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  1. Thanks everyone! Looks like most of you said it was made up but one of had the experience of it staying. I think I’ll just tip extra and make sure they put it up every day because it sounds crowded with it being down. Thank you!!
  2. Hi All! I've been reading some posts from people who like us, have a third person in the room. We have a Boardwalk Balcony on Symphony. It seems like everyone says that they turn the couch into a bed the first night and leave it that way. Is it in the way that way? Do you miss having the couch (I'm more worried about space than not having the couch)? Do they do this for the comfort of the third person thinking that they might want to take a nap during the day or is it to save time for the stateroom attendant. I know that my son won't be napping during the day so we wouldn't need it made up but is it a big pain for them to remake it into a bed every night? I don't want to cause a lot more work for anyone. I just want to make sure that we will have room. Thanks for any feedback from those who have experienced this.
  3. Haha!! Love it. Do they have Isaly's chipped/chopped ham in the Windjammer? I'm putting a folding chair in my favorite spot so no one takes it! Seriously though, I'm enjoying your review!
  4. Hello fellow Pittsburgher! Loving your review and photos! 80 days to go for us! Any special tips from one yinzer to another haha?! We live less than 10 minutes from Kennywood. Can't wait to read the rest!
  5. If it was booked before you boarded, were you able to sign up for this ahead of time online? I know my son would love to do this. Thanks!
  6. Well it went back down to $89 tonight (it was $99 this afternoon) so I booked it! I'll keep watching to see if it goes any lower. At least I know I have to check it at least twice a day now... Thanks all!
  7. Have a wonderful trip! I'll be interested in your review as we are doing this same itinerary of Symphony in October. I'd never been to Ithaca until my sister got married to a Syracuse boy and now every year for about the last for our five years, we accompany my sister's family for a Labor Day weekend of fun and we attend a picnic at Harry Treman State Park (which is gorgeous and we love to do the hike!) and then stop for ice cream at Purity on the way home! Bon Voyage!
  8. No worries! I think we've all had that happen! That's always been the case in the fine print for us though. Had to pay for the kiddos up front. I try to look at it as buying on board credit because once I'm on board I should get back $150 lol! It might take some work and it might be easy. No one will know lol!
  9. The cheapest our 3 night has been is $89 and now it's $99. I'll keep watching! You did get an excellent deal! The BOGO for the first two nights on ours (which isn't even available now) was almost $60
  10. Thanks so much for all of your input. It's nice to hear that even when the price has gone up, it's gone back down again. I'll keep watching as it's months away. I'm a little nervous myself about showing up with six people (we'd be dining with my sister's family) but only having a reservation for four. We've asked at the restaurant before about processing the refund and they told me that I had to go to Guest Services. Once I had to produce the copy website saying that it was free and reduced for certain ages. Have great cruises everyone!
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