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  1. What movies did they show for the "dive in" movies? I'm going on the Horizon next week and I was wondering how new the movies will be. Thanks.
  2. Yeah. It's about how much they make from one game of BINGO. Carnival will get that money back no problem.
  3. I'm an occasional cigar smoker (maybe 2 cigars a month). I can understand them allowing cigarette smokers in the casino but I think they need to do a much better job of filtering the smoke in some way. I agree that it's not fair to the non-smokers who want to gamble but can't or refuse to due to the smokey conditions. Maybe add a 2nd casino to the ships? 🤪
  4. Good looking couple! Thanks again for the review and all the pics.
  5. I was on the Vista last May in the Havana area and there were plenty of lounge chairs and what I think you are referring to as "clam shells" available throughout the day. Are you referring to the bigger, cushioned "loungers" that are sort of like beds? Set back a row behind the lounge chairs? Yeah, quite a few of them were available at different times through out the day. And I agree about the Havana area. It's awesome and worth the money.
  6. Damn. I can't believe they killed Sansa in episode one. Oh, sorry. 😲
  7. Did any random cruisers write funny things or draw funny pictures on your board?
  8. I saw this story on NBC last night: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/stroke-victim-suing-holland-america-not-airlifting-her-cruise-ship-n969411 Thoughts? Personally, I think you as the passenger assume some risk when you agree to board the ship the specified period of the time. The risk being that you won't have a full fledged hospital that is easily accessible.
  9. Take a breath please and relax. And if you have a link that pertains to cruise ships specifically, I'd appreciate it.
  10. "ships" or "cruise ships"? Any links backing this up? When did this happen? What ship(s)?
  11. Last time we left the Miami port and carried our luggage off, I think we were in our car on the highway sometime before 8 AM. You should be okay making a 10 AM flight, but I would never suggest cutting it that close.
  12. BS. This is such a bluff. The US economy benefits so much from the cruise industry. They won't stop Carnival from docking here. Sure, they might get financial penalties but that's it.
  13. It's for when pirate aliens attack the port and overtake the cruise ship. You can disregard....for now.
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