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  1. Yeah, I'll snub my my nose at some itineraries. Doesn't mean I won't sail on them. We're currently booked on a B2B Western, then Eastern cruises with what I consider crappy itineraries. But that's OK with us since all we want is a winter break with warm weather and relaxation. I can forsee us staying on the ship except for 2 or 3 ports, and I'm fine with that. It's just an alternative to going to an island AI. But most of the time we prefer to cruise on itineraries with interesting ports we haven't visited before.
  2. It depends on the cruise line, but many don't allow metal hooks on the over the door holders because they damage the door surface when the door is closed. A couple of ways around it: - loop a string around the hook on the back of the bathroom door, bring both ends of the string over top of the door and run the strings through the holes in the holder, tying them off - use heavy duty magnets with hooks
  3. What you are describing is Dynamic Currency Conversion, and while it now seems to be nearly universal, it has been a thing for quite a few years in many countries. We've encountered it all over Europe, Asia, and in the US. It seemed to originate in non bank owned ATMs, but you will see it pop up in bank owned ones as well as in retail situations. Even the ships "offer" this to international guests. Simply decline the conversion and insist the transaction be in the local currency. Or cancel the transaction. Non bank owned ATMS often use a less favorable exchange rate compared to banks, even without the DCC; that's how they make their money. As for the withdrawal limit- it's twofold. Your bank sets a limit on the maximum they allow you to withdraw on your card. You can ask for this limit to be raised if you want. But the ATM machine will also have its own limit set by its owner. This may be lower than the one on your card.
  4. I don't know what lines you sail on, but the ones I sail on usually have a note in all the dailies reminding guests if the wisdom of frequent handwashing. Some lines are even placing handwashing stations at the entrance of the buffet. And of course there are also bathrooms close to all of the dining spots, where guests can wash their hands. However, for those guests who are less than scrupulous about handwashing, having the hand sanitizer dispensers outside all of the dining venues is better than nothing. Even the article you cited states "Alcohols are preferable, better and faster, for actually killing germs but not removing dirt, residue or organic material,” Larson added. β€œIt is, however, clearly the best option whenever a sink and clean materials (soap, towels) are not available.”
  5. Horse hockey. Just because motion sickness isn't a problem for you means nothing to the larger population. If self acclimation was a given then there would be no such thing as chronic motion sickness, and there would be no need for the extensive amount of research into the condition ( both military and civilian). To say that sailors dont get seasick is simply false. There are more than a few that have to be relieved of sea duty because of it. Similarly there are people who are very susceptible to motion sickness from many sources (cars, planes, boats, amusement rides). Telling them it will go away in a couple of days MAY be true for some, but it may be impossible for others. Making blanket statements like this is simply misleading.
  6. Very trippy ad. Always loved that song. Boy would I be disappointed to see this and then board a non Edge class ship if I'd never sailed X before, since the whole ad seems to centre around Eden.
  7. You'll likely be using Fiumicino airport. Only some of the small discount airlines like Ryan Air use Ciampino. Start your search for Hotels and transportation on the Ports of Call board for Italy: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/ We usually have excellent results by looking at booking.com for hotels. If you are going to be taking the train, look for something near Termini. You might also ask on your Roll Call to see what your fellow cruisers have planned.
  8. I don't believe the port authority ( the operators of the port) have any responsibility to assist stranded passengers. That duty falls to the cruise line's port agent. And their duties do not extend as far as the kindness extended to the man in that story. That agent went above and beyond his required level of care.
  9. Really? Is scrolling past them that big a chore?
  10. ?? Then why are you asking the question here? If you have read all of the CDC advisories and information on Hepatitis A, why do you need input from total strangers who likely have zero medical background? And the statement from some travellers that they've visited the area more than once and didn't contract it carries no weight since it IS present in the area, just as it is present where you live. Therefore there IS a chance you could come down with it. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? And FTR, we keep all of our recommended immunizations up to date, including Hepatitis.
  11. I've never heard of X having recliners to rent. My guess is that you would have to go through the Special Needs department. They may suggest a medical supply house that could rent one to you and deliver/pick up at the ship. Don't forget to check the dimensions of the chair- it has to fit through the cabin door.
  12. Early disembarkation requires advance notice to the cruise line. They need to arrange for Immigration and Customs . There would likely also be a fee for doing this, and your cruise fare would not be reduced for the remaining days where you aren't on board. BTW, I think your initial yearly estimate is grossly underestimated unless you're planning on living in an inside cabin on a bargain basement ship, never do shore excursions other than walking around the port area, never buy a beverage on board, and don't do anything impulsive like hopping off a ship to stay at a land resort and then need to fly "home" before boarding your next ship. And at that price, you would end up confining yourself to only one geographic area (Caribbean?), because your budget wouldn't allow for flights to distant embarkation ports). I have to ask- How much cruising have you already done?
  13. It's at the top of the Celebrity board main page. Here's a link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/863876-s-class-cabin-information-compilation-please-do-not-post-cabin-questions-here/ Click on the spreadsheet link in the first post. Note: this is a VERY long spreadsheet that is arranged numerically by cabin number. It's not really intended for casual reading, but is good if you have a few specific cabin numbers and want to see if there are any problems that have been noticed.
  14. I can't recall specifically if we were asked for our passports when checking into resorts on our Caribbean land vacations, but I do know that it seemed to be standard practice in most of the countries we've visited
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