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  1. We saw 88 Keys & Getaway Island. There was another but didn't see it & don't remember the name. Docked 2 days ago. Had a great time,
  2. Just back from our cruise. Stayed at Hampton inn Bayview. Absolutely perfect. Clean, quiet, great breakfast & 8 minute drive to dock. Right behind Wawa convenience store.
  3. My motto is: Look decent, don't smell. LOL!
  4. Hi, this is the most info I have seen re: Pride. We sail on 10/10/2021 in 2 weeks. Like many this is our 1st cruise since the shut down. DH is Gluten Free -non Celiac. Always enjoyed the GF Beer on Carnival. Did you notice any in the bars? Thanks, also our 1st time from Baltimore.
  5. We are leaving on Sunday 10/10/2021. Staying at the hampton inn baltimore bayview campus. Driving on Saturday from Ann Arbor, MI. Parking at the port-10 minutes away. I will review when we return.
  6. Thanks for the info. It helped with our decision. Cruise is Sun. 10/10/21. Driving from MI day before & staying at a Hampton Inn, 10 min from the port & we will park at the dock. Baltimore 1st timers.
  7. 1st time cruising from Baltimore, in 1 month. Dock parking question. Should my husband drop me off with luggage, we pack light, & then park? Or should we park & take bags on shuttle. I'm assuming that there is a shuttle. Thanks
  8. I believe Frankie Portera is the CD.
  9. We had a balcony on the Vista (Horizon's sister). I believe deck 5 Starboard is the smoking area. If your balcony is over it, the smoke may waft up. Other than that, we have enjoyed our guarantee cabins.
  10. Vera/Lee, we have a 9 day Explorer, 10/06/21 RT Galveston. If it is shortened to 7 days, the itinerary would change too much. hoping we get the option to cancel & we will choose a different cruise.
  11. Several years ago, we stayed at the Best Western Golden Sails. Long Beach Airport P/U & Cruise Shuttle included. Free breakfast & walkable to supermarket. Now it's just "Golden Sails" & since there are no more cruises yet, don't know what they will provide.
  12. We are booked 10/06/21 for a 9 day from Galveston. Doubt it will happen since no cruises longer than 7 days are supposed to sail. If we don't go, it will be cancellation #7! Oh well.
  13. Great! Just make sure that it's your "Exact" date. Many PAX have posted things for weeks/months before they realized it wasn't their sailing! Enjoy, Roll Calls are great!
  14. I'm not great at instructions so I don't mind if you ask for more help.
  15. There isn't one for our Oct on Explorer either. I thought of starting it, but it's a 9 day & will prob. be cancelled anyway.
  16. I'll try, on the 'boards' page there are cruise line listings, A-O, P-Z. Below that it says Roll Calls. Click on the Royal Meet & Mingle Roll calls. Then page down for Jewel & Month
  17. Roll Calls are for your specific sailing. You would look for your date on the Jewel under the "Find Your Royal Roll Call" heading.
  18. IMHO, Carnival has great food. We always eat in the MDR for Dinner & Sea Day Brunch. Depending on the ship, we love Serenity deck salad bar, Deli, Mongolian Wok, Ocean Plaza mini buffet, Cucina, Pig & Anchor BBQ etc. Enjoy your 1st Carnival.
  19. From Cucina at lunch, a bowl of Bowtie Pasta, w/Spinach, Mushrooms, olive oil, garlic & parmesan. I get it to go & bring it to my DH's Lido table. Also, I always get a Mocha Chocolate Getaway at the upper tier Party. If I "eat" my cocktail with a spoon, is that considered food? LOL
  20. Sometimes I order 4-5 appetizers instead of a main course. Love the Braised Tongue, Gravlox, Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms etc.
  21. We live in an "Active Adult" community, Sun City TX. We no longer use the gym, but have been walking over 100 miles per month since March. Time for new sneakers, again!
  22. 12 Hour French Toast from the Brunch menu. BTW, I have lost 15 pounds since getting off the Vista on March 7th, 1 week before she stopped sailing! I now weigh 1 pound more than at my 1974 wedding!
  23. I did check & our price went up. Not only is it a PH, but a Journey's cruise as well. Panama Canal 10/22/22, replacing the cancelled P.C. on 01/24/21.
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