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  1. Teens and those in their 20's don't want to be on river cruises. This is the furthest from their mind. I doubt this line has turned a profit yet.
  2. Crystal absolutely should not start early. Most Europeans prefer to take trains to their destinations and not river cruises. They prefer to spend several days in these port towns--- not one day. This is not their preferred way of traveling the rivers. Besides - they have nothing to prove. They just was awarded #1 in Travel and Leisure for river cruises. Did you see the disappointing Alaska Un-Cruise COVID-19 situation today. They tried to prevent everything and their cruise had to be aborted early. I am glad they are putting employees an crew first. It is to
  3. They are #5. I am guessing Royal Caribbean was #1.
  4. Do not watch this. It is not worth your time. Princess - stop doing these.
  5. Considering the TA doesn't have to do anything with most cancellations ---- this is excessive. They don't even have to cancel them in their system. Princess does this.
  6. I also agree that you should not joke when people are waiting several months for refunds. Some people are out a lot of money.
  7. I was told mine would be refunded to credit card. It went into a holding account. I also chose Option 1.
  8. I personally want Princess to take care of those who had their cruises cancelled by Princess first as opposed to those who cancelled their own cruises who have only paid deposits.
  9. Someone posted that Princess released more funds to credit cards on Friday. They should start showing up next week.
  10. You are right. But I am with Coral. I wouldn't complain about $200. I am waiting for $15K.
  11. I have a friend who worked at Princess as a PVP until recently when she was let go in the massive cuts. She indicated that Princess did not allow refunds until two weeks ago. I mentioned that some did report some and she is surprised as not one of her clients she had received theirs. She was surprised some got through the system. Refunds were processed but the batch was not released to the credit cards until April 15th. This was intentional. After the chaos of what happened she will not sail with any Carnival Corp company in the future. I don't blame her.
  12. I am getting ready to dispute my charge for Princess. I know there was information that says refunds would be 30 days. I have the one that says 60 days and I am past that. Can someone upload the document that Princess says which originally said 30 days? I appreciate it.
  13. This is correct. I cancelled shore excursions in April and they have not been refunded.
  14. Not fair since I don't think cruises will sail this year.
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