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  1. Called CR and got someone fairly quickly. She put me on hold for several minutes but then came back and said that the only offers they have for us are our annuals. Bummer. Not that I have the time to really take any more this summer anyway. Just wanted to make sure we weren't missing something that we should have.
  2. I love Star Class but Dan really doesn't. He dislikes the constant interruptions from deliveries and the phone seems to never stop ringing. He would much prefer just being in an Owner's Suite and having the UDP. We've had great Genies and some that weren't all that great but I've never had a bad SC experience. Truth be told, I've never had a bad cruise, period. We found that the Genie was really more "helpful" on Anthem than on any of the O class cruises. There are just more activities (North Star, bumper cars, etc.) where having a Genie really made a difference. I prefer the suites on the O class but really appreciated the Genie more on the Q class.
  3. Only Star Class get the complimentary drinks in their suite. Sky Class can go to the Suites Lounge and get them but not delivered to their suite.
  4. I have stayed in the ATS a number of times and the view is absolutely spectacular...but realize that the ATS are very isolated relative to the Suites Lounge and the Coastal Kitchen. It is a LONG walk to get all the way aft. While I do recommend the ATS for their very special amenities, I also no longer do the ATS b/c of their isolation. I much prefer to be on Deck 17. If I had a choice between the ATS or the RLS, it's a no-brainer. The RLS would win every time !
  5. With the Cruise With Confidence Program, you can cancel your cruise up to 48 hours prior to cruising and get a 100% Future Cruise Credit. You would not lose your deposit. If you want a cash refund, then yes...your only option is to wait and hope they cancel.
  6. Interesting article but it left out some important information. As @sandebeach mentioned, nothing about whether this plan has been approved, and nothing about whether Florida is openly accepting cruise pax (no quarantine, etc.) or whether the Bahamas have agreed to accept cruise pax. You can probably assume that all of this has been authorized, but nothing in the article mentions these "outside" factors.
  7. We have done it both ways. If you combine the offers, it raises you up 1 stateroom category level (in your case you would be eligible for a JS if you combine). Then you still have the option to upgrade from the JS to a full suite of any category. Personally, we have found that upgrading each of the individual offers (in your scenario, doing the B2B), to be a better value than combining the offers and upgrading. In 2019 we upgraded each of our offers to Star Class and did B2B SC on Anthem. It was a great bargain.
  8. Ours are there now. They weren't earlier this morning.
  9. My understanding is that if the cruise is a complimentary or casino rate booking it cannot be L&S’ed but if it is just a normal booking (no discounts) made through Club Royale, it can be.
  10. The only real ++ for the ATS are the view and the balcony, IMO. It is worth doing once. I would not do the 1 BR ATS unless you can get deck 11. For decks 12 and 14, the balconies are waaaytoo small and the balcony advantage is pretty much negated. Since the 1 BR ATS are add-ons from the original design on Allure and Oasis, the bathroom ceilings are very low. If you have anyone in your family much above 6' in height, it may prove to be a problem. I agree that the walk all the way aft is a major detractor but I also do not care for the stairs in the loft suites so it's a wash there, for me. I definitely prefer the 17th floor but I would encourage anyone who has an interest to check out the ATS once just so that they can say they did !! We did 1, 1 BR ATS and 3, 2 BR ATS but now we steer clear of the ATS area. I feel that the Genie service in the AT suites is negatively affected due to the isolation of those suites. I have received much better Genie service when I have been on 17. Of course, that isn't a factor for the 1 BR ATS.
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