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  1. Did you book show tickets as soon as you boarded? Is there a room you go to sign up for the shows as there is on some ships? I really don’t want to miss out when we go in May -so want to be prepared and ready!! Any suggestions? We are Sapphire Lattitudes status so wonder if I can book through concierge.
  2. Looks like it was abandoned. I wonder if it was because she was enjoying herself so much?! I hope so as we are on the shop soon and I was hoping to pick up some tips!
  3. Following with interest as we are on the Bliss in early May. Thanks for doing a Live!
  4. Must have been an error then! 😅 Never heard of paying for a cruise 7 months after it! 🤪😂
  5. Dec 2024?!?! When is your cruise?
  6. Some people used the pool. It was much warmer when we went south to Valetta, around 16°. The last day, in Barcelona, it rained so we had some days that were ok for swimming in YC pool. There is another pool that anyone can access and that was undercover and busy at times. There was also a shallower children’s pool. You never know in the Med in January but often there are some good days.
  7. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the deals are getting scarce now! 😅
  8. I definitely agree on a Med cruise but it can be okay, with a drinks package, in a balcony cabin that is comfortable to retire to when things get too much. My suggestion to anyone who really wants a quiet comfortable place to sit and read a book would be the Polo Raj Tearoom. The teas can be included with some packages and the seats are comfortable and at times it’s almost empty! It is usually British in there as we do like our tea! The venue has an ambience comparable with serenity of YC but I would not stay in there if Olga was playing piano-as she misses lots of notes and is hard to listen to! 😅 If you do go in there please tell Shennoy that Connie Tact says hello and that you read about him online! He was so pleased I had included him in my report.
  9. That would be great @Mezqal I love meeting people through doing my live reports. If you have half the enjoyment that I did you will have a blast! Prepare to get treated well! Have you sailed YC before?
  10. I’m sure it will be of equal enjoyment. Definitely, we enjoyed it more due to the YC experience. Thanks again for encouraging words. We’re settling in at hime now…..back to the reality of unpacking and some laundry to do! 😅😂 I always write to customer services with a list of particularly great staff as well as doing the feedback questionnaire. I have just done that. Seems like extra work but if staff benefit than I am happy! They deserve it.
  11. I think the answer is yes and you can book tickets for a small fee to ensure you get a seat. I’m not sure if this helps. https://www.eurail.com/en/plan-your-trip/trip-ideas/top-destinations/great-britain-train
  12. So, this brings us up to date, in a rainy Barcelona, and draws an end to this live report. Thank you for travelling along and for your positive comments. I recommend this ship but particularly in Yacht Club. It is impeccably run by Myra and he happy, professional team are a credit to her. I was concerned the YC would be too, big but it works just as well as the smaller ones due to the high quality standards upheld throughout the yacht club. We fly home soon and then I have to uphold magnificent standards of my own to my very own VIPs!
  13. We finished our evening listening to the excellent Giulia in the Top Sail lounge and she ended her set with a Paolo Nutini song just for me! 😍 I noticed others enjoyed it too. Elroy, an excellent, newly embarked bar tender remembered the chocolates I love the most.
  14. Next we popped into Masters of the Sea for a short while and to say goodbye to Elom. If I could change one thing about the venue it would be for low down chairs and tables in first part of the pub near the singing. Then all the high bar stools and tables in the ‘sports’ side of the bar. it is hard to sit comfortably and hear the music. in other M of the S venues across the fleet, they have this more comfortable design. Hopefully, especially as it would cost nothing, as all chairs are free standing, this could be trialed. On this particular ship, it is good to have an ‘English/Irish’ type pub onboard as a lot of the offerings onboard has a more continental feel. It is good to have such a diverse range of venues. We certainly didn’t get around to them all as we enjoyed this singer, along with the offering in YC. We wish Elom well as he is just starting his contract on this particular ship having come from another MSC ship.
  15. Last nights dinner was a special order of the pasta dish I enjoyed so much earlier in the week made with less salt too! First, I chose fruit and MrCT has spring rolls. these were paired with a white wine. The next course had no less than six staff delivering it and ensuring we were happy including two managers! Whatever will I do when I go home and have to make my own food again?! It’s moments like this that make it easy to book the next cruise! 😜 The pasta was paired with a Chardonnay served in large glass to enhance the taste. Lastly, we followed the advice of Paolo, head waiter and tried the filled tulip dish. It was light, creamy and . It was a fabulous last meal in the restaurant. The staff team are all very good and well managed.
  16. Last night after the captains cocktail party we went to see the show, Cadmo-The Lamdwalker. Costumes, performance and cast were fabulous.
  17. Ah! That would have been good. We were looking at earlier in March though. We have a special feline to look after that week….she lives next door! Our neighbours kindly look after our terrible twosome and we look after their sweet rescue cat. We are looking forward to seeing them a little later today. They have been in good hands and we have been receiving daily videos of their antics! I’m sorry I don’t know much about the trains apart from our local one from Bristol to Southampton. Southampton Central I’d only 5 minutes taxi to the MSC cruise terminal and there are Ubers and plenty of taxis just outside. The rail pass sounds like a great idea for your travels.
  18. Next into YC Top Sail lounge for cocktail party with the Captain/Master and all his top crew. Ti start there was a perfidy singers and pianist Olga. Next the staff were introduced and we clapped as the staff paraded. I was fascinated to realise how many I knew and had positive contacts with. I would say more than half. This is down to a well managed YC. The YC director is Myra and Tiziano the restaurant manger and all the concierge team are wonderful and great at their jobs. Our butler Laksmi and assistant butler Sravankumark are the best we ever had. In our seven times in Yacht club this is the first we have ever been offered our full offerings, including packing and unpacking service. All credit to Laksmi who told me this is her first year. They are doing a sterling job! Back to the Captains address, every seat was full, and that gave us the opportunity to meet another, very interesting and friendly couple from France. as other YCs have held this event in the morning we have never attended but we were happy this was later and more accessible and enjoyable.
  19. A visit to Raj Polo Tea rooms for a Rose tea that unravelled before my eyes. Included in our package. MrCT had an English MSC tea. Great service from Shennoy in there- he was attentive and warm.
  20. I love those ducks! We watched as many people walked past ducks hidden in very obvious spots. They just walked past them as maybe assuming they were lost toys! so I gave a few out directly to children who renamed from very grateful saying ‘grazie’ and others looking surprised but, parents or them not saying a word! They were being played with though so went down well. It’s a first but I may go home with some for another cruise! 😅 Maybe we’ll meet in March and I can add to your collection @mnpurple
  21. We’re going out to give away rubber ducks! I brought 48 this time! Unfortunately, somehow although my son kindly designed some tags for me to go on them, we printed off the ones from our Christmas cruise on Euribia! That time the ducks were Christmas themed. So these will be hidden with no tags, and just for the fun of seeing joy on people’s faces when they discover them!
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