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  1. Low limit blackjack which has the very odd amount of $6 pays 6to5 and uses a continuous shuffler. So some purist would argue it isn’t blackjack at all. The dealers are friendly and helpful though. However, there is no blackjack table like a cruise casino low limit blackjack table for attracting absolutely awful players. You’re better off playing alone against the dealer, which at certain times of the day, isn’t that difficult to do.
  2. We were on Sunrise Labor Day week. I like to snorkel on my own from the beach. We decided to go to Radio beach for the day. Now, it costs us a golf cart to get there but perhaps there are cheaper ways to get there. Also paid for 2 chairs and an umbrella but not required. Swim to or walk down to the visible rocks on the left. Swim out about 100 ft to where the rocks are submerged. Not a lot of coral but thousands of fish of various size, color and type. Suggest fins to navigate the rough surf and not have an unwanted collision with the rocks. in my angular swim back to our chairs, I followed a stingray around. It’s not Cayman or Roatan quality but it’s adequate and certainly better than anything we found at HMC earlier in the week.
  3. Sue and Joys is the only outfit at the end of the pier. They wanted 60 for the day but took 50. Crazy that they didn’t check my id, get my name or number or anything. The cart was ok, but it was old and nearly worn out. Sometimes I had to play around with the accelerator to get it moving. And I found out later coming down a hill that the brakes didn’t work well😳 But, it worked out and we had a nice time. I saw more golf cart businesses along the path to Radio beach. Some carts looked newer and nicer. But, how you gonna get there? 😀
  4. Sunrise comedy host mentioned the sip and cover rule in punchliner. I only saw staff enforcement at the piano bar. Most everyone masked up on the 53% sailing. It’s easy to forget. I would sometimes get up from eating and forget to re-mask.
  5. Ah, don’t know about that. There seemed to be plenty of smoke in the air. One thing I remembered about why I hated the layout of the Triumph (now Sunrise) was having to walk through the casino to access the other parts of Promenade. That ship has some interesting dead ends on decks 3, 4 and 5.
  6. We always do late. By night 3 we had no table mates.— was it us??? 😂 Had some issues with the adult comedy. On all but night 3, they scheduled 8:30 and 9:30 shows. Obviously the 8:30 was impossible and we struggled making it to the 9:30 as dessert, bar bill and the waiter dances always dragged out. Seems like they used to schedule the comedians later.
  7. What rules? I’m just off the sunrise and I noticed nothing special. No shutdown machines, no removed stools at the tables, no nothing. Just the usual crappy odds with 6-5 payouts and a continuous shuffler. I need to stay away from the casino LOL
  8. So, we got cancelled on Thursday evening before our Friday rapid antigen tests. This came a few hours after getting the appointment reminder. We scrambled to find no options for Friday or Saturday (we were flying out Sunday) so settled for a PCR test at another CVS a few towns over. Got there early but they let us go ahead. Once finished, the lady said they are taking 2-4 days and could not offer much more than that. Got home and signed up for MyChart and started waiting. At some point in all this, we scheduled a paid test at the Cleveland airport as our backup plan. So now for the good news— about 1 am this morning we got a text saying we had test results. Negative yay! Less than 36 hours to turn it around. Not bad for a holiday weekend and with an abundance of tests now happening.
  9. We sail Monday, so the sudden cancellation was for tomorrow. We found a CVS about an hour away that has PCR so fingers crossed they can turn it around in a day. Also made a preflight appointment for the paid testing center at Cleveland airport on Sunday before our flight. Will cancel if not needed. Plan C if somehow all that falls through is to use the testing center at MIA. What a pain. These are unusual times but CVS needs to be better. We got the appointment reminder by text this morning and then a few hours later, boom, it’s canceled.
  10. No speaking to a human, no explanation and no other rapids around me. Mad scramble to find something. Anyone had success at the Miami airport? It seems like a fallback plan.
  11. Any good snorkeling spots to be found even if we need to rent a golf cart to get there?
  12. Cancelled our American flight to Miami today since they are currently not charging change fees. Southwest has some great fares now that saved us some bucks, especially considering free checked bags. I usually don’t find good fares with SW, especially inside 2 weeks but got lucky I guess. Now to avoid boarding group c and middle seats😂
  13. The offerings from the dessert stations at lido buffet are just ok. They always look better than they end up tasting. However Carnival makes up for in the main dining room.
  14. My guess is that they were intentional in spacing people out. Therefore it would complicate things further if they started moving people around.
  15. I’m sailing on her September 6. Awaiting the reports of her first sailing which is happening now. It may be the ship with the most storied past — she was the Triumph. i have picked up from pre-Covid cruise reviews that the AC in the staterooms isn’t the best .
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