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  1. I think the family has misplaced their grief. It's easier for them to place their anger and pain towards a lawsuit than it is to have to turn that energy into just grieving. The lawsuit will not make their loss any less tragic. Win or lose (and I would have to clear the cruise line, if I were the judge), they are going to grieve worse when this is over and they have nothing more to focus on. I was on this ship in November and I could not help but think of that baby as we boarded....wondering where she fell.....were the people working there that day on duty and witnesses....were those people who did witness it given any sort of counseling.....and then walking by the windows, wondering which one it was. That was always on my mind when I was in the area---so much so, that I avoided it as much as possible.
  2. The first time we went to Barbados, we walked out of the terminal and found a tour taxi. I think it was less than $100 for us (a couple) and there were 3 others from a different ship with us. We told him where we wanted to go and he took us and waited. It was an air conditioned van, and he even took us to some points of interest that we didn't know about. Check into island tours on travel websites and you might find one that you can personalize.
  3. Check out Calypso cruises. You can find them on the Face place. We've been with him 3 times now and always have a wonderful experience. Ask him his departure time and it's possible that it is later than you dock (I can't remember, but I know we had time to do a little shopping before we met up with him). You walk out the terminal gate to a circle and a taxi will pick you up and take you to the catamaran. Plenty of food, top shelf liquor for mixed drinks (I'm not a drinker, so I get the punch without alcohol or water), name brand beers, you're treated like family, and I think the max he takes is 12-16---I can't remember. It's a WONDERFUL day trip. Everything is provided except a camera and towels. There is a bathroom on board and a shower hose on the back deck to rinse off with. After you get back, the taxi takes you back to the pier and this time you are able to be dropped off right in the parking lot instead of that few hundred yard walk.
  4. Omgosh, we were there in April, on a different ship, and it was horrible. I wasn't sure we were going to get away from the pier. The captain had to do like a 3 point turn in a car to get us out of there. It took quite a while for us to leave. I haven't read all the replies in this thread, but I saw on another site that there were 7 ships in Cozumel that day. Personally, I wouldn't have wanted to be there with that many people, and if it was that windy, skipping that port would have been fine. I've been on a windy cruise before when almost every port some excursions were canceled, and one port was skipped altogether. There was this one guy at guest services---"I've been on 40 cruises and this is the WORST one ever". I've been on several, and haven't gotten to that "worst one ever" yet. 🙂
  5. It was absolutely wonderful! We were the only 2 that day (which I felt bad about, because I know it was not worth it financially to him to take us). But he told us so much about life on Barbados, pointed out some of the places his friends lived, we ate way too much food, but had so much fun. When we stopped for them to make lunch, I snorkeled near some rocks and the water was amazingly clear. I was the only one there, unlike at the shipwrecks, where there are crowds of people and you keep bumping into them. I got some really good pics of the turtles----very close---and the fish at both places I snorkeled. Nick showed us a wonderful time, and after 3 trips with him, feels like an old friend now.
  6. Do you have a link for that? I'm afraid life got in the way of my planning, and now I'm trying to get it done quickly. Too many things happened that kept me busy. I REALLY need this vacation! The people that were on the tour with us before that did the mud baths said it made their skin feel so soft. I am thinking that if I get sunburned I would like to do that. Are containers of the mud for sale anywhere, or do you know?
  7. I'm pretty sure it was Spencer Ambrose that we did our tour with, now that I see the name. It was an extensive tour of the island for the price. We did so much on land, that we didn't get to spend much time at the beach.
  8. Is there any excursion that goes only to the mudbaths? This is the one thing on St. Lucia I haven't done, but want to. I just don't want to spend half a day stopping everywhere on a bus.
  9. We did a tour (it was several hours long on a bus) the first time we went to St Lucia. We were picked up at the pier, drove thru some areas where they pointed out different residences and buildings, and then stopped at a small town for a bathroom and stretch your legs break. It seems like there were a few stores open there. We stopped at a banana plantation and were told about the importance of the fruit to the economy (they even make ketchup from it). Some ladies were selling handmade items there. Back on the bus, we stopped at a place on the side of the road where you could take pictures with the Pitons in the background. We ate lunch in a home/restaurant of local food (it was good, possibly a little spicy for some people). Another stop was at the drive in volcano, where you could choose to go see it, or go to the mud baths. We did the volcano. Next was the waterfall where you could jump in. Last was a stop at a beach for about an hour by the Pitons. There were chairs there and a restaurant/bar, I think. We were loaded onto a boat and then went close to a ledge where you could see bats sleeping on it. We idled thru Marigot on the boat where the guide pointed out Mick Jagger's house, and told some history of the area. Next was passing by the rock arch that was in a movie, and there were young boys jumping off of it to entertain us as we sailed back to the pier. I hope I'm getting all of this right---it's been a few years. It was a long tour, and covered a lot, but I think it was less than $100 back then (less than 5 years ago). I think that was probably one of the more extensive island tours I've been on, as we saw so much. I'm sure I'm leaving something off. The bus was not full, so it was not like we were packed in like sardines.
  10. Thanks for your help----booked!
  11. It's a few hundred yards off the beach, but they have vests and pool noodles for you to use. You can just float and the turtles will come up to the guide, who will be close to you. They will take very good care of you!
  12. Take the short tour and get dropped off at Front Street rather than back at port. There is a nice beach there, and the water taxi goes back to the port.
  13. We've used him on a friend's recommendation. We did the tour of both sides of the island. We had the option to be dropped off at the port or at the Front Street beach and catch the water taxi back, and we did that, so we could do a little shopping. I was a little disappointed that the stop in Marigot was less than an hour, as there were a lot of people there and we weren't able to see very many stores, or get to the bakery in time.
  14. When you dock, you go into the port shopping area, and turn to the left to catch the water taxi. It's about $5-$7dollars for a round trip ticket, unless they went up after the storm recovery. You can see the beach from the pier, but it's too far to walk and the water taxi is cheaper than a regular cab---and probably more fun for the kids. Although you won't see much of the area by using the water taxi, it takes you straight to the Front St Beach. There are a lot of open air restaurants, ice cream vendors, and such along the beach, and the water taxi dock has a bathroom, if you don't go to a restaurant. Some of the restaurants don't take cards, and they will have the prices displayed on menu boards that are not US currency prices. Make sure you find out the actual cost before ordering so you won't be surprised. I think the last time I was there, it was about half of the displayed price. If you use a card, they may charge a service fee. There are some of your usual crowded touristy stores along the beach, as well as some nicer ones. Be sure to walk from the beach between some of the sections of buildings and to the inside street, where the nicer stores are, to see all the different kinds of merchandise for sale. There are still some touristy stores there, but also a lot of jewelry stores. I've read about people getting ripped off when buying expensive purchases or alcohol, so check the port shops first if you have something special in mind. Traffic is usually bumper to bumper on the street, so make sure to keep the kids either in a stroller or carrying them, so they won't step off the sidewalk. Here's a little map showing where the port is and the beach. If you want to go to Maho Beach and watch the planes come it, it's about a 15 minute taxi ride. The beach is crowded if you get there too late, and if you get there too early, there aren't many big planes that come in. It's a very small beach and the water is rougher, to me. At Front St, there are lots of tiny shells that the kids would probably enjoy finding. Maho Beach may be too loud and scary for the little ones too. There are plenty of videos on You Tube of it.
  15. We have not done this catamaran, but another one twice.....DH doesn't like the water (I love it), so he stayed on board, but he had a good time. He's asked me to book the same thing for our upcoming trip. We too like the smaller excursions. Easier to relax, room to stretch out and doze...and just not be elbow to elbow with people!
  16. Our first visit, we just walked out of the port building and caught a van to take a tour. We hadn't scheduled anything in advance because we were newbies.....We spent most of the day with another couple and were taken to all the high points. I think it was about $40 a person.
  17. I've been trying to catch up with them to schedule an excursion on our next cruise. The face page isn't up to date and they aren't on the trip site anymore.....not answering emails....Anyone else had luck with contact? I hope everything is ok with them.
  18. I agree with TTEllis....we've been with Nic twice and am looking forward to booking again. Small group, nice clean catamaran, hot, freshly cooked food, plenty of snacks and top shelf drinks. They pick you up right outside the port gates and take you to the dock. Coffee, hot tea, and cookies waiting when you board. About a 10 minute trip out, they stop and look for turtles, and the guide will draw them close. After doing that for a little bit, you move on to 2 snorkel stops at shipwrecks. Then you sail for a while up the coastline. You do stop close to a small, empty beach while they cook lunch. You have to swim to it and there are no chairs. It's pretty much just down a cliff from some houses, and no one else is there. After some time there, you sail back to the dock and they take you back to the port. I'd say there's less than an hour to do any shopping, and it's only at the port stores. Spending the day sailing and relaxing is well worth it.
  19. My cousin worked as a pilot in Alaska one summer. He told us to do the Taku lodge excursion in Juneau. It was amazing. The planes landed like a minute apart though, but you could see them coming for a long ways away. We missed the first excursion due to heavy fog, but it cleared up and were able to go a few hours later. I did the snorkeling in Ketchikan and DH did fishing. If we had not already planned the Taku lodge trip, we probably would have done the float plane there. Our first cruise we did the boat to Misty Fjords and it was soooo long. We've yet to try Princess, but have been talking about it. I like what I've read about how they are taking care of people.
  20. We were on the Rotterdam last week and bought the unlimited package shortly after we set sail. The next morning we sent out a bag, and it was back that night. You have the option of selecting if you want it folded or on hangers. We sent ours out daily and came home with very few dirty clothes. Saturday we weren't able to send a bag out due to time. I sent everything except my swimsuits and bras. I washed those myself and hung them on the clothesline. It is worth every fit of the $49 to come back with clean clothes, and not to have to pack so many!
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