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  1. DW and I both use CPAP. I bring a 10 ft extension cord (not a power strip or it may get confiscated) with multiple outlets. The cord on one machine reaches from one side of the bed to the other. Plug both into extension and then that to the outlet on the desk. We have used the "high voltage cable" they provide in the past and just no way to not have it in the way.
  2. I may be mistaken but thought this was a 100% vaccinated cruise. So, no kids under 12 I would think.
  3. So, has anyone had a crab meal in town anywhere? If so, where and how was it?
  4. Wife and I both use a CPAP. The only outlet I could ever find was behind the TV on the wall. I asked for a ship supplied extension cord the first time we took the machines and got an extra long, very heavy duty power cord. Always in the way and a trip hazard. Since then we always carry our own cord (either 8 or 10 ft can't remember which). If you ask the room steward he can get water for you also..
  5. Think maybe some are jumping the gun. This is not to allow the restart of cruising as we wish it was but rather, as it says in the very start of the document, to allow cruise lines ".....to conduct one or more simulated voyages or restricted passenger voyages under a COVID-19 Conditional Sailing Certificate...... " So this looks like the rules to test how things might work if the cruise lines are allowed to go back to business as usual. It appears there are a lot of sticking points for the cruise lines and for the ports that are going to have to be negotiated before anything really happens.
  6. Or just book another cruise, such as the TA for Nov on the Island Princess.
  7. Had a cruise set for March that was cancelled two days before sailing. Took option one and fare and "bonus" was deposited in the holding account. Plus, there was double deposit in my account as fcc. Second cruise was cancelled before final payment and double deposit into my account as fcc. Whether this is the way it should have happened, I don't know. I am ☺ with the outcome.
  8. Are the funds in the holding account not FCC? That's where all the money from my first cancelled cruise, which was cancelled after final payment, was placed. The only "FCC" I received was from the deposits on that cruise and the second cancelled cruise.
  9. Interesting that it can't be used for port fees and taxes when the refund I received included port fees and taxes I paid on the cancelled cruise. Hmmm. How does that work?
  10. Oh, and one other thing, the bulk of the FCC and bonus refund from selecting option one does not show in the My Account section. It is in a "hidden account". (this is for me. I assume it is the same for others but obviously don't know that for sure) When you book your next cruise the TA just needs your Captain's Circle number and that money can then be accessed. So just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. (Whew, had me worried for a bit when I didn't see it)
  11. I spent almost an hour yesterday with a very nice lady getting all the refunds and extras sorted out. When it came to the Onboard Credits section of My Account we had one item listed as FCD in the amount of "$15.00 (USD) to $150.00 (USD)". This is the OBC we will get depending on the length of cruise we book. This was OBC we got from purchasing a FCC on board during the last cruise we were able to take. It had been applied to a cruise cancelled this past spring and is now back in our account for use on the next cruise. So, not really lost just didn't call it what I was expecting.
  12. Most of the reputable tour companies rely on cruisers for the bulk, if not all, of their business. If they don't take care of their customers by getting you back on time their business will go away. Try checking in on the roll call for your cruise and hook up with fellow travellers to find the reputable companies.
  13. I m eliglble for military obc. If I book a b2b2b do I get the credit for each cruise?
  14. We have done a number of TAs on Princess and RC and are thinking about one on HAL for April next year. Wondering about how much activity there is for sea days. If you have done a TA on HAL and other I would appreciate any comparisons you can make.
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