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  1. Is anyone familiar with this room? The sundeck is right above and wondering if the band/DJ is directly above as I want to avoid noise?
  2. someone just answered my question... which was just like urs
  3. Disappointed they DOUBLED the unlimited price!!!!
  4. we were told that either the $15 per ride (used to be $9.99) or Unlimited weekly passes: $199.95 per guest. (used to be $99) No 'all day' for one day passes.
  5. BirdTravels You are a very knowledgable BIRD!
  6. Is there a forum or chat or something where digitals of Bliss Dailys may be found? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I could not find a specific area?
  7. I'm in 13252 and I think that is angled... does that mean it will have the extra room like the pictures above?
  8. really? I was told on another thread. BirdTravels... did u or is that what you heard?
  9. We are taking an 8 day cruise on the Bliss on 12/28/19. Husband/wife and 2 late teens I realize that booking ahead is limited and will need to do much of it on the first day...BUT First question is: Do December cruises match the cruises before them? If so... what are the best entertainment options? Jersey Boys already booked, asking about others.
  10. I am going to watch it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. now I am a bit worried as there are NO NCL Excursion offered for Parasailing?
  12. does anything listed as SOLD OUT ever come back?
  13. so is an upgrade, after final payment, something I have the power to do or does NCL have to 'invite me' to do?
  14. Anyone who went on NCL to Bahamas & Florida from New York (regardless of ship) in the December... We are stopping at: Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral) 1:00 pm 9:00 pm Day 4 Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas 10:00 am 6:00 pm Day 5 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00 am 6:00 pm Day 6 At Sea Where is ParaSailing offered? Where is the best place to do other 'beach' activities, like Jetskis...etc? The Bahamas forum isn't saying and I don't know if Florida does it near the ship piers?
  15. Sorry if these sound like stupid questions but I am trying to make sure I am understanding things correctly and there appears to be so many experienced voices on this board (which I am not one of): If NCL offers an upgrade, this is a totally separate process from ‘Bidding on an upgrade’, correct? Assuming so… Who gets offers of upgrades and when do the offers go out or what triggers them? On Bidding, how does that start? Do I got to a website, am I invited by NCL, is it just an email? Sorry again if I should know these… but I don’t yet?
  16. Thanks both as I guess it is only at the end of the cruise?
  17. Only lists two nights on the Planner... but I think that just means that is only what is available. Does anyone know what days, on an 8 day cruise this December, it is normally available ?
  18. We will be sailing to Florida (Orlando / Port Canaveral) and Bahamas (Great Stirrup Cay/Nassau) late December and am trying to figure out where we can do Parasailing? Anyone have any idea?
  19. I am seeing some posts that 'Theme Nights' on some ships have been done away with? Is Bliss having them?
  20. We may just do the Beach and tour at Atlantis as that cost is really up there and I do not like the risks (weather/closure/etc.) Also, contacted 'Resort for a Day' about day-passes and they 'claim' that no prices are available yet for 2020? They said they do not come out until late October? That seemed a bit strange as they list 'Atlantis Aquaventure' passes at three prices (with dates) as Value/Low/or High Season prices. Only problem is that they list only some dates (as Jan 2 and 3rd were not listed) and they couldn't determine what category that falls in.... and the price per person ranges from 135 - 166 pp? Seemed a bit strange?
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