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  1. Its a long way from anywhere, hence the cost of trips. Its 90-120 minutes to Bordeaux, so 3-4 hours of a day trip is sat on a bus. I would however try and get somewhere as there is very little in Le Verdon. I can't understand why ships still call there.
  2. With three ships in port if there are seats available on the 8.35am it suggests the ship operator hasn't booked excursions on that departure as they know how long it takes to get off ship. If its a tender it takes time from tie up at the buoy to preparing the tenders and lowering them to the water. The ship doors then have to be opened and prepared. I know you don't want a tour, but Norway in a Nutshell from Flam is an excellent full day out.
  3. The typical uses for extension leads are chargers. The current draw is very low. If you use USB cables to charge get a multi usb charger socket as shown above. If not take an extension, plug all your stuff in to charge overnight. Unplug during the day and remove the extension cable from view.
  4. Plenty to do. We have been twice and not done the same thing. Oil museum, sardine canning factory museum, Anthony Gormley statues walk, cathedral. It could be very cold and wet in April, so plan a cold rainy day activity.
  5. Assuming its an LNER service you will get some of the extra cost back from the first class free food and drink offer.
  6. If you have seen Lisbon a trip to Cascais is worthwhile. There's a regular train service (every 20 minutes) from Cais de Sodre station, which is close to the ship berths. Takes about 40 minutes and is very good value. €2.25 each way. From Cascais its a pleasant stroll along the beach to Estoril where you can get the train back.
  7. No one checks size or weight. The guidance will be based on the dimensions of the storage areas on the trains. There isn't a lot of space.
  8. 240,000 nk per visit for Iona. About £20,000.
  9. Depends if P&O charge their passengers enough to enable them as a company to pay the fee. The charge is based on ship tonnage. We used it on a Celebrity trip a few years ago, but it wasn't confirmed until the day we sailed in. The Captain joked they had had a whip round, checked for lose change around the ship and called head office and they had found the £12,000 needed to use it!
  10. Despite visiting Scotland on regular visits for almost 30 years it's about 25 years since I was last in Torridon. This year may be time for a revisit!
  11. If you have the time and want to see some of the best of Scotland go out of your way and see Torridon. Kyle of Lochalsh to Stromeferry, around Loch Carron, Shieldaig, Torridon, Kinlochewe, Garve, Inverness. For an even fuller day go up to Gairloch. The road alongside Loch Maree is breathtaking. Over to Poolewe then across to Dundonnel and on to Inverness. It will be a full day, but in May it will be daylight until at least 9pm.
  12. You now have to pay to pick up and drop off at Manchester Airport. SIL may have to find somewhere near the airport to wait. You can call them when you know where you are.
  13. One of our best trips, but we went with Celebrity. Didn't rate Reyjavik, loved Akureyri. Northern lights highly unlikely, it won't be dark for that long, even in August.
  14. We did this trip a couple of years ago and the only time I wanted cash was in Germany, our last port of call. I withdrew 50 euros from an ATM and still have some of it for our next Euro trip. Everywhere else I used card.
  15. Norway is so expensive it is difficult to spend less than £5 in any transaction! Use a credit card. Don't forget if you spend over £100 on gifts etc you can claim the VAT back. Ask the store for a form and compete it. If you spend in mre than one store Use one envelope for all your VAT refund forms as there is a surcharge per envelope. I don't know if it is still the case, but Norwegian customs used to board at last port of call to do the refunds.
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