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  1. Agree with their rack of lamb. The braised lamb shanks are excellent as well.
  2. That's assuming rather a lot. A. That they will stay home B. That they live in a city. C. There is something worth seeing where they live that they've never seen before. Count me out in all 3.
  3. Really thought tissues were to clean up AFTER one sneezed or coughed. Isn't the accepted thing to cough or sneeze into ones elbow, not into your hand (with or without tissue)?
  4. And from that you assumed they couldn't have been in possession of a tissue or handkerchief? Why? Should everyone who has posted that they have been known to cough or sneeze in public be required to also note whether they have had these items at hand? Alrighty then, I'll go first- yes I do.
  5. Couldn't read the link without subscribing, so I checked the island's website. The only ships being allowed in are the scheduled supply ships from South Africa, and any locals travelling back to the island have to self quarantine for 14 days before or after the 7 day sail. It appears that only locals are allowed to travel in and out, and even then the ships are few and far between.
  6. I see no reason to add that garment bag. You should be able to pack your suit in a suitcase without wrinkling (especially if it is still in a plastic dry cleaner bag). If it should get wrinkled, the ship can have it pressed for you by the next day at a reasonable cost. The ladies should select formal wear that doesn't wrinkle-something that is easy to do with modern fabrics
  7. The OP said she was sailing in June. NOBODY will be sailing in June.
  8. No, I don't worry. There are a myriad of reasons for someone to cough or sneeze that are unrelated to contagious illnesses. I'm asthmatic, so I often cough. If someone wants to run away like a frightened little girl, that's up to them.
  9. Have a look for the thread that discussed this cruise. They were at sea for a considerable time after their last port. If he felt sick within a couple of days of disembarking, he most likely contracted it on board.
  10. Rolled drying cloths- small rolled cloth hand towels.
  11. I agree that the previously listed lines that advertise themselves as "Premium" lines already fall well within what the OP somewhat awkwardly tried to describe as "mid market". I also think that "mass market" lines tend to fall along a continuum, rather than as an identical group. I would definitely place Carnival and Celebrity (along possibly with Disney and HAL) at opposite ends of that continuum.
  12. I can't remember the last time I used an air dryer on a cruise ship. I prefer to use the rolled cloth towels (we most often sail on Celebrity), or will use a paper towel if that's all there is. And either my elbow to hit the automatic door opener, or a paper towel if you have to open it manually. I can't see myself ever using toilet paper (already contaminated by bacteria aerosolized from the toilet flushing) to dry my clean hands. Yuck!
  13. I would love to know what you know, which is apparently more than the WHO, CDC, and numerous disease centers and virology labs all over the world. Why would they all be in various stages of development, and even testing, if they thought there was no likelihood of achieving a viable vaccine?
  14. But look at the rest of that equation. First of all, assuming that you could have 40 million doses of the vaccine ready for use all at the same time for just one state is, to out it mildly, highly unlikely. Plus have an adequate supply if syringes, swabs, injectors and refrigeration at every place. Then you have to be able to adequately staff those 800 places. Now. I'm math challenged, but according to my calculations, for a 10 hour day, you would need an average of 105 people at each place who ONLY did the injections, at about one patient per minute. That's not counting support personnel. So you need well in excess if 83,000 trained personnel to do this. Where are you going to find them? As the PP stated, it's nonsense. Any vaccination program is going to take months.
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