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  1. I like the Sea Princess better because it has the pizzeria. Sun has Share. Both great ships.
  2. I have added this to all of my bookings. Saving $$$$. Great Promo Princess.
  3. Yes ---- they are very accomodating.
  4. That is our experience also. Whenever we have done back two backs, we get the same guest entertainers.
  5. Yes you will regret it. I have probably been to Alaska 20x so it doens't matter which glacier I go to. For my friends who are only going once or who have missed a glacier ---- I immediately recommend to them to go with Glacier Bay.
  6. My Russian river cruise was my least favorite river cruise and it has nothing to do with Russia. Find a land trip and go to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Stay downtown in hotels. Spend more than 3 days in each of these great cities.
  7. Usually those who have a disability are empathetic to others who have a disability. You show no empathy.
  8. People have all types of allergies that they must live with. I know I have plenty. We all learn to deal with our allergies in a variety of ways.
  9. They can trip over anything - a back pack, cane, walker or a child's leash (yes they exist). At the end of the day --- say a prayer that you are thankful that you don't have a disability. No one goes into this wishing they were visually impaired, hearing impaired, diabetic, or have severe allergies that having this type of dog makes their life easier.
  10. I did this tour and wasn't overly thrilled with it. I wouldn't risk my health for it.
  11. I also suggest waiting for Princess. I thought they did a better job that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. I heard that they will be out in the next 2 weeks.
  12. https://www.pocruises.com/accessibility1/life-onboard/assistance-dogs
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