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  1. I believe the credit has to be used for a flight that occurs within 12 months of the original booking date. So, we booked our SW lowest fare price flights in mid-March 2020 for our October 2020 cruise which we have moved to November 2021. We will have to use the credit for flights that will occur by mid-March 2021, or we will lose the credits. So we will be taking flights to *somewhere* before then!
  2. Similar situation as yours, we were booked for October 25, 2020 on Freedom out of San Juan. I called two different times and was unable to shift to an October Eastern or Western itinerary. We really needed an October sailing due to work schedule restrictions. I ended up shifting to November 7, 2021 on Freedom and out of San Juan, and was able to get the exact same aft balcony cabin :-) We are hoping DH's employer will allow the November 2021 vacation days, given current circumstances. Maybe we will need to plan a meetup for all of us "Lifters and Shifters" and reminisce about all this crazy stuff! lol
  3. We ended up shifting our October 25th Freedom cruise to November 7th 2021, and we were able to get the same cabin and everything too. Yeah, we booked this cruise in January 2019...November 2021 is a long way off!
  4. Similar to your experience, except ours was in October 2020 and currently there aren't any October 2021 cruises scheduled out of San Juan. We originally chose October due to our work schedule restrictions. The rep actually told me to just keep looking on the website and maybe later something would show up for October 2021 *ugh*.
  5. After 2 lengthy phone calls today, I lifted and shifted :-) our 10/25/20 Southern Caribbean sailing on Freedom to 11/7/21. We pay a few more dollars for taxes, fees, and port expenses but otherwise they did price match it. I was able to get the very same aft balcony cabin too, which makes us happy.
  6. I am currently on my second call - at least the initial wait time was only a couple of minutes this time. However, she stated the same thing - it has to be a Southern Carib itinerary, and she also verified it with someone else. I ended up Shifting it to Nov 7, 2021, on Freedom (same ship), Southern itinerary, but she did have to check first because the ports are not exactly identical. The problem we had is there are currently no Southern Caribbean sailings in October 2021, but DH's work policy is generally no week-long vacations in November-winter months. Hopefully they'll be ok with it though, since at this time he'd have to self-quarantine after returning, which would push his return to work into mid-November anyway. *craziness* We love Freedom and have been looking forward to sailing out of San Juan and the southern itinerary.
  7. After 90 minutes on the phone (with very poor call quality as someone else mentioned due to their web based phone system), the rep came back and said the Escalation Dept. said my reservation is not eligible for the L&S because there is no Southern Itinerary in October 2021. I argued but to no avail. He said to keep watching and maybe October 2022 itineraries will come out before August 1st. 😞 I may try to call again tomorrow.
  8. I've been on the phone for 45 minutes...the rep is firm that I cannot go from a Southern to an Eastern Caribbean itinerary. There are no October Southern sailings (DH cannot take November-winter vacation weeks). He put me on hold a few minutes ago. I'm hoping he comes back with a yes 🙂
  9. Our October sailing now includes St. Maarten, which is a port we both enjoy! The only "downside" for us is that we were so looking forward to a sea day spent lounging on our aft balcony watching the wake...😊 Terri
  10. I'm happy to see you plan to do a live-ish review! My daughter and son-in-law (around your ages) are on this sailing, along with another couple. Our granddaughters (around your kids' ages, 12 & 7) are staying with us and their other grandparents. I'll be sure to follow along and they'll be surprised when I tell them I did "sort of" get to go along as well! LOL Glad to read that sailaway weather looks good. Have a great cruise! Terri
  11. I have stayed in Ft Myers a couple of times with my friend at her parent's winter home; we go in June and noticed when we got there that the toilets were wrapped/sealed tightly across the bowl with clear plastic wrap! The seat was also closed and more plastic wrap. We asked her mom and she said yes, to be sure we wrap the toilets again before we leave because it keeps the water from evaporating. So there you go - boxes of plastic wrap might help you! LOL Enjoy your travels.
  12. Hello, fellow Hoosier! :-) I've been looking for the same info as we are planning to stay at the Caribe in October either pre or post-cruise. I've read about El Mercado very near by...it's a "high end food court". Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, ice cream, etc. Sounds interesting to me. Terri
  13. JustUs275

    sol y mar

    nicoleslp - how was your trip to Sol Y Mar? I'm helping my daughter and SIL plan their excursions for their February cruise. :-)
  14. Hello, would you please email the walking map to us? We plan to spend two days exploring SJ prior to our sailing. Thank you! Terri terri_haake@hotmail.com
  15. We were on Oasis over Thanksgiving 2 years ago, and they began putting Christmas decorations up Thanksgiving night. It was fun watching them go up! Terri
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