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  1. She probably would have come in under her own power (she had engines running), but many congested ports require tugs. Plus, look at the flags fluttering nearly straight out - that was a very stout wind they were fighting to dock her. When I look at that ship I see superficial surface corrosion. All of that could easily be chipped, primed and painted over in about 48 hours. I also see more balconies on her than possibly other ships in her class. Interesting. According to WikiPedia, she is equipped with twin shafts, and fore/aft thrusters - no azipods. That could be a handicap.
  2. It was my pleasure. While I bellyached and complained a lot (as any 17 year old would), after six years that really seemed to drag out, I left the service with a skill that has kept me in well-paying jobs for over 35 years now. I feel that I have my country to thank for making it all possible. I've lived a comfortable life because of that experience. Not rich, but certainly middle-middle class. Quite a step up from my upbringing (and siblings, still locked in poverty).
  3. My first cruise was on the U.S.S. Phoenix (SSN-702). I didn't seem to miss her as much though.
  4. Well, isn't that a coincidence? The MS Grand Grand Celebration was the last ship built in the Carnival Holiday class. Why, she'd fit right in. But, I'm only partially kidding.
  5. That's what I like about this forum, you can learn stuff without being called a dummy. I guess that I used the terminology "distant foreign port" incorrectly. I was just proposing closed-loop cruises from Mobile, but with a different carrier that has established ports o' call in two "foreign" ports. I would hate to see Carnival abandon a home port, but if they did, it would be great if another upstart cruise line could fill the void - and be successful. Hmmmm Puerto Rico has an exemption. That's very interesting. Heck, I'd go for a cruise to PR and back, if they off
  6. San Juan Puerto Rico? That's a U.S. Territory and doesn't count as a "distant foreign port", yet Nassau or Freeport in the Grand Bahamas does. They still would not be able to disembark a Mobile passenger in Florida or SJ PR, nor would they be able to transport Fla passengers to Mobile without violating the PVSA, as I recall. The closed-loop cruise I proposed would be from Mobile to Nassau, all guests would then disembark for hotels booked through a package deal. It would be a four day stay. Rather than have the ship sit idle in port, it would immediately go to Pam Beach and pick u
  7. Aha! That's exactly the type of critical thinking I was looking for. I never really thought about how close Nawlins was to Mobile. I just looked at it on a map - it's a shorter distance that I drive to Galveston from Central Texas. You are right, they would have to really offer a unique package at an excellent price point to be able to stat a new itinerary out of Mobile.
  8. I'm curious as to why they needed to stop in San Juan? That is currently not a part of their itinerary as I read it.
  9. I wasn't suggesting that they did hotel packages on US soil - they only offer packages in the Grand Bahamas and Nassau.
  10. Uhm, have you gone to the Bahamas Paradise Cruise website? Short, inexpensive cruises are their forte'. It's sorta' like flying those ultra-low cost airlines, added costs for amenities normally included in the fare. Just a basic cruise line using well kept older ships. They do offer a unique package where you can sail to one of their ports of call and then disembark for up to six days while staying at a package hotel. That beats flying, if you are in driving range of Palm Beach. That's why I think that they could be in a unique position to assume a spot in Mobil
  11. I am curious as to what you think the ideal itinerary for the average Mobile passenger is. I am not familiar with their offerings, nor how well they are accepted. I was just thinking that if another operator, offering a novel new cruise experience, were to fill any void left by the departure of Carnival, it might just turn out to be more popular than most could imagine. So, the cruise and stay package to either of BP lines ports of call would not sell well in the Mobile market?
  12. But I wasn't postulating that they would pick up in one spot and drop off at another. I do understand how closed-loop cruises work. Bahamas Paradise Cruises offers a package where they drop you off for a number of days at one of their ports of call. You spend time ashore at a package hotel. Then you board the ship and come home. That ship does not sit at the harbor while some of the passengers are booked ashore. Nope, it returns to its homeport and discharges the passengers that opted for cruise-only. Then they head back to the same port with another load of both cruise-only
  13. I guess to be more clear, Mobile is where Carnival sends some older ships "to die". I was proposing a new operator. One that offers something different - much the same way Carnival did in their early ears. But on a lighter note - didn't Triumph go there to be "healed" after that power distribution fire? Or at least patched up enough to return to limited service. Of course she busted loose that one time to go and smash into that freighter that was making fun of her. A real party gal, that Triumph!
  14. And that's why I mentioned the itinerary currently offered by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. They have leadership that has been involved (heavily) in the industry for a long time, and just like when Carnival was an upstart company breaking into an already established business model with new ideas, this company may also seize on the possibility of adding a new port or two. I do believe that they have contracted to purchase one of the Fantasy class ships from Carnival - and they are already running a whale-tale ship anyway. Like Spirit Airlines which operates with a very limited
  15. I thought that Carnival was running a three day cruise out of Norfolk to Bermuda and back. No PVSA issues there, that I am aware of. Bahama Paradise Cruise Lines offers two-day packages that leave Palm Beach, call on Grand Bahama Island or Nassau, and then back. They even have a special package "Cruise and Stay Package" where you cruise to either destination, stay two, four or six days, and then return to Palm Beach. So, if they pick up another ship, and another port, why wouldn't they be able to offer the same packages out of Mobile? Was Pam Beach exempted from the PVSA?
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