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  1. Swings and roundabouts. Celebrity prices for their UK cruises are keenly priced. £266 a night for a couple for 6 nights including tips and drinks is a bargain. I've looked at a few five star hotels in the UK for July and its £300-500 per room a night on a b&b basis, add in an evening meal and a few drinks and that becomes £500-700.
  2. If they want it to take 18 hours that how long it will take. The ship GPS will be programmed to arrive at waypoints at certain times and speed will be adjusted accordingly, even if this means doing a snails pace for hour after hour.
  3. All very well telling passengers they need proof. I would want proof the staff had all been vaccinated. Vaccination doesn't make you immune, take it on board and within a day half the staff could be infected, then what?
  4. Ferbruary, the monthly equivalent of Tuesday. What's the point?
  5. People don't go on cruises to spend hours on a balcony above looking at those below, it really is a none issue.
  6. Just check cover is the same on the annual compared to single trip.
  7. Keep checking and try different agents. We booked in store for one of our cruises and the cabin availability was different to what the cruise company were showing online. What we wanted wasn't available to us, but it was to the agent.
  8. Space per passenger and ship layout is more important. Grand Princess was far better than Ventura as it has one less deck of cabins. However it is generally accepted that Grand Class ships are poorly designed in terms of layout, passenger movement options around the ship and lack of public spaces. Not having a Crows Nest bar was a particular problem when they removed the large 'rear spoiler' bar from the design.
  9. Bergen if the commercial area of the port is used. Generally the case for the larger ships.
  10. A look at the construction and history of the QE2 from those in Clydebank who lived near or worked at John Brown shipyard. The stories of shopping lists of stolen QE2 items you could buy, the strikes, the deliberate sabotage to extend the contract. The 45 minute programme is available on iplayer
  11. We've done two two week trips on Celebrity Eclipse, including one to the Baltics. Being their UK based ship the vast majority of passengers were from the UK, but there were passengers from all over the world on board. Our trip was a mid ships balcony for three and was a similar price to your P&O quote, but we also had a classic drinks package and OBC. The OBC paid for a drinks upgrade and tips, so it became an all inclusive cruise. The only downside was as a late booking we had to have fixed dining, early sitting, which we didn't appreciate as first sitting was too e
  12. Plenty of padding in that list as most of the list are simply the fjords the ship uses to get to the ports. Looks like the only change from the regular trip is Bergen replaced by Haugesund. Whether the Seawalk is used in Gerainger depends if P&O will open their wallet to pay for it, about £20,000 for Iona.
  13. It is merely setting out the rights for a consumer. If you enter into a contract with a supplier snd they are unable to honour contract you are entitled to a full refund. The only potential sticking point is definition of 'significant alteration' which will be a point between a change of port and the cruise not operating.
  14. I'd missed a few epidodes since I last posted and Michael was in equatorial Africa last night. He took a ferry down Lake Taganyika. A WW1 German ship which had been scuttled in the lake during the war, before being raised by the British in the 20s and brought back into service as MV Liemba. In 1990 the ship was almost 80 years old. I looked up the name and 30 years later it is still doing the same trip. I suspect they have no choice as getting a new ship to a lake in the middle of Africa would be a challenge! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Liemba
  15. The 1991 adventure of Michael Palin travelling from North Pole to South Pole is currently being shown on BBC4. Tonight was his visit to St Petersburg and its a real insight into how the USSR once was, but not that long ago. Its also an interesting watch for anyone who has been there. It was still called Leningrad, there were no tourists wandering around (yet it was late summer), there were hardly any vehicles, 7 pears from the market cost about a days wages and when he went to the local department store buying a bottle of vodka was an endurance test. The shelves were
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