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  1. A few points here. First- do you have any idea how many ports are in the Mediterranean, and how many cruise ships visit them? Second- over that period of time there were likely close to 100,000 passengers and crew on all those ships visiting all those ports. And then you would have to add in the hundreds of thousands of people living in or land visiting those ports that may have had casual contact with all those cruisers. Also be sure to add in all the people on your flight home, and Anyone else you came in contact with up until 3 days or so before your loved one became ill. Third- a person doesn't have to have viral meningitis to spread the virus. This type of meningitis is caused by an enterovirus, and is a complication of this type of infection. So the person who gave the infection to your loved one may have only felt slightly ill and shrugged it off. And finally, it has been over 3 weeks since this all happened. Any who may have been affected are likely widely dispersed- anywhere in the world. Cruise Critic members are a tiny fraction of the cruising public. With the vague information you have given, the chance of finding the source of this iillness is miniscule. And any answer would be meaningless at this point. After this length of time, and barring some kind of epidemic, no one, including the cruise line and airline, are going to do anything about it. I hope your loved one makes a full and complete recovery. Perhaps just concentrate on helping make that happen.
  2. Susu, this is taking us off topic, but I don't think there are any direct flights any more out of Toronto, at least on a daily basis.. West Jet only seems to fly there from late fall to early spring, and only on weekends. So you will likely end up with a connecting flight in the US. Have you tried using kayak or google flights for your searches?
  3. Nope. For us the planning for the land portions of our trips take a higher priority than the cruise. Once the cruise is booked it gets put on the back burner until all our land based details are fully ironed out. A week in Florida that time of year should be easy. Unless, of course, you're planning on WDW. In that case, you'd better hop to it.
  4. Sorry OP but this is a job for a cruise specialist TA who will take the time to more thoroughly define your preferences and present a selection of cruises from which you can pick. From your initial post I would suggest you consider one of the premium or luxury lines. As to itinerary - ships sail all over the world. You could find cruises that fit just about anywhere - Europe, Asia, South America, even the Caribbean.
  5. You are on the X forum. Disregard the PP. As long as you are just using those apps for text chats you'll be fine with the surf pkg. You just won't be able to use video. You may find it too slow to upload large photos.
  6. Have you already checked out the Ports of Call board for St Lucia? Lots of threads on excursions there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/138-st-lucia/ Or you could check your Roll Call to see what your fellow cruisers have planned for that port. We've done full day tours with both Spenser Ambrose and Cosol Tours and enjoyed them.
  7. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you should see the international websites. I've never bothered with any of the contests, so didn't know they restricted who could of could not participate. I doubt the number of Canadian CC members are sufficient in number to make a separate website feasible. And without sufficient membership, I doubt such a site would attract sponsors for contests.
  8. I don't think any of us were advocating wearing them in the dining rooms at dinner time; but during the day, either around the ship or in port.
  9. Compensation??? Seriously? You have entitlement issues, I think. You know the rules. Celebrity abides by them. And everyone else is in the same boat. Just how many people do you think actually reach the required points for a jump to next level exactly on the last day of a cruise? Answer: darned few.
  10. I'm pretty sure a person's Captains Club number would be considered personal information, so wouldn't be disclosed to anyone else.
  11. Did you suffer a permanent injury to your funny bone? You put the fuddy in fuddy fuddy. DH is old enough to collect old age security, yet still wears his pirate periodic table t shirt on cruises, and gets lots of positive remarks.
  12. Thanks for the fact checking Fouremco. I'm more interested in X's comparative movement from year to year than a single poll
  13. What? You bring books to read on a cruise that you have written? Why?
  14. As likely as an American's would be Kevlar lined.
  15. In what fashion was I criticizing your query? I simply asked a question about your question. However, this is an open forum. If you are averse to any perceived criticism, directed towards yourself or anyone else. I suggest you try to be a little less sensitive.
  16. I'm curious- how does a photo (of possibly dubious quality) tell you whether or not a given dish tastes as it should? I've seen plenty of examples over the years of things that look good and taste awful ( and vice versa).
  17. Or, in the vernacular, a s__t disturber. Someone so bored with their life that they feel a need to try to create controversy for their personal entertainment. There are a few if these people around here (some of whom frequent these boards daily).
  18. WTH are you actually talking about? "to put people in classes based on accumulated points" Do you mean loyalty points? So they get a few perks because if the many thousands of dollars they've spent on X in the past. Haven't they earned them? I don't see this as a "class apart". Anyone who has spent that much is entitled to the same thing. Do you also complain about hotel guests or airline passengers with enough loyalty points to use their concierge lounges? "Is your Royal Suite more deserving of better service and attention than my lower deck inside cabin?" Well, yes, to a certain extent this is true. You pay the extra money for Butler service and a separate lounge and dining room (and the services which come with those). You get what you pay for. And I believe you can have jello no matter what your loyalty status or cabin category.
  19. Welcome to Cruise Critic. What to pack (for day time) is determined at least in part by the type of excursions you want to do. There are a few forums you can check out. For ship hoard info, look at the HAL board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/103-holland-america-line/ For excursions, see what your fellow cruisers on your sailing are planning on your Roll Call: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/52-holland-america-roll-calls/ Also have a look at the Ports of Call forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/ Have a lovely cruise.
  20. So you are dragging your suitcase from under the bed and rooting around in it every time you need something? No thank you. We tend to take cruises longer than a week, and I much prefer to have my things neatly stored so they are easily accessible without getting down on my hands and knees. And while I'm unaware of any kind of formal night police on any of the lines we have sailed, I take care in my appearance, so minimizing creases and wrinkles matters to me. Of course YMMV.
  21. Well, if it's breakfast, they are unlikely to get an answer. Anybody who knows me knows better than to talk to me before I've had my breakfast and had time to properly wake up. Any other time- sure I'll answer them. And why would I lie? The answer may be boring, but it's not my purpose in life to provide entertainment.
  22. Get a drink and watch the sail away from an upper deck.
  23. When we started cruising, formal nights with tuxes and gowns were expected, and that's what we did. It was never really a big deal - we went to quite a few formal affairs every year until DH retired, and even now there are at least a couple of occasions yearly. So it was a bit of a relief to leave those behind when the dress codes were relaxed. DH still wears a blazer and dress slacks, while I will choose something dressier than usual for whatever the ship calls it's more formal night. We haven't sailed on a ship with a required formal dress for quite a few years now.
  24. Don, your ignorance is showing. First if all, the OP was asking about her boyfriend, not herself. Secondly, you don't get high from CBD. You need to learn the difference between CBD and THC.
  25. Spoken like a man. Lol. Our OTDSH holds everything BUT shoes. They're really good for corralling and organizing all those items that might otherwise be cluttering the cabin. And they're easier to find.
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