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  1. Desert_ Dweller

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    We just returned from a 25 night cruise with 9 days on the Amazon River. Using our evisa..all was as it was supposed to be. No problems whatsoever.
  2. Desert_ Dweller

    Rome to Barcelona

    Possibly someone can help us with some help finding an airline FCO to BCN that will take our cruise luggage. Or maybe you can tell us what to expect. We will disembark in Civitavecchia and want to make our way to Barcelona where we will board NCL Epic. We would like to see Barcelona for 2 days before boarding the Epic. But not sure what airlines to avoid and which one to use that will also take our cruise luggage at a reasonable price. (I don't even know what a reasonable price might be). I look forward to your suggestions.
  3. Desert_ Dweller

    View new posts function missing

    I agree... Plleeeze !!!
  4. Desert_ Dweller

    B2B Different Ships

    On the same topic just a different location. In the port of Barcelona, is it doable to walk from where the Epic docks be to where the Star will dock ? This would be for a 10 day Mediterranean cruise followed by a 14 day transatlantic. Just a little concerned getting from one ship to the other with luggage in tow.
  5. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    I agree !! Enthusiasm creates more enthusiasm. What size is your invite ? It's bloody lovely .:D
  6. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    I think our whole roll call is made up of the likes of this tribe :halo::cool:.
  7. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    Invites ?... I wanna see 'em too,
  8. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    Good Lord.. NO !!! Not in this house. I think your DH makes better choices than some of our DH's choices. I'm sure they can drive themselves to the stores.. but we may spend the next few days matching things up to go with those choices..;p Not all.. I'm just saying,...some of us .
  9. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    Click on the link in my signature (it's in blue)
  10. Desert_ Dweller

    Compulsive cruise prep

    bmwman, What up with you ?? You are usually far more supportive to others comments.....really ! Maybe you just didn't have a good day. Remember, people do things for their reasons..not ours. Planning is part of travel in general. There is the anticipation, the cruise, and the memories. It's just fun !!!!:cool: Want to see some over the top planning ?? Have a look at the spreadsheet (below) for our roll call set up for October 2019. Port by Port by Port.
  11. Desert_ Dweller

    Another Epic Question

    I'm looking for opinions on the Epic's aft facing cabins. Only 3 left to chose from 13295, 11322, and 10325. Is it bouncy/ back there? This would be for a Med. cruise in the fall.
  12. Desert_ Dweller

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    A copy of each, with you at all times can't hurt.
  13. Desert_ Dweller

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    I was able to save mine, then just log back in when you have the rest of your info. and images ready to upload.
  14. Desert_ Dweller

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    The instructions are on the Brazilian Consulate website where you apply for the evisa. There is a tool for resizing the pictures and if the information on your passport page doesn't size correctly, send them a note.. they will resize it for you and send it back to you to attach to application. I am in the process of final payment for our Amazon River cruise and asked the cruise line specifically if they will accept our e visa.. the current answer is YES. It only became available in January of this year..and has taken until just recently to get the same yes answer from 2 different people.