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  1. Even so, Portland does not want to be a cruise port. Much dredging in the Columbia would be needed and the city does not understand the opportunity.
  2. A tactic would be to be refunded on your air tickets and book your air with Princess. final payment for air is not until 45 days before the sailing date.
  3. Funny, one afternoon before dinner, our group of 6 Sat on our corner aft balcony enjoying the whales for a couple of hours. you can not be everywhere at once.
  4. Princess is doing maintenance on the website right now. Oh oh.......
  5. If you are not wanting a tub, you also might check out a Premium Deluxe Balcony. These have a loveseat and some of them also have the larger balconies. Take a look at the deck plans on Princess and you may find one in your preferred location. And maybe someday, we may try a mini suite! P.S. If you want a HUGE balcony, try one a cabin on the bow. However, the railings are metal and not plexiglass and you need to stand to see the view.
  6. You are absolutely correct about the name , Anthony! However, my apologies, our daughter tends to be a bit stubborn and I could not convince her and that is not what they chose.
  7. Thank you. They were able to go home today. Barring any reasons to keep them there, they are trying to send mama and baby home within 24 hours of check in, due to Covid. Well, that was a bit tough since baby was born 22 hours after check in. At least this is our daughter's 2nd baby and is not a newbie mom.
  8. Very interesting! Because we are booked to be on the Enchanted Princess on September 25, 2021 leaving Rome to Barcelona for a 7day cruise. Our itinerary does not include Greece. I am pretty sure I saw the Enchanted on the Civitavecchia site for the proper date.
  9. I would not it to be transferred because we booked this due to embarkation location and itinerary, so this would not be acceptable.
  10. New Grandson safely arrived this morning around 7:00 am.It was a bit touch and go due to a rare "cord insertion" issue that could not be detected during pregnancy. Our daughter had a great medical team plus hubby.Phew! Now I can get some sleep tonight!
  11. We are on the Enchanted on September 25, Of course we would want to know sooner than later if it is cancelled.
  12. I should add that you will most likely not find pics of Enchanted Princess so do a search for the Sky Princess.
  13. I always do a search online and click on images. Then I can view many photos of the ship. This is really handy compared to the Princess website.
  14. First of all... HE Double Hockey Sticks YES! And Barry ATL- I love this "hunt and gather" concept! this is an excellent idea. I would gather cheese, fruit, yovurt, water bottles and save my two bottles of wine for emergencies.
  15. Thank you so much for this info! We hope to be able to participate in a few of these on our 12 night British Isles cruise in May 2022 and our New Zealand/ TP in the Spring of 2023.
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