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  1. capriccio

    Traveling to Orlando during the Daytona 500

    Be aware that I-95 is being widened in Daytona. It is estimated to be completed in 'early 2019' but I would recommend checking out this website to give you updates before you travel: http://www.cflroads.com/project/242715-2/I-95_Widening_and_Systems_Interchange_Reconstruction_Design-Build_from_North_of_S_R_44_to_North_of_U_S_92
  2. capriccio


    Take a look at the information on the Overlord Tours website: https://www.overlordtour.com/product/tours-from-cruise-ports-9/. " Most of our cruise line clients are American/British/Canadian, and desire to focus their tour on the American/British/Canadian Battlefields of Normandy. If this is so, below is a suggested itinerary from your cruise port... The tour is from 8 am to 6 pm." I would definitely email them if you have specific locations you want to visit to get more information.
  3. capriccio

    Early Flight out of FLL?

    Can you provide us with more information: What time is your ship scheduled to arrive? What kind of priority does FTTF give you on disembarkation? Do you have Global Entry and/or TSA pre-check to get off the ship and through airport security quicker? What's your alternative or Plan B if that flight doesn't work?
  4. capriccio

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    We have done that before but just make sure you notify the Maitre'd so someone from the waitlist can move up to your traditional dining spot.
  5. Romy2227 - I booked my cruises thru my travel agent but I booked my EZAir directly online with Princess.
  6. We've used EZAir from Princess twice (1 one way ticket X 2 passengers; 1 roundtrip ticket X 7 passengers) and have another round trip for 2 scheduled for next summer all on United. Upon reserving, we were able to pick our seats on EZAir and had no problem upgrading to economy plus seats on the United website that are a perq of our airline status . We pay for our tickets at final payment and tell Princess to ticket them then. When we did that this summer for 7 people I made seat reservations for all about 10 months in advance and then we were able to call United and move our son and daughter in law up to available economy plus seats for free (another perq) at final payment. The important point is that in all cases seats were chosen up to 11 months early and 8 months before final payment and we received exactly what we chose.
  7. I'm confused by your date of 11/28. The Boat Show this year is October 31 to November 4. So even if you meant 10/28 your visit won't be conflicting with the boat show. There should be no problems with getting a taxi. If you are in town on 10/28, this is an excellent time to ride the water taxi and see all the supersized yachts brought in for the show. We had lunch on the intraoastal last weekend and the 'regular sized' private yachts were in the process of being moved from their normal berths and being replaced with those taking part in the boat show.
  8. capriccio

    Crazy to fly into PBI for a Miami cruise?

    I think that is a great idea. Just realize that Boca isn't halfway to Miami - it is about 30 minutes south of PBI. Then your drive will be about an hour to Port Miami. For sightseeing on the drive from Boca to Miami check out the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County tourist website: www.sunny.org. For sightseeing around Boca, check out https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/boca-raton.html#{"filter":"Things To Do","filterSelection":""}
  9. capriccio

    What time are rooms ready please

    This was our experience on the Ruby Princess this summer - and the first time we've experienced it in almost 25 Princess cruises. Not only were the fire doors closed, they are also alarmed if you try to open them (just ask my DH)!
  10. As far as cold towels Princess does the same. As others have said, easy embarkation with no crowds is dependent on the time. Beginning about an hour before all on board time the lines can be longer. The same happens when numerous cruise line excursions return at the same time. It can also be a function of ship size - the increased number of passengers on the bigger ships means more people trying to re-board at the same time.
  11. capriccio

    Regal Mistake

    And two rows of lounges outside the aft doors on deck 7 (the Promenade deck), including 2 lounges (at least on the starboard side) that face aft.
  12. capriccio

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    In my earlier posting about the schedule on the Ruby Princess, it was specifically noted in the embarkation day Patter when the doors would close: Michaelangelo - deck 5 midship (anytime dining): 4:30 - 8:30 pm Botticelli - deck 6 aft (traditional): 5:30 (1st seating; door will close at 6 pm) 8 pm (second seating) DaVinci - deck 6 midship: traditional dining: 5 pm (doors close at 5:45) anytime dining: 7:30 - 9:30 pm
  13. capriccio

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    In the 11 years we've been sailing Princess I don't remember traditional dining ever being at 6:30 (too late for first seating) or 7 (too early for second seating).
  14. capriccio

    Key West - Conch train or Trolley?

    When we were in Key West a few years ago we took the trolley because I liked its itinerary better (more stops and better coverage of the area) so I suggest you check out both websites to see which appeals to you more. You can also check out the Key West Port of Call Board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/95-key-west/
  15. capriccio

    Traditional Dining Times on the Ruby!

    On our Ruby Princess round trip Seattle cruise to Alaska that began on June 30th, this was the dining schedule posted in the first day Patter:  Michaelangelo - deck 5 midship (anytime dining): 4:30 - 8:30 pm Botticelli - deck 6 aft (traditional): 5:30 (1st seating; door will close at 6 pm); 8 pm (second seating) DaVinci - deck 6 midship:  breakfast port days: 7 - 9 am breakfast sea days: 7:30 - 9:30 am  lunch sea days (including Ketchican with 1 pm sailing): noon - 1:30 pm afternoon tea: 3 - 4 pm traditional dining: 5 pm (doors close at 5:45) anytime dining: 7:30 - 9:30 pm