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  1. If your cruise begins or ends in Rome, why not arrive a few days earlier or stay a few days longer and take a more relaxing tour of Tuscany from Rome? There are many companies (or private) that do that.
  2. If you explore the deck plans for certain ships on the Princess website, you can click on the type of balcony. For example, L103 on the Regal Princess is called "Deluxe Balcony Obstructed". Click on "View Stateroom Amenities" and it will describe the room in more detail. It has a sofabed.
  3. I just now checked and our September 2020 cruise has finally also been removed. It was cancelled by Princess on May 7th. Maybe we will receive our refundable deposit of $200.00 soon?
  4. Geez Thrak! You have reminded me about this! I will have to jot this down in my cruise folder. Yum Exactly... which is why DH also gets to enjoy it... unlimited choices of beverages.
  5. caribill- Than you for the breakdown. This is really helpful. Our gratuities would be $14.50 per day which leaves $25.50 per day to be used/ accounted for. For me, I would be getting an espresso drink in the am and most likely 2 glasses of wine in the evening. DH would get at least his hot cocoa in the am and at least some fancy Virgin drink from the bar, fancy tea at night. So this would "cover" the remaining balance. We are Platinum and that is plenty of internet for us. Bottom line, it is really close. For someone who is not Platinum/ Elite, the package is worth it.
  6. Definitely do much research on the ports and what you would like to see in terms of an itinerary. As far as cruise lines and ships are concerned, it may be helpful to go to the cruise line boards and ask a similar question. For example, you could ask on the Princess board how a Mediterranean cruise and itinerary would compare with one on a Celebrity ship. etc. Go to each cruise line website and research what itineraries you may be interested in and begin comparing ports and costs. A Bruin Steve said, each person has their own preferences regarding cruise lines as well as ship preferences within that cruise line. It can become a very personal thing. In October 2018, we did a Mediterranean cruise and arrived in Rome 3 days before our cruise began. It was very much worthwhile. And of course, 3 days barely skims the surface of what Rome has to offer. Fortunately, we will hopefully be returning in September 2021.
  7. As mentioned above, the cruise lines more than likely use hotels fairly close to the airport or in an area of Rome that may not be very central. Our hotel was a VERY old refurbished building and was very central- we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go; this is true of most hotels where people like to stay. We walked to the Vatican, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and went on a Twilight Food Tour that was amazing.
  8. It may be very helpful to go to the Italy board. There is a TON of hotel information. If course it would not be in reference to Princess. We stayed in Rome 3 nights pre cruise and it was fabulous!
  9. It is metal and as said, you just can not see the view if you are sitting down. We have been in one of these on the Regal and the balcony is HUGE!
  10. Actually, some balconies have sleeper sofas as well. The difference is a combination of location, balcony size, obstructed/ unobstructed view, square footage, and sofa presence or not.
  11. I learned about this about 13 years ago when I worked in a FABULOUS Italian restaurant. The owner invited a wine rep to conduct a class with various types of wine and using first regular (like a Libby wine glass) and Riedel glasses. Wow! I was sold. Fortunately for me, I am a Queen of Garage Sales and can find them cheap for anywhere from .25 to $1.00 each. I have now converted my Aunt, sister, and brother-in-law.
  12. Profile info is all fine. This only pops up when I want to "manage" that particular cruise that was cancelled (supposed to be this September).
  13. I have been called a Wine Snob, due to my definite preference for a Riedel wine glass! But now, I have converted a few people and they get it! Vines will truly be missed- quite a blunder IMHO.
  14. I have also "costed out" each time I have been booking. We are Platinum so sometimes it is close. We really do not use much internet and download our books when we are at home. However, on a TA that we have booked, 15 days of gratuities is $435.00 which makes it worthwhile. DH does not drink alcohol, but likes his hot cocoa 1-2 times a day and maybe some other fun drinks. I enjoy my decaf and wine. So, it becomes worth it even if I bring two bottles of wine on board.
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