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  1. Are tides really an issue on the Elbe?
  2. What about that is vague to you? Either take one of the offered excursions, or stay on the ship.
  3. This was lifted verbatim from the Celebrity letter. Their boast as to how safe they've made future sailings - but providing no details. Just put your blind trust in their good intentions. If you think that it is impossible to end up with a case of Covid on board just because the pax have showed a vaccine card at boarding, you really need to do more research. And if you think it would be impossible for that case to spread on board or in port, ditto.
  4. The rules seem obvious from the paragraph you quoted.
  5. So, from what you are saying, guests flying back to those home countries that require a PCR test would have to get those tests after disembarking, and planning additional days awaiting the result. That would be a big no go for us.
  6. Show us those robust, proven protocols. Or better yet, show them to the CDC.
  7. Is anything ever perfect? I think not. However our 2019 Celebrity Constellation cruise from Abu Dhabi to Singapore came very close. We expected the same on the second half of the B2B from Singapore to Shanghai, but were disappointed.
  8. Since we saw little benefit in buying a pig in a poke, we made other plans, and will fill our travel time this year and next with land vacations. So our next cruise will likely not be earlier than Jan/Feb '23.
  9. More frequently booked than cruises departing from international ports- I wouldn't be surprised. I don't think CC regulars are at all representative of the general cruising public. Cruises out of US ports are easy for Americans- they don't always need a passport, they don't require long flights, and they tend to be shorter. Perfect for working people, those with children, those on a budget, and those looking for a vacation, not a foreign adventure. I read a couple of online articles aimed at TAs saying that the Caribbean generates the highest number of bookings in the US, with Alaska running
  10. I don't think the topic is inappropriate at all, and from what I've been reading and seeing on the news, I understand your concerns. But I think that right now tempers are fraught, and hopefully if the pandemic eases, so will the ugly behavior. Since you still have 17 months before your Med cruise, perhaps wait a few months more and see if things improve as we hope they will.
  11. Before you called me a liar, you might have bothered to check the facts. The experience of one person means nothing. I suggest you consult the WHO PDF which clearly outlines which countries have mandated proof of certain vaccinations for entry; primarily yellow fever, polio, and meningitis. Airlines and cruise lines DO check for these prior to boarding, where necessary, and WILL deny boarding if the proof isn't forthcoming. Um, that is not what the thread was about. It's about the exact opposite - the government of Florida mandating a prohibition on requiring proof of vaccination. As o
  12. You are free to hold whatever opinion you wish. BUT. The fact remains that businesses like airlines and cruiselines have been doing this for years. They must require proof before boarding that you meet all of the entry requirements of the destination (s) you will arrive at. This has always included mandatory vaccinations such as yellow fever. Countries all over the world are looking at proof of vaccination as a condition for entry, just as they are now requiring proof of negative PCR tests. Hopefully the North American countries will do the same. Some people seem to be getting hung up on t
  13. Question for the armchair legal experts- if your federal government (CBD?) required a vaccine passport or certificate for entry into the country, wouldn't that supercede any governor issued edict in Florida, as far as cruising goes?
  14. Its the weekend, and it's Celebrity. Par for the course. Wait til Monday and check again.
  15. You are dreaming. Macron has this nasty habit if listening to his medical experts- they've just gone into another hard lock down due to a spike from variants. And as you know, the EU lags behind in vaccination numbers and France has suspended use of the AZ vaccine.
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