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  1. We were on a SB cruise two years that stopped at Jost Van Dyke. We had to tender in to the dock. There were cars that brought us to White Beach..gratis. The lounges and chairs were gratis and it was a great time. We've taken many SB cruises with stops at the BVI which save for Jost, in MHO, were a complete an utter waste.
  2. I realize that this question has been hijacked immensely and that I am just as culpable as everyone else. I I know the cost of forwarding luggage is not cheap. But, you pay for convenience and ease of traveling. I will use them for the SB cruise in a few weeks...Athens to Athens. The most expensive was JFK to Athens and the Dubai to JFK. Tucson Guy's AZ to Dubai and the then back to AZ reflects this.The cost is determined by the mileage from destination to destination. The forwarders all have a 100% guarantee that the luggage will arrive safely and on time. It's a pleasure to find our luggage awaiting us in our suite and just to leave it in our suite and to never see it again till we arrive home. You're on vacation and part of the experience is to take it easy and not have to worry about lost baggage, delayed flights and LBDs. You've spent big money to be on a luxury cruise such as SB and now to "suffer" on shore is crazy. .
  3. I've never been in Vancouver Airport and I can make no comment as to that. I've used Luggage Forward always and find it worth its weight in gold. Make life easy and spend the extra couple of bucks.
  4. Seabourn is very proactive. I don't want a souvenir of Covid on any island. SB doesn't need the publicity of having a passenger infected on their ship. Smart and logical on SB's part.
  5. Very well said @cruiseej. I'm booked in a few weeks for the cruise from Athens and the Caribbean in December. I, also, want to get back to cruising and hope that these future cruises will take place before another(I hope not) surge. Be optimistic and consider the glass half-full.
  6. Great report. First hand experience without the "fluff. " Answered a lot of the questions I had. Keep up the great work.
  7. Dreamers can dream. I have cruises from Greece as well as The Caribbean (Barbados) booked and want first hand info on both cruises rather than jibber-jabber of no value. This, I thought , was the purpose of these blogs.
  8. A relic. Not fit for Seabourn or even Carnival. They should be ashamed and should wonder why they're losing "sailors."
  9. I don't think that Seabourn makes the final decision as to vaccine policy. I think the overlords at Carnival make the final calls along with the CDC. I agree that manditory vaccination is the way to go. But, in this litiginus era everyone must step lightly...whether right or wrong.
  10. Hank.....Thanks very much for the info. I was concerned that the Barbados blog was being hijacked. Again, thanks very much.
  11. I can also discuss the pros and cons of ALL previous presidents. But, this is NOT a political venue nor is it designed to reflect personal opinions and off-ship experiences. As for masks, we are at the "mercy" of the CDC and, in turn, Carnival. To rehash what should and shouldn't be is pure folly. It's fun but not more than that.
  12. The sofa is great for putting extra clothes and stuff. Sitting......NO WAY!!!
  13. Doubt it. I hope I'm wrong. My impression....dog and pony show. Intended to say nothing about nothing save for Barbados being a homeport.
  14. Agreed, he was vague to a great extent. Perhaps it's based upon June 26, 2020, when he was appointed President and reported directly to Stein Kruse, President of the Holland America Line. My impression is that he dances to the HAL music. If true, doesn't say much for the autonomy of Seabourn.
  15. Thanks for the info. Sounds like the same formula as in Puerto Rico. I hope that these rules will change between now and December. This is all based upon hunches and presumptions both on our part as well as the government(health authorities). It's like a crapshoot in a casino except you can't get comped.
  16. I as many others thought that this was nothing more than a severe flu. I was wrong. Mea Culpa....my bad. This has been an extremely dark and cold winter magnified by Covid-19. We all have a sense of rebirth and should celebrate the return to what we enjoyed....CRUISING. To many of us it's a no-brainer. To the CDC, however, it's abiding by the rules and putting cruise ships at the bottom of the pecking order. To break the rules, i have booked the Odyssey Barbados to Barbados. This tactic avoids US ports which seems to be CDC's albatross around our necks. If as and when, the CDC accepts reality and allows those people vaccinated to board ships, will there be a blanket policy or will only the big 4( Astra-Zeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer)or will the Chinese(Sinovac) and Russian(SputnikV) be included? I have had 8 cruises cancelled which may or may not be a record. I would be interested in others cancellation woes
  17. Thanks everyone for your input. As we're newbies to NCL, we thought to stay within the Haven complex.
  18. I'm new to Encore and the Haven. We are 2 people. Which is the best suite with a large balcony? I see that the Haven is on deck 17 and 18. Thanks in advance
  19. IMHO your'e missing public relations. How many "sailors'(including me) have a sour taste in our mouths because of Regent's poor handling of an "Act of God" and will look for other cruise lines because of this fiasco. I hope I'm wrong....but, Regent will regret this misstep.
  20. In NCLH's mind....YES. It's stupid and not good for NCLH (Regent) PR. I wish they would get off the crazy train and realize they are in the business of customer comfort and enjoyment and NOT primarily in the money-making business. When will they realize and understand that good PR leads to money. We have a choice amongst many lines and CC forums are our voice.
  21. I'm looking at concierge suites on the Splendor. What is the difference between D and E suites? Thanks in advance.
  22. We were on the Explorer. Great cruise for 2 days. Maybe 40% full. At about 4 PM Saturday, the Captain announced that the Explorer was turning around as per the message from Regent headquarters in Miami. The crew knew nothing more than that. We got into Miami about noon today and the personnel were very sorry that we were leaving....but had no choice. We did have a choice as to getting 100% refund for the monies paid on the cruise or 125% discount on a future cruise up till 12/22. Plus, any onboard credits will be added to our credit cards. IMHO, this is a good deal the likes of which Carnival, as an example, would not offer.
  23. CORRECT in everything you say. Whether it be the Norovirus or COVID-19, a high percentage of passengers seem to disregard hand washing or the hand sanitizer stations aboard. This is why cruise ships are called "petri dishes" and there are sneeze shields at the buffet. Without a doubt, home is not only where the heart is but also the safest place when you want to avoid viral infection.
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