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  1. Those benches are not comfortable at all!!!
  2. Its disappointing that they only have 4 chairs out on the whole long deck. This seems to be a trend and I wonder why.
  3. This seems like a strange place to inquire about Medicare. I suggest you go to Medicare.gov.
  4. Yes, those upper decks can get HOT!!! If you don't mind sweating and getting burned while sitting still, that place is for you. Any shade up there is at a premium and will move as the ship moves and the earth rotates; so it won't last long and you will have to get up and move your lounger in order to stay in the shade for any length of time. Again, the best (and coolest) quiet space indoors is the nightclub during the day. Promenade deck for lovely views, fresh air, shade (you have to sit on the shady side either port or starboard) and blissful peace.
  5. In my experience, every interior space (except for the nightclub) always has some music piped in, day or night... It never ceases to amaze me how they seem to think that music must always be heard no matter where you go (whether it is live or recorded). Even an empty or closed bar! Promenade deck is best for peacefulness and the real feeling of sailing on the open sea - nothing like it!
  6. Finding a quiet place on a cruise ship can be a challenge! That is one of the first things I do when I board the ship. After going on 25+ cruises over the years, I now know that outside on the Promenade deck is the nicest quietest place for me. Especially if they have lounge chairs out there. I like being outdoors, yet sheltered from the sun, and watching and hearing the passing ocean. It can lull me to sleep and many people do just that. My most recent cruises, though, have had a narrow promenade deck which only had regular chairs (so you can't stretch your legs out). Was such a disappointment! Not nearly as relaxing to sit up straight and, of course, you can't rest your head back and close your eyes. However, as odd as this sounds, the other quiet spot during the day, is the nightclub/disco! And there are usually some large upholstered chairs or sofas to stretch out on plus a great view of the sea since the location is high up on the ship.
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