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  1. I sent emails after my last cruise feeding back which staff has shone out as fabulous. I also write one regarding the not so good butler. They thanked me for the first one but said they needed to look into the second one before getting back to me. That was five weeks ago so I doubt I’ll hear back!
  2. A belated thank you Carole. I have been unable to post on CC since you out this up. I kept getting every single past post attached to my reply so it wouldn’t send! Also, I wasn’t able to like any posts. My solution was to go out and log in again with a different search engine and now it seems to work again! So, you’re home! How was it over all? Would you recommend the JS above a balcony stateroom? We’ve made a very low bid on Royal Up and not sure about it!
  3. Yes I did that but then found there are different weeks for different areas! Here’s hoping the 20th isn’t busy!
  4. When they start ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ I cannot be held back! 😂💃🏽
  5. Carole- are you pleased with your JS? Is it worth the upgrade do you think?
  6. That’s what I was thinking of Carole. Let me know if I should bring my Dancing shoes!! 💃🏽 😂
  7. I think so too JJWW. The schools seem to break up on the Friday after we have left on the Wednesday! 🤞
  8. That sounds like a good day! We have booked a Beatles tour in a car Beatle themed decorated car! 😀 Is there a Beatles tribute band onboard or just musical tribute? I seem to remember there being a Beatles something but not sure what! Would love to dance to their music!
  9. I’ve read through this whole thread now and it’s been a fascinating read! We have been on two staycation cruises this year and have another next week. We have also booked to fly to Barcelona and go for a week around the Med in January. I went through all kinds of mind-changes while reading through the thread but feel I relate to ccpm’s post the most. We have been through several losses over the past few years and intend to continue to enjoy our travels while keeping as safe as we can as individuals. I know so many people who can no longer travel or are limited in what they can do and have decided to live life to the full while I can!
  10. Hi Carole I thought that’s what had happened to you. In a way, it may be good for us to be without internet for a few days to really unwind! Although I usually do daily postings for my two cats- Instagram account!! 😾🐾🙀 Ive been having issue with posting to CC and I’m not even onboard yet! 😅 Are you going to explore Liverpool today now you can freely get off? We have tours lined up for Belfast and Liverpool as missed getting off when on Virtuosa. Interesting to hear about dining as not heard of we have upgrades so at present have 5.30 sitting at a MDR! I don’t mind eating early though but we may do a specialty or two if not upgraded. I’d be interested in seeing your entertainment planners for each of first five nights as I can get some idea of when we can see which show. Sounds like comedian was good with a ‘bit of blue for the dad’s!!!’ 🤣 Enjoy yourself and have a Hugo Spitz for me!! 😜🥂
  11. Thanks LB for the info! I’ll look out for that one and possibly set my alarm! 😇
  12. That’s all very interesting. To be fair a lot of the cruises we have been on have been like sailing on a millpond but we have had some choppier ones too! 😅 I wonder if they do not operate the stabilisers in the Irish Sea or the English Chanel and if that makes the difference. Did they have a question time with the captain or staff? I love those events. I always pick up something new!
  13. Sorry, I couldn’t replay until now as CC was quoting every other post when I tried to respond! I guess Mick got to wear his shorts as it’s been amazing weather today! If you happen to be able to find out how many will be onboard on the 20th sailing that would be great! It seems, from Kernow’s info, 2,000 on yours and 2,800 on the one after ours but wonder if ours will be 2,000 also. Have a great time! ⚓️
  14. Our first four cruises were with RCI and each time we could feel motion after disembarking. After that, we have been on NCL and MSC and a couple of others and not felt it. So, after all these years, we are hoping we don’t get it on this ship! Seems strange unless it was a particularly rocky cruise or maybe the ship is different in some ways? we had assumed we had just got used to cruising.
  15. Yes, but Carole where you sure they had your test?!?!😅😂 I’m sure they were just double checking, again and again! So glad you’re all set to go! Bet you’re all packed ready!
  16. That’s helpful to know- thanks Kernow. We are looking forward to the entertainment on the ship although really enjoyed some on Virtuosa too- especially shows in carousel lounge.
  17. Thanks for the live review! I have just read it all as we are onboard from 20th of this month. We were also on YC on Virtuosa just after you! We follow in your footsteps it seems 😀 How does Anthem compare to Virtuosa experience? Did you get an upgrade this time? Although we love Magnifica, we are put off as no YC! Think we may travel to Barcelona & get on either the Grandiosa or Fantasia in January….so we’ll stop following you!! 😅😂
  18. Just over three weeks for us Carole! We board on the 20th and you’re right it will be great to be away again.
  19. That’s awful Cublet! Most of us would pay $10 not to go!! Joking aside that really is unkind especially considering how hard they work.
  20. I agree. It certainly depends on the individual butler you have and how they are at the time. We went on an early sailing on Virtuosa this year and all staff very perky and keen to please but when we returned after a couple of months, most were noticeably tired and I particularly admired the ones who still managed to show care and kindness despite this. I keep thinking back to reading a post where a poster was going to compile a list of her requirements to read to the butler while he unpacked for her. She would have got nowhere with our last butler who we didn’t meet until day two and he was pretty illusive after that. If we didn’t know what to ask for we certainly wouldn’t have got it! He even tried to put us at the end of a line to disembark until I asked him to take us to the front as ‘ that is what we paid extra for!’ If this had been our first experience of YC it may have been our last!
  21. This really is setting the expectations high! Our butler knew it was our anniversary but we got…. nothing! 😅😂 With other things he was great. We went on YC recently again, and had a disappointing experience with a not so great butler. I don’t think one can expect the experiences but having information will help people to ask for it if anything particularly needed or desired.
  22. We give whatever we happen to have either Sterling or dollars. I think there are enough staff onboard to do exchanges with if not what want. Are RC staff allowed off in ports U.K.? The MSC ones couldn’t leave the ship.
  23. Thanks Kernow. We just pressed the button and booked for the 20th Oct. decision made! 😅😂
  24. Hi Panamapd Good for you! We just came back from two U.K. sailings with Virtuosa so this is our third since July! So we had best save some time to get some worktime in!! 😅😂 The thing is, we only feel happy with U.K. sailings at present and not ready to fly yet so are rather keen to get some in before the ships leave U.K. for the winter! As you said, the prices are so good it’s almost rude not to go!!! 😂🤣 have fun! As you said I’m sure your 11 year old will have a fab time!
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