. OP - if you feel uncomfortable leaving your laptop out or in a drawer (we don't), just lock it in one of your suitcases.
  11. capriccio

    Port Everglades

    To add to John's post, Bags to Go provides luggage storage in each terminal at FLL (www.bagstogo.net).
  12. Anyone who reads the disembarkation letter from Princess for terminal 2 will see the warning that passengers must have one hand empty in order to hold on to the escalator. I would consider this common sense; who wants an overburdened passenger behind you? It also seems reasonable to me since there is an alternative - take the elevator as instructed in the letter and by the staff! No pleading ignorance that you didn't know you might have to wait for the elevator.
  13. capriccio


    Welcome to Cruise Critic! Tui does not have it's own cruise line specific board here on Cruise Critic but you may receive more answers to this question on the Other Cruise Lines board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/135-other-cruise-lines/.
  14. capriccio

    Holiday Cruises

    We've been on two Christmas cruises in the last two years and have been very impressed with the lovely decorations, especially the gingerbread houses! The 2016 cruise started on December 4th and there were already lots of decorations up and, IIRC, more were added as we sailed. The gingerbread houses were put up shortly before Christmas both on that cruise and our December 17, 2018 cruise.
  15. capriccio

    Picking an Italian Cruise

    We lived in Rome for 5 years and all I can do is concur with the comments that it will be crowded (multiple ships in port can add 10,000 tourists a day to the thousands of land based tourists especially in Rome, Venice and Florence) and HOT! Added - many Italians take the last 2 weeks in August off (from the Feast of the Assumption to September 1st) but are probably at the beach, not in the cities. You may find small stores and businesses closed (including restaurants) but that shouldn't be an issue to cruise passengers.