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  1. OP check out Devotion Nutrition or Clean Simple eats both have single serve protein packs. That are easy to mix on ship. I love my fairlife but those are both good too.
  2. Thank You so much for taking all of us along for your cruise......your tips are fantastic
  3. We did the corner room in 2019 and loved it. The deck was huge. It does get full sun so just know that, you must wear shoes to walk on it. We didn't have any soot issues and we put our stuff out there to dry. We did use it most during the evening and night not during full sun. In the morning I get up grab breakfast and find a shady spot in the Havana to start my day.
  4. Just ask for extra keys or switch keys. We do this all the time. As long as 1 adult is registered in each room and I would list you and wife as primary's. They do not care who sleeps where as long as everyone has a muster station, those might be different but don't worry about that. Make sure you pick your rooms and DO NOT let them pick cause you can end up on opposite ends of the ship and most likely different floors.
  5. Thank You so much for your Live. Any chance you can post a current dinner menu from Solarium bistro everything I have found online is years old. Thank You
  6. I am on Oasis over NYE and it was there for a while. I delayed buying it and now it is gone too. Fingers crossed after final payment it pops back up but if not it will be more MDR than normal for us
  7. Oh yes and we are coming in 2 days over 1 day before cruise because flights are so bad. Found a direct flight and it was 600 per person to Mia and I was happy to book it. Something that used to be 250 ish.
  8. That is great advice I know they don't vary much. Everything I have found online is to old. No one is going to go hungry ever on a cruise. In the past we have done UDP or the set nights 3/5 cant remember. We don't think much about what the MDR is serving. None of those can be booked ahead of time so we wait till we board and get it all set up. I figured I might as well pre pay and pre book 2 specialty nights based on what we don't mind missing in the MDR. If by chance they put the UDP up for sale again I can always cancel those reservations.
  9. My sailing isn't for months but I am downloading it now to look into it.
  10. Looking forward to it. If you have any MDR menus can you post them. Trying to decide what nights we MDR and what nights we do something else. Was planning on UDP but they must have sold out because its not a option anymore. Enjoy the suite life!!!! Hope you Central park peeps enjoy them cause that is what I put my kids in, I say kids but they are 21,20,18
  11. Has any resent cruisers seen the chilled fruit soups?
  12. Thank You so much for doing this we are sailing Oasis over NYE and its good to see pictures of what a full ship will look like. Its been so long since we cruised. I did not buy the UDP cause I wanted a "sale" on the price and now its not available Oh well no one will go hungry. Do you think the MDR menus will be the same in December? Can you look at the whole weeks menus online or just 1 day at a time?
  13. I was wondering if MDR for NYE might be better, guess we can plan on Izume. Johnny Rockets, Playmakers and portside just seem more like lunch options to me, not a dress up Holiday dinner. Then see if the MDR has better menu.
  14. That is great news at least we can use it that night. I will plan on us eating someplace other than 150 and Chops.
  15. We are excited to be sailing on Oasis over New Years especially since we have stops at Labadee and Cococ Cay. I am looking at the UDP as there is no 3 day or 5 day packages something we have gotten in the past because we really enjoy the specialty restaurants. I noticed in the fine print it says excludes "Holiday Celebration Dinners" Do all the specialties have a special menu for NYE or just a special price? Does the MDR do anything special for New Years. We have never sailed this time of year. Thanks for your advice and past experiences.
  16. Super excited to get back on Coco Cay. I Booked a Thrill water park Cabana. When will I know where it is located? Can I request a head of time or on ship to have it near the wave pool? I am not a water slide person (hate/scared of them actually) But everyone else in my party loves them so Thrill water park it is. I do like wave pools so that is a plus for me.
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