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  1. Noticed the same - website gives only normal 5% (even though it is said on the site it would work also on website). Maybe have to call as well.
  2. I cancelled additional services on Sunday 8th March and received refund to credit card yesterday. One thing missing but their customer care is now sorting it out with their finance department.
  3. Well if you order any wine with or without the package and wine isn't in good condition - wouldn't you then send it back anyway?
  4. I have the Premium Plus booked for my cruise and don't actually see a major difference if I get wines per bottle or by glass. I will get my wine anyway. 🙂
  5. Yes in Food Republic, Pincho, Sushi and Wasabi. In other restaurants you can have one Main Course and unlimited amount of other items - however some items in the menu will have extra charge.
  6. I had pizza in Getaway La Cucina and a separate Main Course as well. It was not counted as a Main Course, since it is not under Main Courses on the menu.
  7. Upcharge isn't marked in the menu so personally won't pay it for premium sides. If they try to charge me then will have to talk a manager. Once again they have their own procedure on the ship which isn't following any T&C.
  8. Actually the terms and conditions don't have any limit for that either. You can have 2 per transaction but it doesn't say you couldn't order two bottles for each course for example. It is really fun when they make their own rules on board.
  9. The fun part is I have booked from European NCL (NOT UK) office and for us they don't charge the gratuities for "free" drinks package. 🙂 When I booked from US they were charged. So there are differences between market areas.
  10. Since the upcharge isn't mentioned in the SDP terms and conditions those mentionings in the menu are useless. People just should state them the conditions from SDP (until those are changed to apply the new upcharges).
  11. Since being from Finland - have to comment a bit. Weather in area I would say is water slide friendly from June to August and rope courses and climbing walls also longer if you just wear a bit more. And depends naturally what you want to do with your kids but there are free beaches on the cities and quite a lot things you can do with kids as well - if not wanting to go to beach.
  12. I have had the full package on some cruise and social media package on recent cruise - WA and FB messenger worked both fine with both of them. Hovewer iMessages worked at least for me even when I wasn't signed into package with my credentials - was enough to be connected to ships Wi-Fi. I don't know if they have already blocked that obvious hole in their system. 🙂
  13. You can have two beverages per transaction meaning per one order. Actually the terms and conditions don't have any restrictions related to how many bottles you can order.
  14. Well why don't they then say something if I correct them based on terms? And if I had continuously customers saying to me differently than what I have been told by supervisor - I would question the supervisor for it. If the server thinks he/she is correct then they should ask clarifications from customer, now they just accept it - IF customer knows it. So yes - I think they are aware they are actually telling lies. I hope that servers aren't just dummy muppets without their own brains to clarify and ask about things from their managers.
  15. I have noticed the issue in all NCL Specialty restaurants - I have always the SDP and am told one appetiser, one entree and one dessert. And I always have corrected, only one entree - no other limitations. I have never been charged but am quite annoyed that servers lie to me directly. The terms have now changed a bit since my previous cruise on December and general upcharge has been removed from some restaurants. Interesting to see how it will affect the behaviour on board. However I have had this one appetiser, one entree and one dessert issue in all ala carte restaurants despite the general upcharge or not.
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