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  1. Movie buff, Like you we seem to bond more with straight couples than with fellow gay passengers. I don't know why this happens. We sail mostly on Seabourn and it just works out that way. That said, we have made some great gay friends as well.
  2. tv24, I don't know what it is about Seabourn but somehow we never fail to meet many people with whom we dine and even share time in ports. No-one seems to care if you are gay or straight and on the rare occasion where such a fellow passenger exists I just ignore him.
  3. Luxury is about far more than how luxurious the suite is. Unless you plan never to leave your suite you will have to deal with thousands of other passengers on NCL. A line like Seabourn where there are only 450 to 600 passengers in total offers luxury everywhere aboard including caviar when and where you want it, crew that addresses you by your name, no charge alternative restaurants and the ability to get into smaller more interesting ports where NCL couldn't possibly go.
  4. Nd perhaps you should give Cunard the pleasure of your business where the dress code is even more stringent. The whole point here is that one should feel comfortable without being offensive.
  5. For that I would offer SS a chance for me to fill out their survey.
  6. Does SS offer you anything in return for completing the survey? If not why should anyone waster their time?
  7. The exterior looks superb, rivals that of Scenic Eclipse and much more interesting then Crystal Endeavor.
  8. Regent is the worst offender regarding incessant mailings. Seabourn isn't nearly as bad. And you got great advice from Host Dan. Why put yourself through the stress of trying to get information when your TA can take care of it for you?
  9. My question is why do you want to try a luxury cruise line with kids? Most luxury cruise lines have absolutely no diversions for children and they will be very bored. That leaves you, as the parent, to be the one in charge of their amusement and behavior for the entire cruise. Are you willing to give up you own enjoyment for the sake of keeping your children occupied so that they don't annoy the other passengers?
  10. The problem, at least for me, is that once you leave the Haven you are on a ship with thousands of other passengers and feeling luxury is gone. I'd much rather sail on a small ship where luxury is the norm throughout. jmo.
  11. In general you will not get a demographic of people on their 20s on any luxury cruise line. Of course, there will always be some passengers in that age range but mostly you will find people upwards of 50. BUT luxury lines do attract a sophisticated group of people who have travelled a lot and have interesting lives. They can be lots of fun to interact with so I wouldn't eliminate any line simply because of the age factor. I happen to love Seabourn because of their small ships which can enter ports larger ships cannot, the food, the service and the contemporary ambience. An other thing to consider is the itinerary. The shorter the cruise the more likely it will attract younger people who are still working and cannot take more time off. And where yo are going should also factor into the decision. After all, you are cruising to see places.
  12. Seafood, Produce And Meat, All Locally Obtained - Tantalizing! What would be the acronym? SPAM?
  13. I'm curious which cruise line you would consider that has a stricter dress code.
  14. But they were drowning in black tie!!!! That would have passed muster on these dress code boards!!!
  15. If the above posts are accurate then I stand corrected.
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