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  1. zeph918 My Dad was USN and I grew up hearing how the Navy would not allow anything to happen to their ship and by default my dad would stay safe when out to sea. I am grown and know that accidents do happen but they are rare. The same thought goes with the cruise industry, The cruise line will not allow anything to happen to their ship. They will monitor the ports carefully and sail accordingly. You will stay safe by default and could even visit an unplanned port and have an unplanned fabulous time. I have been on 12 cruises that were changed over the years due to storms and have never had an unenjoyable time. I wish you a great cruise and fond memories. Please share all with us in a review when you return.
  2. Wear it with PRIDE! I grew up a Navy kid, was married to a Navy man and think any one in their dress uniform is VERY sharp. He will have lots of folks chat with him, some will ask for pics and some will offer to buy him drinks. He should have a good evening and make great memories. Please, thank him for his service.
  3. Just off Grandeur and they would not allow the couple in front of us to take water bottles that were singles in their carry on. They said they needed to either be in plastic wrap or that plastic 6 pack ringed can holder. They were really laid back and tossed their 10 bottles on a plastic bin. Just thought I should pass that on. We had 2 six packs that were in plastic wrap. There was nothing said about them. Wish Royal would follow Carnival and allow a case purchase pre cruise for delivery to cabin. Sure would be easier. I will NOT pay the prices for the large bottles they offer. The smaller ones are great for carrying around ports.
  4. If you can manage the 4 nighter, do it. The MoS is a good ship and last I sailed her, the crew was wonderful. Have a great cruise. When back home give a review and let us all know how much you loved it!
  5. I do hope you can resolve your issue without too much more emotional stress to you and your family. I do think the last poster, grapau27, had the right suggestion for you in the future. Instead of a standard TA, seek out a one that is a cruise specialist TA. They will be better trained and know all the ins and outs of how to book you an accessible cabin right from the start. They will not "fib" and try to cover it up, they will not quote you one price before being sure of the said price, what they promise you they will deliver. Let us know how it all turns out.
  6. OP: Ourusualbeach said it all with that one line...if not excluded because of spring break. Even when the KSF sales are going on, most high times like Spring Break and Christmas, NYs are excluded. At least that has been my experience. I still would call my TA or Royal, however, you booked and ask about the date and try to reprice. Did you at least get the 60% off 2nd guest that is currently going on? Goodluck.
  7. I had to cancel once and the cruise line was very kind, they worked with me and we moved my cruise to another sail date. I was about 2 months out. Your TA will be your best 1st call. Did you book insurance via TA or on your own? If with TA, they should help you will all of that too. IOf on your own, AFTER you talk with your TA, call the insurance group and file the claim. ASAP for any difference.
  8. Rasvar, exactly! Passport is there if needed and the PC makes things very easy.
  9. ProvoAggie I am glad they are getting all the kinks worked out and errors patched. I am honestly looking for a fleetwide roll out.
  10. Sad seeing all the negative comments about ports. We have had things not go as planned many times over the years but we return and try again, seeing new things, doing different excursions and meeting a different group of locals. It is the diversity of the ports that make our cruise wonderful. Our next cruise had a Coco Cay stop that was replaced with a port I no longer exit the ship when docked at. Coco Cay is under construction and everything there can change all the way until it is finished in Dec '19. Yes, I have booked another cruise with it for later in the summer. It has not yet been canceled, will it? Who knows? I am glad it is getting all the upgrades. Sad at our change. But not downing any of our stops even the one that isn't my favorite. Every port has some folks that love it and some that don't. Just make memories and enjoy your cruise.
  11. I love Royal. I am very loyal but do travel with friends and family on cruises they book with other lines. ALL the ones I am in charge of are on Royal. But this is an area they are behind. Last year we sailed on Carnival and they had a shipboard app, called the HUB, that allowed communication between each other and viewing of the daily activities, a ship location map, view menus, do your check-in, even has a count down clock, all with NO internet connection. There might be more. That is all I can remember. If they can do it, Royal should be able to do it too. I am waiting for a fleet-wide rollout and am anxiously looking forward to using it!
  12. The only thing we don't like about sailing from SJ is the flight to and from PR. The people are wonderful. The food fantastic. The music and dancing are fabulous. The sailings offer so many ports that we cannot usually get from Florida. We like to stay a few days pre-cruise, dine and dance. I enjoy the places the locals suggest and have tried many. Sadly some were lost in the hurricane. I have sailed 3 cruise lines and various ships since my 1st SJ sailing in '97. I have never had the entire sailing be Spanish. We once had a huge group of Italians(they booked almost 1/2 the ship) on a cruise and on that sailing, all announcements were in English, Italian and Spanish. Never had the entertainment be in any language except English with a few jokes said in Spanish or German or Italian. We enjoy diversity. But OP, your cruise sounds like an immersion experience.
  13. Have 3 times brought on 2 bottles of soda but never a 6 pack. That said, I have many times seen people carry on a 6 pack and also once be behind a couple told they could not have a case of Coke they attempted to carry on. It was tagged and they were told they would get it the last night with the alcohol delivery. I do NOT know what the official policy is. The 7 year old just read this and said, "If you carry on 2 bottles at each US post you would have an extra 6 pack." LOL
  14. Very sad that anyone thinks they have to do such dumb stunts for a few moments of fame. Life is too short as it is and it is a shame so many people feel doing odd dangerous stunts is the pinnacle of their life. He deserves being banned and I agree those with him, encouraging him should be banned too. Now might be a good time for cruise lines to come together and announce a unified policy of banning anyone doing such a dangerous, life-threatening incident.
  15. Girls weekends are always fun on ship. There is always something for everyone to do, or not to do(like relaxing by the pool or in a quiet place to just chill). I have done more than a dozen over the years. The first thing we do is pick the time of year and then itineraries. From there we decrease and decrease our choices until we have just our favorite left. Never had a bad time. Hope you all have a blast!
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