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  1. Oh gosh, I realize I never reported back on my friend's cabin, 3042, adjacent to the little store. It was a fine location, right by the lifts, and the store wasn't open early or late, so it was like she had no neighbor at all on that side. We were on the other hall a few cabins forward of the lifts and liked the location. It was equidistant to The Shelter on the bow and the Aula at the aft, both reachable through doors without having to negotiate stairs or lifts at all. We really really enjoyed Deck 3. So you didn't have noise or vibration in 3000 from the doors banging on the bulkhead at all? That's good to know. One time when we went through it was windy and the door got away from us and closed HARD. My friend was very glad she wasn't in that room. I think it was 3001.
  2. I was just reading the saga of an Australian couple that landed last night in Lima to join a tour of Peru with a large well known global tour operator. They thought initially that the Machu Picchu portion might get thrown out, but they kept calling the tour company who kept telling them the tour was a go, and that they should board their flight. When nobody was there to greet them at the airport they found a fellow traveler that called the tour company who then told them the tour had been cancelled. They found a place on their own for the night, but now they're just sitting there wondering what to do. I suspect HAL will behave better than the tour company and just find an alternate port or two if the troubles are still happening in March.
  3. Returning from Antarctica on Octantis in December we were 'scenic cruising' at Cape Horn with commentary and hot chocolate at noon, or if it wasn't right at noon, it was very late morning, and we were docked in Ushuaia by dinner. I can't remember exactly what time, but we had a quick bite when the World Cafe opened and then ran into town, so not longer than 5 hours for sure, and probably shorter. We enjoyed the beautiful cruise in through the Beagle Channel immensely and laughed at ourselves for not remembering anything about it on the way out at all, especially how long it took. We were just excited and busy unpacking, touring the ship, eating dinner, and attending the first briefing in The Aula. I do remember my husband commenting on the ship rocking in the night, but it was mild enough that I slept through it.
  4. This seems to be everywhere, and increasing. I've seen it on the train, in the airport, on the airplane before pushback, and even in the hospital waiting room, despite the no cell phone signage. I was in Target ahead of my last trip wheeling towards the pharmacy to grab some cough drops and could hear a big commotion in the middle aisles. Rounding the corner I saw that it was two different people on their speaker phones in the cold & flu aisle at the same time. It was, in essence, four people shouting about their ailments and the products they wanted. On Octantis recently a gentleman walked past us on his way back to the buffet with his plate. He raised it to his face, and began licking it. I guess he wanted it nice and clean for his reload. People are just people I guess. I don't think it's Viking or any cruisers really, I just think that we've been emerging back out into the world finally and had forgotten how annoying other people can be sometimes.
  5. I don’t have any nautical background other than lots of cruising - my career was an airline career - but as a layperson, I can’t imagine what any of what happened on Polaris has anything to do with the Captain’s decision making? They had what seems like a freak accident on a zodiac, which will be investigated, and then the weather was too poor to get an evac airplane anywhere to pick up the injured person, so they were forced back across a very rough Drake Passage to disembark her? There was a Ponant ship crossing just six hours behind Polaris, and a passenger reported that their crossing was just ghastly and that some of the crew said they’d never been in seas like it. We are on Octantis now, and we’ve had our own medical evacuation that’s thrown quite a wrench in our trip. We had stellar stellar weather in the beginning, but had only managed one landing in the first three days even so. On our third night down here, after a STUNNING sail through the Lemaire Channel at sunset, we began steaming out of the peninsula area in the middle of the night at a pretty good clip for King George Island. That’s where the Chilean Base is, and where there’s an airstrip that can land an airplane from Punta Arenas. We disembarked our passenger the next evening, and were grateful for her that the airplane was able to make it in. We then didn’t go back to the Antarctic Peninsula where the Windy app says the seas were still fine (blue) but where the crew here said “No, no, it was bad there too.” Instead we have been puttering around in garbage weather near King George Island for two days. We haven’t managed a landing since, and are hoping perhaps today will be the day. If not today, tomorrow is our last chance. So, you can question decision making all you want, but none of us really knows what’s going into all of it. A lot of people on Octantis now are questioning the decision to stay put up here, but who knows what the crew had to work with. I do know they were trying hard to find a place to land yesterday, but every place was the same. I think the biggest decision failings on board this trip are from passengers that thought this would be the cruise for them. Viking has required an extensive medical evaluation form for everybody that boards an Antarctic cruise, and it’s clear in looking around that some weren’t truthful about the condition of their health. Obviously a medical event can happen to anyone anywhere, but the odds seem a lot higher with what I suspect is the average Viking Expeditions passenger. When we woke up to the Captain saying we’d had a medical emergency, absolutely nobody was surprised.
  6. We were laughing about that too - a romantic cruise to paradise he called it. He also drove himself out to RDU to do the reporting, despite the couple he was quoting being nowhere around. They had left days earlier, and I’m not sure he knew when they were due home? I guess it was as good a place as any to do a live shot 🤷‍♀️ We depart at 4:20 a.m. for our flight to Ushuaia.
  7. There’s conflicting information. Some have said they’re notifying people on their way to Buenos Aires that they’re cancelled, and others have said what you have, that everything is going as planned. There’s a good chance that maybe only people in the affected cabins are being sent home? I’m not sure how many were damaged, but it sounds like several. Perhaps just a cruise with reduced capacity?
  8. How are her spirits? It must be so disheartening. For most that make this trip it’s once in a lifetime and there’s not a real way to make a second attempt. I’m sure Viking will make them whole, but they may not want to give it a second try.
  9. We’re sailing on the 3rd. I’m sorry about your trip, I guess we won’t know for a while how long Polaris will be out of commission. Probably not long, they can fix these things pretty quickly I think. Years ago we were booked on Star Princess for a transatlantic when I was watching CNN and saw video of the whole middle of it aflame off the coast of Jamaica. I turned to my husband and said that I didn’t think we’d be on that sailing in a week, but don’t you know she was good as new only four weeks later. I think they replaced 150 cabins. Of course, they were near dry dock facilities in the Bahamas, or maybe they sailed empty straight to Europe, I can’t remember. Not sure where Polaris will have to go, maybe the maritime experts on here will have an idea? Someone on Polaris got wind of the fatality via facebook and started asking around. Apparently the family of the deceased is on board, and they asked that the information not be announced to their fellow passengers, so the Polaris crew was abiding by their wishes. It’s just been a horrible, horrible experience for everyone, and I feel so bad for them all.
  10. We’re not onboard right now, just reading reports from folks who are. We’re in Buenos Aires and will be flying to Ushuaia on Saturday.
  11. We’re on Octantis, along with what seemed like half the flight from Atlanta. Lots of Viking tags. Probably some for Polaris as well, though they are now being told their cruise is cancelled. Yes, it seems that some of the news from Polaris and the storm is quite dire. In addition to the poor woman who broke her leg from the zodiac explosion, it’s being said that someone has perished and several are critically injured from the waves that crashed through the cabin windows. Rough rough go for the passengers and crew of Polaris, and Octantis is currently plowing through the same storm, albeit much more slowly. They don’t have an injured person to get back to shore like Polaris did.
  12. I really popped in to say that we’re at the Hilton with thunderstorms rolling in, so have plenty of time to answer any questions, but then I got all gossipy. I’ll post more if we hear anything. There are a couple of Viking agents in the lobby that are going to be busy. We also saw buses near Casa Rosada earlier from the Viking Jupiter, so lots going on here. PS - I think the damage was on Decks 2 and 3, port side.
  13. We’ve arrived at the Hilton in Buenos Aires. Polaris apparently has been having a hell of a time with it. Some sort of bladder exploded on a zodiac while transferring passengers to the sub a couple days ago, and a woman had her leg severely broken. The weather was too bad for a helicopter evacuation, so they turned around after only the first afternoon there and were heading back across the Drake. The cruise was then amended to a Chilean Fjords cruise. There’s a raging storm in the Drake right now, and Polaris got hit by some waves that came through the windows in cabins on Deck 2. Port side I think, not sure. Everybody was flushed out of their cabins in the night, but then those that didn’t have a damaged cabin were allowed back in. They got to Ushuaia and inspectors came on board to assess the damage, and the passengers are being sent home. The next (at least one) cruise has been cancelled. Meanwhile, Octantis is heading back to Ushuaia 30+ hours early because of the weather (they haven’t had much luck with their excursions since they got there) and the passengers have been told to batten everything down in their cabins. They left early so they can go slowly to minimize the impact of the storm. Such is life in the Southern Ocean I guess. I have been hitting the Windy.com app pretty hard trying to figure out how it’s going to go for us on our December 3 Octantis departure. I think it will be okay.
  14. We haven't been yet, are leaving Tuesday, but from everything I've read, running shoes should be fine for most of the ship. Unless you have reservations at Manfredi's or The Restaurant, you'll be taking most of your meals in the World Cafe, so you'll be able to wear what you'd wear to any buffet dinner. Various versions of whatever you wore under your excursion clothes should be fine, and a tunic top with leggings should be fine in the sit-down restaurant venues. It's probably less dressy than Viking Ocean, and that's not that dressy. As for the goggles, we're taking some for the SOB boat because they say it's really windy, and my eyes water. My husband has issues with sunlight since his LASIC, so he'll probably wear UV goggles on all the landings.
  15. Everything I've read indicates that yes, you do. Some people say to bring something you can wear out on deck in bad weather, and some people say they just wore normal shoes for that. I guess it all depends on the weather, but it seems you always wear the Viking boots off the ship. Hopefully someone that's been will confirm for us.
  16. This. I'm allergic to shellfish and they were great about substitutions, but the animations didn't match. So, even if they do accommodate your celiac, you might not have the Le Petit Chef experience that you're paying for.
  17. That's too bad they didn't work for you in Bermuda. My sister and I rented one on our Eclipse Norway cruise in Geiranger a few years ago and loved it. We buzzed around for about five hours without having any problems with the charging, and it had a nice tour on a screen to follow if we wanted to. I wonder if not getting below 72% is more for their convenience than something that's really necessary?
  18. Yes, the flight to/from Ushuaia is included as well as one night at the Hilton in Buenos Aires. Not sure if all the cruises use the Hilton, but ours does. If you come in the day before using Viking Air, they also include transfers to the Hilton, but we are coming in a couple of days early so no transfers for us. We had to come in early because there was no business class Viking Air available on the day before our cruise. We've been to BA before, so didn't really need the extra days, but it's a beautiful city, so we'll enjoy it. There's not a lot of info about that flight to/from Ushuaia because last year Argentina got pretty fussy about the ship and Covid so Viking chartered airplanes straight from Miami to Ushuaia and kept everything in a bubble. There will hopefully be a lot more information with the next season.
  19. Thanks Peregrina! I know about the Vikings Expedition thread, and have posted in it myself a time or two, but it was a time sensitive issue (only two cabins left!) and I was hoping a title thread would get more eyes since more people follow the forum than just the Expeditions thread. Long shot either way since the ship is so new. She ended up grabbing 3042 which became open later in the day, but that may present its own set of problems with it being the last in the hallway with what looks like a very closely adjacent elevator. She will just continue to monitor in the hopes something else will open up as people cancel.
  20. Hi all, A friend is considering joining us on our Octantis voyage, and the only cabins left are 3000 and 3001. She was worried about possible noise from the Explorer's Lounge above, but I think The Shelter may provide more of a problem in those cabins? In the deck plan and the photo I found, there's clearly a door from the corridor out to The Shelter that may well be on the same wall as the cabins. We were on Star's maiden voyage, and I distinctly remember the folks in similar cabins up on Deck 8 were beside themselves with the door slamming and their beds shaking each time. I assume Viking fixed that since you don't really hear about it anymore, but it looks like it could be the same situation on Octantis? I guess I'm just asking if anyone here has been in one of those cabins and if it was a problem, and also if anyone in that general hall area was bother by the Explorer's Lounge above.
  21. Not firsthand experience since we're not going until December, but somewhere (here most likely) I was looking at pictures from one of last season's Octantis cruises and they were doing a polar plunge. Obviously it's weather and conditions permitting, but that would indicate that if they have people interested they will make an effort to get it done.
  22. We just got off Eurodam. We had aft balconies on Deck 6, and loved them. I think the only bad deck might be 8 since it’s under the aft pool. There is window washing equipment, but that only seems to affect the wrap around suites on Deck 4
  23. We used the Verifly fast lane last week and it went a lot faster than the regular line until the two groups in front of us turned out not to have Verifly done at all, were in the wrong lane, and had to dig out all their paperwork. We had to open our Verifly app and our ArriveCAN apps and show them both. Keep that ArriveCan code handy because you will need to fill out two forms a couple of days into the cruise, a Canadian Immigration form and another form with your ArriveCan code and signature.
  24. This is so true. We disembarked Celebrity Edge on Sunday the 10th, and our traveling companion started feeling unwell on the flight home and tested positive that night. DH and I tested negative, but decided to isolate just in case. Two days later, we both woke up with symptoms and he tested positive immediately. Me, negative. Another test two days later, still negative with symptoms. Two days after that, I went out for a PCR and it was negative too. We both feel fine now, and DH went out for a PCR after he tested negative on his home test on Day 9. Positive. Did I have Covid? Three antigen and one PCR test say no, but I was sick and shared a bed and a car with a positive and shared many meals with a second positive. There's so much we just don't know about how all this works, but I think my viral load was just too low? Didn't keep me from feeling crappy though.
  25. We just returned from the behind the scenes tour on Edge, which was worth every penny, and I was really amazed to find out it’s NOT one big MDR galley like I think they have on M and S class. Each of the four restaurants has their own galley. We started walking through the Normandie galley, exited, and then went through Tuscan. Our guide said that the galleys were identical upstairs, but up there was also the pastry galley, where they hand make all the breads 24/7. I wanted to ask if they had a dumbwaiter to shuttle menu items at least up/down, but I didn’t get the chance. The crew/service lifts were right there though. Each of the two galleys we toured had a line where the waiters line up to grab their dishes, and there were pictures of each dish. Each station along the line prepared two plates at a time. It was a lot different than other galley tours I’ve done on M & S class ships. We didn’t see any galleys or areas that prepared for Blu, Eden, etc., and I got kind of turned around as to where everything was. Not helpful for the original question, I know, but certainly a plug for the two hour tour! Talk around the ship seems to be that some people have had no problem ordering from other dining rooms and some have been told it wasn’t possible. Maybe some waiters weren’t okay with grabbing items from a galley on a different floor?
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