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  1. What ship would that be ? And what is the date of your cruise ?
  2. Can you pay Gratuities /Daily Service Charges with non refundable OBC ?
  3. We use these as well. But a note of caution... they can hold a lot of weight if applied to the ceiling with a straight down pull . but on a wall anything heavier than a hat will have them sliding down the wall. I tried them on our refrigerator at home.. same problem. Attached to our cabin ceiling on the ship.... perfect.
  4. We are considering a Southern Caribbean cruise in 2020 the offer to fly from Phoenix to New York is $135.00 (flight) and $93 (transfer to and from the ship). The ship departs at 4:00 pm. Does this sound somewhat tight on timing ? What airlines are NCL likley to use for this 6 or 7 hours flight ? Any thoughts from those who have already done something from the west coast ?
  5. It's a Friday... I guess we're out luck on that particular thought. It seemed like such a good idea. 👐
  6. Okay... I thought it was a good idea, but doubted the timing as well. I appreciate your in put. I'll pick one or the other but not both. Thank you.
  7. The 2 cruises I'm looking at have NCL Gem arriving in Boston at 8:00 AM and the NCL Breakaway departing the Manhattan terminal at 5:00 pm on the same day. Is this cutting it too close for consideration ? If it's doable... what would be best way to get to the Manhattan terminal ?
  8. I have been looking at both the new Premium Beverage Package and the new Premium Plus Beverage package. In the past for the occasional premium brand of top shelf scotch, my husband just paid the difference in the cost difference over the $15.00 allowable.price. Does anyone know if this practice will continue ?
  9. Good to know. It was mentioned by a fellow cruiser for an up coming cruise.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the key cards for the Jade have a chip in them or can the key cards be "punched" and attached to a lanyard for convenience ? If you have any info. on other NCL ships, that would be helpful as well.
  11. Thank you both !! That is just the information I was looking for. Our cruise is late October and I was kind of expecting it to rain.
  12. When the big rains come and we have walking tours what would be suggested for footwear. Boots, shoes, disposable shoe covers. Boots are so heavy to take with us, I was hoping some of you with experience can help us with this.
  13. We just returned from a 25 night cruise with 9 days on the Amazon River. Using our evisa..all was as it was supposed to be. No problems whatsoever.
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