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  1. Our October sailing now includes St. Maarten, which is a port we both enjoy! The only "downside" for us is that we were so looking forward to a sea day spent lounging on our aft balcony watching the wake...😊 Terri
  2. I'm happy to see you plan to do a live-ish review! My daughter and son-in-law (around your ages) are on this sailing, along with another couple. Our granddaughters (around your kids' ages, 12 & 7) are staying with us and their other grandparents. I'll be sure to follow along and they'll be surprised when I tell them I did "sort of" get to go along as well! LOL Glad to read that sailaway weather looks good. Have a great cruise! Terri
  3. I have stayed in Ft Myers a couple of times with my friend at her parent's winter home; we go in June and noticed when we got there that the toilets were wrapped/sealed tightly across the bowl with clear plastic wrap! The seat was also closed and more plastic wrap. We asked her mom and she said yes, to be sure we wrap the toilets again before we leave because it keeps the water from evaporating. So there you go - boxes of plastic wrap might help you! LOL Enjoy your travels.
  4. Hello, fellow Hoosier! :-) I've been looking for the same info as we are planning to stay at the Caribe in October either pre or post-cruise. I've read about El Mercado very near by...it's a "high end food court". Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, ice cream, etc. Sounds interesting to me. Terri
  5. JustUs275

    sol y mar

    nicoleslp - how was your trip to Sol Y Mar? I'm helping my daughter and SIL plan their excursions for their February cruise. :-)
  6. Hello, would you please email the walking map to us? We plan to spend two days exploring SJ prior to our sailing. Thank you! Terri terri_haake@hotmail.com
  7. We were on Oasis over Thanksgiving 2 years ago, and they began putting Christmas decorations up Thanksgiving night. It was fun watching them go up! Terri
  8. We sailed on Independence this past Spring Break, which is obviously a very busy week! We had no problems getting into any of the shows, ice skating sessions, etc. We really enjoyed the ship and the recent upgrades! Food in Windjammer and MDR was good and we were happy with all of the staff members. It was a full ship with lots of kids (our 2 granddaughters being among them!), but overall the ship handled the crowds well. I'm like you in that I get soooo excited when booking a cruise! Only 410 days until we sail 😄
  9. Looking forward to reading the rest of your review! We are on this itinerary/ship in October 2020. :-) Terri
  10. Such a helpful review. We are looking forward to visiting San Juan, we love exploring historical areas - I think we will skip Denny's tho! The catamaran sailing looks like so much fun! We don't snorkel (we've tried...let's just leave it at that! lol), so can you just do beach time instead of snorkeling? Looking forward to your St Kitts review, that's a new port for us :-)
  11. Loving your review - thank you for taking the time to write it! We have a southern cruise booked on Freedom...but sadly it's not until October 2020. We've sailed eastern on Freedom twice in the past, it's our favorite ship to date. Looking forward to reading the rest of your review! Terri
  12. Our granddaughter went the first night. but didn't want to go back - well, except for the last night she did want to go, but they were full. It was still spring break season, and it was super busy and rather chaotic for her. Maybe next time! Our flight....while we were sitting in the cruise terminal waiting to board, Southwest notified us that our return flight had been cancelled. The only direct flight available wasn't until 7:00 pm...so we had plenty of time LOL. We ended up renting a car and spent the day in Ft. Lauderdale. :-)
  13. Thanks for the review! We sail on Independence this Saturday - whooo hoooo! Terri
  14. We sail on Indy this Saturday - whooo hoooo! Did you happen to have the coffee card? Curious if it is one punch for the small cup, or if any size specialty coffee is one punch? Did your kids go to Adventure Ocean? Asking for our 7 year old granddaughter...she's a little apprehensive about going because her sister (just turned 12 a couple of weeks ago) can't go in with her. How do you get a lower luggage tag number? Our return flight is at 12:55 at FLL. Thanks! Terri
  15. Oh my...this is what my nightmares are made of! It's a recurring dream that I get to the airport or cruise port and cannot board because I can't find my passport. So after I desperately search through all of our bags, I'm dialing a rotary dial phone of all things, ever so slowly and yet I keep dialing a wrong number over and over and over. I never manage to get through to my daughter or whoever it is I'm trying to call...eventually I force myself to wake up - I guess because I can't bare to actually be turned away (in my dream!) Ugh...glad it's worked out for you tho! Terri
  16. Friends had tried to get us to cruise for several years, but I didn't think I would enjoy being "stuck on a ship". Finally decided to try a short cruise and booked a 4-night cruise on Monarch of the Seas for May 2010. We were so impressed by the ship and we talked just yesterday again about how our favorite MDR waiter was on that cruise! Fond memories. And, yes, we decided pretty quickly that we do love cruising! Terri
  17. Bob, did you recently post a number to call and request that they apply the redeemed points to the cruise? I thought I saw that, but I've since searched for that post and can't find it...maybe I dreamed it. LOL I too would like to make some purchases ahead of time using the obc, so I thought it would be worth a call. Terri
  18. I really want to do the dragons flight zipline this time - I'm not getting any younger! :-) The only thing I'm a little apprehensive about is the "landing"...I have a screw in my ankle as a result of a bad break many years ago. I have visions of me not being able to "land" correctly and rebreaking that ankle. Do they help stop you, or is it all up to you? I'm not the most coordinated person either LOL It sounds like you will write a great review - can't wait! Terri
  19. I'm looking forward to reading your review. We are on Indy for the first time in March - excited to hear about and to experience the updated ship! 🙂 It looks like you'll be at Labadee with no other ships, and in Jamaica with Oosterdam (same as our itinerary). I'd like to hear your take on how crowded the ports are - particularly Columbus Cove at Labadee. Also any excursions you choose to take at either port. I've not sailed out of (or ever been to!) Ft Lauderdale, so any transportation, terminal and embarking info would be good. We have a noon-ish return flight from FLL, so disembarking info would be useful. Who am I kidding?! I look forward to reading anything about your trip, the ship and the ports! 😉 You must be so excited - enjoy your cruise!!!
  20. That's what I'm wondering too...my 7 yr old granddaughter really wants to do this and I'd be glad to accompany her but I don't need to participate.
  21. Great - very helpful, thank you so much!
  22. I'm not sure about Command Hooks either. I like the idea of mild double sided tape - I will look for that! I have ordered some small blue hook magnets too. I've read that because some of the cabin doors have been painted over several times, making magnets less effective. But it's such fun decorating our door - makes me smile every time I walk up to it.
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