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  1. If they call I'll ask where the beverage package included in the fare offers went.
  2. I don't know how much more expedited embarkation can be. We arrived about 11:15, and hadn't uploaded photos. There was maybe one couple ahead of us. The Celebrity rep. took our photos with an ipad, and we walked right onboard. Easiest process ever. Not in a suite. We're Elite, but there was no Elite check in that I could see, and no one asked about our status, so I wouldn't worry about expedited arrival.
  3. Just off Equinox in a Concierge cabin. No new footstools, but we apparently lucked out.
  4. The casino games are all US dollars, but I don't think the machines take coins of any kind. If I'm not mistaken, you feed bills in and payouts are by ticket that must be cashed at the cashier window.
  5. We had a cruise divert to Tortola due to engine trouble on a Sunday in July. Even though no ships were expected, the people saw the ship and opened the shops near the port. Nice people and great beaches.
  6. We enjoyed the train trip. You never leave the train, and are in the Yukon for about 3 minutes to move the locomotive to the opposite end of the train, so no immigration issues.
  7. I don't think the waters are troubled, it's just that times change and the industry has changed. "Everything old is new again." Years ago, cruising had different classes of passengers, with different areas for each class. That changed to one class only. Now the pendulum is swinging back toward separate restaurants and other areas for suites, etc. For all the complaints about cuts in perks, and I've made some too, today's product is still a good value. Our first cruise was over 30 years ago, 7 days, out of Fort Lauderdale. We paid almost as much (in 1987 dollars) for an inside cabin, as we paid for a 7 day next month, in a Concierge cabin, with drink package and tips included. Back then, there were more choices in the dining room, drinks were 2 or 3 dollars, and there were very few extras. Back then, a large ship was 1,200 passengers. The economics of today's industry makes for a volume business with lower initial fares and more up-charges. Yes, cutting out the token prizes for the trivia contest seems petty, but then again, it's not going to ruin my vacation. I already have a drawer full of key chains, luggage tags and T-shirts.
  8. We did a European cruise on the Journey. The Azamara prices are much higher than Celebrity. We got a promotion for a balcony at the inside price. That got us to $2700 pp for a 7 day cruise. Different experience than on Celebrity with the smaller ship. Azamara ships are 30,000 grt. Celebrity M Class 90,000 grt, and S Class 122,000 grt. The good - Food and service were great (not appreciably better than Celebrity). Whenever we debarked, the Captain was standing on the dock to see us off. The Azmazing Evening is a great feature. A complimentary shore event. Ours was the Canne Symphony Orchestra and a vocalist at a 12th century monastery. Memorable. The Azamara ships get into ports the larger ships can't get into. The not so good - Refurbished or not, the ship is 19 years old. Azamara has three of the old Regency ships, which were cleverly named R1 through R8. Balcony cabins are smaller than M Class balconies. If you are a fan of the big Celebrity buffet lunch venue, not on Azamara. Much smaller area with fewer choices. Again, food was fine, but a different experience. On balance, go Azamara for unique port calls, and expect a quieter trip with an older crowd.
  9. Thanks to all for the information about "Pearl." Cruisestitch hit the nail on the head. Why must Celebrity go out of its way to make things confusing?
  10. I just checked in for my cruise using the X App. We are Elite CC members in a Concierge cabin. My Xpress Pass says "Expedited Arrival" "Arrival Appointment 12:30-1:00. My wife's Pass, issued 2 minutes after mine, says, "Expedited Arrival" "Arrival Appointment 2:00-2:30" The Equinox sails at 3:30. Adding to the confusion, the reservation page says, "Please arrive no less than 2 hours before your scheduled boardings". and the Xpress Pass warns "Due to government regulations, all guests are required to be at the pier and checked in no later than 90 minutes prior to sail time." Now, I've been through the process many times, so I'm going at 11:30 no matter what, but for the uninitiated, you arrive after 2 p.m. and you are not sailing. One more thing. My wife's Xpress Pass says "Elite" and mine says "Elite - Pearl" Any idea what that means?
  11. You're right. My experience has been with economy fares. There a re a number of sites that advertise discounted business and first class fares.
  12. The Choice Air site in no way offers discounted airfare prices for Celebrity customers. The prices they show you are the same prices you will see if you go on the airline website, or any of the internet sites that advertise airfare prices eg. Kayak). The prices go up and down constantly based on the computerized marketing programs the airlines use. Celebrity has nothing to do with it. The only thing Choice Air gives you is protection against airline delays, which is something.
  13. This is an interesting topic. I took a look at the 2005 opinion, which was rendered by a very divided Supreme Court. The upshot seems to be that, while 5 Justices agreed that the ADA generally applies to foreign flagged ships, it only applies to require reasonable modifications which do not affect "the internal order of the ship." That is, the ADA can't be enforced where doing so would require "permanent, significant, structural changes to the basic ship and its construction."
  14. So, LPC offers the same 4 menu items, and nothing else, every day?
  15. The X website says Le Petit Chef at QSine. Is Silk Harvest being replaced by QSine? If so, is LPC's set menu the only thing offered every night, or just some nights. or what?
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