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  1. Everyone who appears to see it as a good gesture having a refund on a 'non redundable' bookings it isn't. The non refundable clause only applies if the customer cancels. If a hotel cannot provide the service you have booked and paid for you are entitled to a full refund immediately.
  2. Like all insurance check the cover is the same. A single trip policy may be different from an annual policy from the same company.
  3. No one knows and this is why people have been advised to avoid vouchers for a value. If the holiday price increases you need to pay the difference or have to wait for the refund. Far better to have the cash in your bank to spend as you please rather than a 'promise' which may never be hounoured and may offer very little consumer protection.
  4. Social distancing at shops is sort of working at the moment because customer numbers are vastly reduced. Increase numbers visiting by just 15% and queues will be huge.
  5. If I want to read a comic I'll by The Beano. I don't believe they have ever had to pay huge amounts for making stories up. Huffington Post also decided to use photos of P&O cruise ships. Must be so hard getting a photo of a P&O ferry.
  6. Having read the report it replicates the type of story in our local rag. I suspect it began with a press release from Carnival and has been in the mincer by a local reporter who has to fill pages every day, Local reporting must be absolutely soul destroying.
  7. Of GB the only part I have never ever really been to is Lake District. Kendal and Hawkshead is about it. Lived in London so did lots of south east. Lived in Gloucester so have seen a lot in that area, have in laws in Wales and have seen most of it over the years. Cornwall is a long way to go to be disappointed. Never again. As long as Scotland exists that will be our go to destination. Once we can get out again I'm thinking of doing three weeks this summer in three different areas, not decided which yet, but it will include a ferry to one of the islands.
  8. I've just spoken to someone who arrived back on Saturday. The whole thing was a psychological nightmare, they don't know if they have the virus, both have coughs, but no other symptoms. They are now in self isolation for two weeks. One place they stopped was Falklands and the first case has just been reported on the islands. They have no complaints about how Holland America handled the situation.
  9. It has already been stated we are just starting what is likely to be a 6 month period where there will be disruption to what we have considered 'normal' life. In three months we may be at the point of starting the journey out of this nightmare, but there will still be restrictions and how the travel insurance business reacts will be a significant factor in how quickly anyone will want to take any trip abroad. I can therefore see ships alongside for the rest of this year.
  10. Advanced tickets are typically available about 12 weeks before date of travel. Sign up to the Avanti West Coast website for notification of advanced ticket releases. However weekends are when many repairs are undertaken and if timetables have not been set due to possible closure advanced tickets may not be available.
  11. Early May could be too cold for midges to be a concern. Whilst they do bite (only the females) they are more annoying due to their small size. They are tiny and get in eyes and ears. The west coast is by far the worst area for them, I have never had an issue with midges in the east of Scotland, including Inverness area. You can buy 1001 different potions, remedies etc etc, but avoiding areas where they are likely to be, in particular forests and near lochs is far more sensible, particularly around sunrise and dusk, which is when they appear. You can also pray for windy days!
  12. 7am to 3pm is plenty of time, very little of interest as the centre was heavily bombed during the war and was rebuilt. It is some time since we visited, but from experience of many ports buses run about every 15-20 minutes. We couldn't walk into town as it was some way and we were in a very busy commercial area.
  13. Did this in 2012 and it was easy. Port tourist shop sold us metro tickets and gave info on how to get there. Walk to centre, metro and walk to the ski slope.
  14. We have done a similar trip, we didn't spend any actual cash. Credit cards used everywhere.
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