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  1. I too understood that we'd receive an extra $100obc. by not cancelling, so $700 total. We also received another $100obc from Carnival when we booked. Again I understood that the $600obc was in addition to any other obc's we have if we take the FCC. We have 2 cabins so that's a lot of obc that we're looking at! I wonder if it makes a difference if we call our PVP vs. using the online form?
  2. Okay, so I just received the official notice from Carnival that Panorama will not be sailing out of Long Beach on July 3rd. No mention of the extra $100obc for us hanging in there and not cancelling. Did they forget they promised that? Will it automatically appear when we re-book along with the $600obc? We also had another $100obc per cabin (2 cabins) when we originally booked the Panorama. Wonder if we loose that?
  3. Thanks (I think😕) tytanbri for letting us know. Just went in and found that it's cancelled. Haven't received the official email. In fact, my cruise planner says 53 days 'till your cruise! They also want my final payment.
  4. And now I've just received another email from Carnival....my final payment notice for a cruise we know is not going to happen🙄😠
  5. Yes, it would be amazing if our July 3rd cruise sailed. Just don't see how it would even be possible right now. They are shooting for a mid July start (is that even possible?) and there hasn't been any talk of the Long Beach departures, just Miami and Galveston.
  6. Every time I get an email from Carnival I think, ok this is it, they're officially canceling our cruise, but nope, just advertising. So yesterday I receive an email saying "55 days 'till your cruise!" Really Carnival???🙄
  7. Yep, we are (well we were supposed to be😕) on the same cruise and nope, it's not there anymore. I was pretty sure it would get cancelled, but there was always that little glimmer of hope. Now if I'm understanding correctly, we should be getting the extra $100 obc on top of our $600 per cabin (and we booked 2) for holding out and not cancelling. We'll see if that official email arrives Monday. Then back to the drawing board.
  8. Plus they gave an extra $100 for those that chose not to cancel before March 31st.
  9. tytanbri, we are on the same cruise together. You should call your PVP again asap. Keep in mind the 4th is Easter. If your PVP forgot to extend your due date, Carnival will cancel your booking if you don't pay your final payment. I'm glad that I now have until May 14th for Carnival to cancel the cruise or I can reschedule to a later cruise with no penalty. You should ask for more time too.
  10. I called Carnival and got our final payment extended. I then signed into my Carnival account and went to cruise manager and it has already been updated to show final payment balance due May 14, 2021.
  11. Thanks musbeus, I just got off the phone with our cruise planner and she extended final payment for 40 days, so I'll take it. Also, she said if we want to change to a different cruise before the payment is due, we can with no penalties, just pay the difference if the new cruise is more expensive. We'll retain our $600 obc.
  12. I would also like to know the answer to this question. My final payment is due in a few days for a July cruise. I don't want to take someone's word for it over the phone and not have it in writing. Would appreciate if anyone that has gotten an extension of their final payment let us know the scoop. Thank you🙂
  13. We are booked for a July 3rd cruise. Final payment is due in a few days. I realized today that I had until yesterday to cancel and get the FCC and keep my $600 OBC. I know I should have kept that email from Carnival at the top of my inbox!🙄 So now I'm not sure what to do as I really don't think the cruise is going to happen, and I don't want to make the final payment.
  14. Carnival should go ahead and cancel all cruises until November and not keep dragging us along or expect folks to make final deposits.
  15. We are on this cruise too if it's the Panorama. Just received the "Urgent Final Payment Due" over the weekend. Trying to decide whether to wait until Carnival cancels or rebook? Really don't have a clue what to reschedule to....again.
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