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  1. The teen has said there are lots of crew made videos "out there". She said just do a search for crew videos on ghost ships and on empty ships and on locked down ships. I haven't but am passing her advise on. I want to see the reopening videos not the locked down videos.
  2. I am NOT an anti-vaccine person. I have a biochem background and have worked in the medical field, critical care. I will NOT get any rushed vaccine, ever. I am not willing to be part of a test group for anything fast-tracked. That said, when a proven vaccine, a safe vaccine is available then YES I will get one. NOT being political but am standing with science on this one. And to all those earlier posters that said something about the numbers. Every number is someone's family member. Every number is one too many. ALL of us need to do whatever we can to he
  3. I have had cruises cancelled, have bumped cruises to future dates and bumped AGAIN. I am ready to cruise, to be on the ocean again. I am wearing a mask everyday when I step away from my home. Social distancing is so much a part of our lives. To continue with those on holiday will actually seem like this new norm. It will not last forever. Nothing in life stays the same. I do not think there will be many problems with the "rules" as everyone will know about what is expected prior to getting to the port. I am looking forward to a cruise, even if only a few night
  4. Back to WJ Buffet...the first cruise after a massive clean from Noro the buffet had temporary shields in place and guests were served 100% by staff. We could NOT even pick up a pat of butter. They might consider doing that with new shields in place all around. Don't know, just a thought?????
  5. Thank you so much! This infor really helps me. Now decisions, dates and itineraries to consider.
  6. Joe817 it is rough when you have had 2 cruises cancelled.
  7. Just got off the phone with Carnival. I had called to question the wisdom in cancelling and rebooking a Nov cruise. I was told to hold on for a day. There is a HUGE announcement coming tomorrow. (already knew this) I am hoping for good news but am trying to be prepared if it isn't. I really need a cruise! My daughter says to be very positive, She is sure that "Hold on" means Nov will happen. Fingers are crossed!!
  8. Her wand has been busy! Happy sailing to all those that got great days.
  9. HLGW60 I hope you stand your ground and really think about your cruise. I had to cancel also and have booked 2 cruises instead. The PVP I worked with was very helpful and was able to process everything. They are extremely busy and a little kindness went a long way. I felt just like you, no European trip without a vaccine. My total payment, gratuities and spa time was all with the AARP GCs. I am still waiting for the spa refund but everything else was taken care of. It took about 3 weeks to show up. Hope this helps. OP I believe it will all work out. If mine did, yours ca
  10. Sept is a great time to sail. It is a standard sail time for me each year since '97. Rates are good, less crowds, kids camp has less kids so the ones there get to do some really fun things. The ship sails away from storms and for the most part seas are not a bother. Book with insurance and have a great cruise.
  11. Just go to the Roll Call and create. It is easy to do. Links at the top of the page to Roll Call When you go there, a link is for "Learn how to create a new roll call". Any questions after that, let me know.
  12. I know it was open when we went to a show while overnighting in Nassau.
  13. MANY times people have been told that the luggage MUST be checked because it was too heavy. The larger bags are usually heavy and that is a big concern. Yes some might get away with it but I would not want to be the one that made a mess of the line and had people behind me upset with me before I was even on the ship. Better to just follow the rules. See Post #3.
  14. The ship will not be an issue unless they change their policy(always a possibility) BUT the airline can be. Last flight the person in front had 2 packs taken by security. They were told to check it or toss it. Fire risk for in flight. I know others that make it through but to be safe, I would not carry it on the flight.
  15. Ask for it. I have often found none in the Lido but when I asked it was pulled out of a under cabinet refrig. And of course, you can always mix your own with part cream and part milk. Use a glass to mix and then add to your coffee cup. ENJOY.
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