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  1. Generally the white squares are service shafts that enable the linen and cleaning equipment to be easily used by cleaners
  2. Looking for 2022 Jan /Feb has anybody been on either of these cruises ??? Looking back to back !!! Exotic Explorer then Flavours of the Caribbean or Flavours of the Caribbean then Pride of Panama. Would appreciate any views and ideas ??? Which one is better than the other ?
  3. Hi anybody got any views on which cabin number to go for firstly inside cabin and then balcony
  4. Thanks for reassuring me inside is the one to book, as you say you can spend more on the shore excursions . Talking of excursions which ones would you recommend on this inside passage trip ? We have just had 2021 trip cancelled so rebooking for June 2022.
  5. Thanks for your wise words !!! inside it is !!!! No cruising for a while by the sounds of it
  6. Which catergory of cabin would you choose for cruising the inside passage ??? Inside.......outside .....Balcony or would all your viewing of the scenery be from the outside on the top decks???
  7. Just had 2021 cruise to Alaska ! Which week in June 2022 do you suggest we book ? Flying to Calgary doing Banff 2 days doing Jasper 3days then Rocky Mountaineer 2 days so which date would be better to board the cruise ship ??? 4th ...11th....18th ....or 25th which date would be best to cruise the inside passage and enter Glazier bay ...
  8. Try ringing the coach company or when we went we were given the number to ring to book on to the coach so can ask questions then .We went from Tickle Trout Salmsbury Near Preston
  9. Anybody got any info if the inside passage cruises will go ahead in June 2021 ???
  10. Is your Alaska cruise going ahead ? We are on the Konningsdam 5th June inside passage to Alaska not heard if its going ahead yet !! also 2days Rocky Mountaineer !!
  11. Hi thanks for your views .We are from England so that also may be a problem if Canada opens its borders to us !!!! Please can you keep me updated if anything appears in your Canadian press. Thanks
  12. Has anyone any information if these cruises are going ahead ????
  13. HI we are flying from Gatwick to Calgary end of May , then on to Banff for a few days , then on to Jasper for a few days, then board the Rocky Mountineer over to Vancouver to board the Konningsdam to sail the inside passage . So alot at stake for all going ahead !!! Has anyone done this journey ?
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