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  1. I don't know if I missed the length of the cruise but in general, the longer the cruise, the fewer the kids.
  2. Woodwind is fantastic. Our first post COVID cruise in March 2022 includes Bonaire and we (party of 6 including my 2 brothers and spouses) have already made reservations with Dee and Ulf.
  3. Make sure you come back and post a review especially since it is so new. Have a wonderful cruise!
  4. According to https://travelsaying.com/bs-hotels/ac-hotel-fort-lauderdale-airport-opens-its-doors-in-south-florida-hospitality-net/, the hotel just opened this week (article is dated 9/21). That, and the fact that it is still low season for tourists, probably account for the lack of reviews.
  5. Check out my postings in this thread. I link reviews from late 2019/early 2020 but considering that cruising stopped soon thereafter they are as current as you can get. Also make sure to check out on-line reviews including Yelp.
  6. Have a great cruise and come back and share your impressions!
  7. On our January 2020 Meraviglia cruise in the YC we thought the food was great, especially the different risottos offered each day. Having lived in Italy for 5 years, we have very high standards for risottos and thoroughly enjoyed each of them.
  8. I had the same reaction. We visited Mendenhall on our 2012 and 2018 Alaska cruises and noticed a reduction in size in 2018 but the shrinkage in the last 3 years is much more pronounced.
  9. We were on the same cruise and it is one of our favorites (out of over 25 cruises). Here is my brief write-up: I'll just add an update on e-bikes mentioned in my reviews of two excursions. My DH and I both have 2 now! We have fat tire e-bikes for our daily 9 mile rides on hilly gravel roads in Shenandoah County and commuter/trail e-bikes for bike trails in mostly flat Florida. My DB also bought one. First time a cruise has cost us thousands of dollars one and a half years later!
  10. Use the Concierge too. They are great handling ship-wide issues. We took an MSC excursion (LAMANAI & THE NEW RIVER SAFARI in Belize) in January 2020 that was totally misrepresented in the write-up (the 40 minute drive to the location was actually 1 1/2 hours in both directions plus the description of the excursion wasn't accurate) and approached the Concierge just to ask how to tell MSC that they needed to provide accurate excursion descriptions. We weren't asking for anything else since we had taken the excursion. The next time we passed the Concierge desk, he called us over and said that the full amount of the excursion would be refunded. Unexpected but appreciated. I just checked to see if the excursion description has changed in the meantime. It hasn't!
  11. Your interpretation of the PortMiami free parking for disabled vets is correct. Pay for the parking at the port. It is safe and much more convenient than using an off-site location that will involve shuttles to and from the port.
  12. No advance reservations because they aren't necessary. Show up after the ship has disembarked returning passengers (10:30 or so) and you will have your choice of the spaces they just vacated.
  13. The details are at https://www.princess.com/cruise-deals-promotions/princess-plus/. Note the last sentence: A daily limit on alcoholic beverages of 15 beverages over a 24-hour period (6 a.m. to 6 a.m.).
  14. The office is literally between the airport and Port Everglades right before the Eller Drive entrance to the port. See the Port Everglades map on the website: www.porteverglades.net or https://porteverglades.org/port-everglade-facilities-map.htm It is immediately south of the navy blue security icon in the center of the map. Address: 1800 Eller Drive Suite 104 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday - Saturday Contact Information: (954) 761-2029
  15. Sounds like the same issue I had as described in post 31. I had to go in person to get my GE record updated. Luckily it didn’t require an appointment and only took 5 minutes but it was still a pain.
  16. That article quotes the president of Carnival Cruise Line (Christine Duffy) not Carnival Corporation (Arnold Donald). Like Carnival Cruise Line, Princess is one of the lines under the Carnival Corporation umbrella. The policies and procedures of the various lines are not in lock step with each other but if I was a betting person, I would bet that Princess pulls the plug too.
  17. According to https://news.miami-airport.com/covid-19-testing-available-daily-at-mia-starting-may-21/ The Central Terminal facility, operated by Communitel and Family Rehab, Inc. and located at MIA’s Concourse E ground level median in front of Door 11, provides Antigen and Rapid PCR tests with results within 15 minutes and PCR tests with results within 40 minutes. The facility is open daily 24 hours a day for walk-ins and scheduled appointments. For testing costs or to schedule an appointment, call 305-869-1161. Customers will receive a written test result, or results can be emailed upon request.
  18. I agree it doesn't look like they are making any commitment to when it will be up and running or how much it will cost. I hope you can find a CVS offering the tests. COVID-19 Testing Requirements (https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/) Will you offer COVID-19 testing near the terminal before my cruise? We understand that it may be difficult for some of our guests to find testing that can provide results within a 2-day turnaround. Accordingly, for guests who did not receive their test results within 2 days prior to their embarkation, we are working to set up mobile testing sites near our embarkation ports to conduct COVID-19 testing the day before, or day of, your cruise departure. The company providing the testing will charge a per-person fee (to be established; please check back on this page). Providers will not accept insurance, but you will be provided a receipt should you wish to submit the cost to your insurance carrier. Please consider this as a back-up alternative should you not be able to make arrangements prior to leaving home.
  19. I haven't seen where Princess is giving tests at the pier. See this recent thread:
  20. OP - try a test sign up on the CVS website using the port zip code (33316) or the zip code of your hotel to find the nearest CVS offering testing. Alternatively - and this will cost you but may be reimbursed by your insurance - if you are flying into Fort Lauderdale airport, you can get tested there. Description: https://www.broward.org/airport/passengers/flights/advisories/pages/default.aspx. Making an appointment: https://testing.nomihealth.com/easy_registration/34/onsite
  21. As residents of Fort Lauderdale we only park at the Port when sailing out of Miami. The price is worth the security and convenience.
  22. The quote I cited in post #2 above is taken from the Customs and Border Patrol website (https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/western-hemisphere-travel-initiative:) and does include the word same. I think the wording in your quote - "dreamy destinations' - is pretty much a guarantee that it wasn't from an official US government website 😀. U.S. citizens on closed-loop cruises (cruises that begin and end at the same U.S. port) are able to enter the United States with a birth certificate and government-issued photo ID.
  23. Bimini Boatyard changed it's name a few years ago and remodeled. It is now Boatyard and is still a good recommendation. I also agree with the Coconuts (our favorite) and 15th Street Fisheries recommendations.
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