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  1. Plastic Luggage Tags-Dec. Freedom.
  2. Galveston limo is a popular transportation company. We have used them, reasonable & reliable. They have a variety of vehicles. Picked us up in a mini bus once but they have many large buses too.
  3. I never said it was an inconvenience, it was the only difference with the increased amt. of D&P guests.
  4. The only issue we had was a delay in getting back our free laundry. It was a day late, but we were informed in advance. Personally we have found the D&P's to be informative & helpful & very happy to be able to cruise often. P.S. I am 1 of them.
  5. We have done Miracle to Hawaii=14 days. Had some "cultural events" i.e. Local: Hula Dancers, Musicians, Lectures, & Folklore performance. Also a Midnight Buffet, Extra Deck Parties, Progressive Trivia, etc. Our Roll Call & FB groups had a lot of activities: Hula Skirt Party, Door decorating contest, cabin crawl, slot pull. Hardly any kids & not a 3 day "booze cruise" Also did Horizon 14 day TA, Barcelona to NYC. Lots of neat stuff too & a handful of kids. Matt Mitchum was our CD, I would cruise with him again in a heartbeat.
  6. Thanks Joe. I will definitely eat there!
  7. I thought that Cucina del Capitano was NOT on Dream. It was added when Breeze & Magic started sailing. I have eaten there on both of those ships & Horizon, Sunshine & Vista. Never heard of Pasta Bella. Willing to be corrected if I am mistaken.
  8. For noise, we have a "white noise" app on our phone. Use it ALL the time. I prefer the "pink" noise option.
  9. You are welcome. I love 'google maps'! Hope all of your plans work out well!
  10. If you stay at Comfort-Newark/Harrison there is a Sunoco w/ a 7-11, 4 minutes walk north. Or Simply Bagel shop 3 min. walk to the south. Both sell soda (pop).
  11. We liked the San Cristobel Fort. Used our Nat'l Park Passes in April so it was free. Also our favorite museum: Casa Museo Felisa Rincón de Gautier. We love to walk/hike, so that's what we do.
  12. Have booked them many times. Love them! Only 'con' is if pax try to access the deck while under way. The secret hallway doors can slam. I have been on the deck looking in while my DH was in the cabin. Couldn't see him. Don't bother decorating your door, no one walks by.
  13. From what I read on 1 site, Carnival did a great job with those on board. As for "lunch vouchers" I can't imagine how that would work. Who would administer it? Carnival personnel were on the ships. The port workers don't have lunch vouchers. PAX were told to stay away until 6 PM. Cars waited in line for hours just to get into the lots. How would anyone (approx. 7000 PAX) get to the terminals to get a voucher & for what restaurant? Sounds like a nice gesture but don't think it's doable.
  14. Lot's of Sea Days! Guess you will be playing lot's of Trivia! Enjoy! -arleen
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