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  1. Thanks Mic and Possum its mighty that you are here on CC , So in summary , we are on Ovation of the seas to NZ - 10 nights - in 12 days time - can you tell us what we need to satisfy all authorities regarding entry to NZ on a cruise ship - Aussie citizens obviously with passports ..
  2. This was just a short cruise and we didnt need anymore OBC . Onboard at GR they said yes we see charges made against your cc incorrectly and we will have the refund back to that card within 7 days . turned out to be well over 3 months . I should have taken the OBC -( that was never offered ) - and gone to the casino 😁
  3. How confusing is this then from the same page https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/preparing-a-visa-application/your-journey-to-new-zealand/before-you-travel-to-new-zealand/arriving-by-cruise-ship - Australian permanent residents If you are an Australian permanent resident you must request an NZeTA before you travel to New Zealand. Who does not need a visa or an NZeTA If you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen you do not need a visa or an NZeTA.
  4. Thanks boeckli , I was not aware of that - strange that we didnt require it on arrival last year in Auckland via air - we were only asked for passports . Thanks for the headsup .
  5. Im a bit confused ? Just reading the Immigration NZ website re cruise passengers. We Visited NZ last year without any visa , or NZeTA requirement as an Aussie . Travellers who do not need an NZeTA Visa holders and some other travellers do not need an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before they travel to New Zealand. Who does not need an NZeTA You do not need an NZeTA if you: are a New Zealand citizen travelling on a New Zealand passport are travelling on a foreign passport that has a New Zealand citizen endorsement are an Australian citizen travelling on an Australian passport have a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa have a valid visa for New Zealand are a member of, or someone associated with, a scientific programme or expedition under the Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty — you may need evidence to support this, or are a member of a visiting force, including one of its civilian employees, travelling in the ordinary course of your employment or duty — you may need evidence to support this.
  6. Several threads about being charged for specialty dining even with the Premier package when making reservations in advance -- as we were . Turned out OK but we had to endure many emails with a helpful responder who was hamstrung by people further on and it took several months to get the refund . All well that ends well but it was not a pleasant experience regaining the money incorrectly taken .
  7. Our experience is in a similar thread and we were charged for our 2 specialty dinners despite having the Premier Package . Onboard told yes we would be refunded and had constant help and advice from the Princess person back home tasked with finding out why the refund was not returned . The refund came approx 4 months later , happy that it was resolved but there were many emails involved and a fair amount of angst . Seems a shame that Princess is still mis managing this . Having said that , our next cruise later this month seems to have the 2 reservations in place with no charge yet !🤷‍♂️
  8. Will keep following this - flying to Thailand this morning - no cruise this time and from past experience equally expensive wines and way more expensive spirits .
  9. Is the Pepperjack the Mc Claren vale one or the Barossa one ? If its the graded McClaren vale ( it will have a cow on it and something about Scotch fillet on the label 🤣 it retails here around $30AU . The Barossa Pepperjack around $20 so give that a go by the glass . They are quite popular here .
  10. Thankyou so very much Little Britain , very good of you to do that . Meagre options for wines by the glass sadly - Most of those Aussie offerings are at the bottom of the selection pool here at home and at a mind boggling markup .For example the Eaglehawk sells here for about $AU8 a bottle anywhere in store ( at Dans 😆) and seldom seen at any restaurant cause why would you drink that if you were going out for dinner ? . Thats about $5US , so $34a bottle onboard --- and the cheapest "wine " available .Preempting the 40% diamond discount comment about to follow Im sure lol .
  11. We have the UDP ,and are sailing in April , so wine is important to us ( our son is a winemaker here ) . The Beverage package price has come down to $AU98 pd ,which is sort of bearable, so we bought it although Im told the wine by the glass offered in all the specialty restaurants is even poorer than you would hope for - just a couple of white and red choices. We are Diamond and had planned on using the 4 drinks during the day for cocktail sort of drinks and buying a bottle of wine or 2 at lunch and at dinner using the 40% discount . Thats why Im trying to see what wine is available in the specialty restaurants , thinking I might cancel the Bev Pge if it worked out . I understand there is variance in what is actually offered onboard . Thanks for the input here .
  12. I've tried that and get "We're putting the finishing touches on your cruise Check back for updated information "
  13. Been trying to find the wine lists for Ovation of the seas - Can locate the menus but struggling to see the wine offerings just for the specialty Restaurants as we have the UDP . Thanks for any assistance
  14. Well this is all very disappointing - guess it will be the charge to the reservations desk and some happy diners and some not so happy diners first impressions of the UDP , expecting it will take the staff a long time to arrange the 10 dinners and 5 lunches we have purchased along with many others I assume . Ill keep watching here in case a miracle does occur and RCCL does deliver on a "promise " ( assuming they did such a thing )
  15. You were able to book these with UDP prior to the cruise ?
  16. We are still waiting for a refund for complimentary dining that was charged to our CC last October after being told onboard at Guest Relations it would be returned straight away . Frustratingly angry with Princess after several email contacts that promise but provide nothing .
  17. Also just checked on our UDP for April - cant see any way to make early dining reservations either . Any idea on how we will be able to do this , we have 10 nights with 5 sea days so expect a race to the lengthy reservation process onboard if we cant pre book times and choices .
  18. Loving your posts . We are on Ovation in April and just off Quantum so interesting to see if there is much difference . Different performance in Two70 which was fantastic . Same style production Sequins and Feathers which we have seen before - long legs and much feathers LoL . Fantastic waiter staff in the dining room , food selection and quality down on previous sails , but it was just a 3 nighter and our grandkids loved the fun in the dining room ( Carnival style napkin waving and they stood on their seats for the chicken dance with the staff - Thinking most joined in and had fun . Pools were all packed like sardines . Solarium full all day . Interested to follow your Ovation cruise each day to see the differences . Thanks ( By the way there are many not so patriottic Aussies displaying un Australian style demonstations at the moment re Australia Day which I shouldnt comment on for fear of adding angst to your fine posts )
  19. Just off Quantum of the Seas with our family ( we are Diamond members ) a little 3 nighter , 6 adults and 4 well behaved grandchildren -( I say this because there were 1500 kiddos onboard and many not supervised at all - including a group of teens who constantly pushed every elevator button at once and ran off yelling / laughing ) Another blaming the cruiseline becuase her son booked up $300 in the first few hours in the arcade - she reckons the cruiseline should supervise - I told her maybe thats a parent thing 😂. Anyway , heres my 2 bobs worth Windjammer - disappointing - selection pretty much the same each day with little variation . Crowded as expected , drink stations not always loaded - salad items good - missed any mexican if it was available - Second day lunch asian noodle dish not refilled ( I went back 3 times hoping) . Hard to get drink service as seemed to be understaffed . Yes its the buffet I know .Most seemed happy though . MDR - we were in Silk for ATD and had a table of 10 each night at 7:30 which was perfect . Line up was very quick and well supervised by the staff .Really well arranged by the MaitreD and the Grandchildren loved the atmosphere and experience which was a bit more like a Carnival Experience with the waiters dancing and the napkin waving and the Chicken dance . It really was a childrens cruise night and I guess good for us but not for others who would have liked a more sedate and relaxing dining experience . Still everyone around us joined in an had some fun . The dining , not so much fun , apart from the fantastic waiter and wine service that our guys provided . They were first class and attentive , great personalities and made each night something to look forward to .Limited menu and similar/same offerings . Parts of the steak good , pastas just ok , presentation lacking and clumsy , good breads , fish not sure what , childrens menu offerings like fast food - thankfully our waiters brought them all friut cups to start . Service timing was excellent . ( I guess we are just off Cunard and Virgin hence feeling unrealistically disappointed here ). Jamies Lunch - we shouted the 4 adults lunch and they thought it to be fantastic . Food , service , everything - lucky them . We took the grandkids to Sorrentos , that wasnt great as no pineapple ( all kids love Hawaiian I figured ) , so we then went to the Windjammer , chips and burgers again . 🤷‍♂️ Continental room service prompt and as expected , good for what it is . Coffee was unexpectedly good . Bars pretty good considering the number of passengers and just sea days , staff workrd hard . Pool areas were packed - and as it was warm, pools were full including the solarium . One afternoon you could only just bob up and down there were so many in the water . Rockclimbing was well organised and attended as was flowrider - the North Star not going . Ship felt full , walkways always busy . Entertainment around the ship was as usual , good , the Pool band played regae so that was appropriate . Two70 was fantastic and the Production show Sequins and Feathers excellent although we had seen this last year .Didnt catch the Comedy guy . Casino - unkind to us again - we are $1 pushers so dont expect anything but a donation to RCCL . Sat next to a couple who were both pushing $50 a push . Crikey ! Embarkation quick and disembarking well organised but a long line waiting to get off , Much better than Virgin and on a par with Cunard recently for embarkation .Disembarking a little slower I think . So that about it , we are on Ovation in April so will be cooler and Probably less children although still school holidays . Have booked the Ultimate Dining package which was reasonable but not the beverage package as that pricing is more than the cruise for 10 nights - RCCL are out of whack with their drink prices for Aussies so we'll do the Diamond drinks and the 40% off a bottle . That worked well this trip so hope it goes well again . .
  20. We are on the short 3 nighter out of Brisbane on Quantum and just looking at the planner it shows no availability for Two70 at any of the 4 shows( sold out ) and there is no production style show in the theater on any night either ? Is this normal for RCCL ? No mention of a dress to impress night ?
  21. Thanks Sinbad , Can you tell me where you picked up the local bus and where it dropped off please ?
  22. Yep Little Britain , we have not embraced the USA tipping culture here , only for exceptional service above the norm or when you are feeling generous , but rarely expected from wait staff here . Thinking the straw ( do you mean onboard ?) thing is a cruiseline decision although Australia is turning to the paper straw which is a green choice but they get bloody soggy and useless😆. Glad you are enjoying OZ .Good news for us on no extra gratuity on the Diamond voucher bottle , thanks .
  23. Thanks Sianli , much appreciated advice .
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