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  1. My #1 piece of advice for newbies= Port Time & Ship Time may be different. Wear a watch...the ship will leave w/o you! Have Fun!
  2. Hello, nice seeing a name I recognize. We were on the Horizon TA-Barcelona to NYC & came over on the NCL Star from Miami 3 days prior. I had Tea with Y'all several times. My DH helped Sue Greenberg with Friday nt. services. Also we went on a pre-cruise tour with Sue G. & Louise H. Last April we sailed Vision of the Seas, Galveston to Barcelona=17 days. Ship couldn't compare to Horizon. Like everyone else...waiting to sail again! -arleen
  3. Thanks all. I hate to cancel but think we will just take a Galveston cruise. 3+ hours from our home. Keep trying to take our 1st as Diamond. Same with Carnival. Supposed to take our Milestone (25th) cruise but not happening either. Oh well!
  4. We had a FCC from problems we encountered on Enchantment. Applied it to LOS 04/26/20 which was cancelled. Moved FCC to Adventure Repo NJ-TX 11/05/20. Doubt we will go. We live in TX but do not want to fly to EWR. Cert for FCC expires 11/07/20. If we cruise after that date, I guess we will lose our FCC. Any other opinions?
  5. We had an Aug cruise booked. It was one of the ones that are supposed to sail from TX. We do not want to go, so we cancelled & asked for our deposit to become a Future Cruise credit on our Panama Canal cruise ( which was already booked). That cruise sails on 01/24/2021. Our acc't does not show the FCC yet. It has been a few weeks. thanks-arleen
  6. We cancelled our Aug 17, 2020 on Dream. Opted for a FCC ( from our deposit) to be applied to an already booked Panama Canal 01/24/21. Any idea how long before we see that FCC in our account? Thanks, arleen
  7. While it is NOT a round trip, we are booked Nov. 5, 2020 Adventure NJ-TX repo. Ports include Aruba & Curacao. Even money on whether or not it will sail.
  8. I was on this thread way back when it was actually about refunds. My 2 cents. Diamond on Royal, Platinum on Carnival. Some status on Princess, NCL & have cruised several other lines. Cruise from Galveston a lot & CCL & RCI are it. Like them both, never had a bad Carnival, but in Oct/Nov Enchantment was the pits! They even gave us a FCC because it was so bad. But I will be cruising both of them again as soon as possible.
  9. Thanks, Island Lady. This forum seems to have gone 'off the rails'.
  10. We had a LOS 04/26/20 cancelled. Part of our payment was an old FCC we were given by Royal due to some 'issues' on EOS. We rec'd our $ refund but asked that our FCC be transferred to our Nov. repo on Adventure (NJ to TX). Where would we "find" that in our paperwork? Anyone have a guess?
  11. Thanks so much. Just hope we get the FCC. We are booked on 1 of the few that are sailing in Aug. Dream/Galveston/Aug, 17. We are cancelling along with our kids/grand-kids. We paid deposits for 10 PAX in 3 OV Deluxe cabins. Hope we get 'something' back. None of us are ready to cruise yet.
  12. Can you move FCC to an already booked cruise? We have a 14 day Panama Canal Cruise in January 2021. We have a large balance due. Would like to apply some FCC that we will be applying for. Anyone with any info or educated guesses are welcomed!
  13. I agree! We are booked on 08/17/20 Galveston Dream. Th ship is going but we will be cancelling. We drive to the port, but our adult kids & grandchildren were flying in. So if they get tested in Michigan & are negative, fly to TX, shuttle bus to Gal. hotel, dinner out & then shuttle to ship in the morning. How many opportunities to get infected before you get onboard?
  14. Sorry B.Q. I remember your screen name from somewhere. Hope we cruise again soon!
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