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  1. Mario is a nice guy and usually very approachable but I have also noticed that he can be moody. My guess is that you caught him at one of those moments when he didn’t feel like making conversation.
  2. ...and now they're making noises about Moderna having excessive adverse affects. Seems like Pfizer is trying to take out its competition.
  3. If the offers are just $$$ off then I don’t feel too bad about not getting any offers. Thanks for sharing that info.
  4. Mario is not homeless. He has a condo in south Florida so he's doing just fine, I'm sure.
  5. Of course, nobody really knows how it's going to work when they finally start cruising again....but pre-COVID, you could not make specialty dining reservations prior to boarding if you purchased the UDP. Basically, you are getting a reduced cost in exchange for the restriction of having to wait until you board to book. The only exception to this rule was if you are in a full suite (GS or higher). Then, if you have the UDP you could get the Suites Concierge to book your specialty dining prior to boarding...but who knows if that is still going to be the case going forward.
  6. I have had similar bad luck with choosing seats. I couldn't even reserve First Class for our trip from MIA-BGI. I only had a choice of coach and could not choose seats...and if I try and go online to AA I also see "pending" as status and cannot choose seats. I will probably end up booking on my own once the itins for our 20 Feb 2022 are released and cancelling the A2S rezzies. At least I have SOMEthing for now.
  7. Pre-COVID the RCCL Visa OBC $$ would appear about 7-10 days before the cruise for which they were redeemed. Who knows how it's going to work now. But to answer your question, yes, you will have SOME time to use that $$ prior to boarding and you can use it for purchases in the Cruise Planner.
  8. We also are on Vitamin D and Zinc, but we have been taking those for years.
  9. We are on HCQ as a prophylaxis and will not take any of the mRNA "vaccines" under any circumstances. If we are forced to, in order to cruise, we will consider taking the J&J vaccine (at least it is a real vaccine) but will hold out as long as we can. If others just understood that WE are the safest people in the room, as the virus cannot survive in our bodies....but few do.
  10. We are in the same "boat". We have never even come close to qualifying for Signature...but we are table game players and it's really hard unless you are a big wager-er....which we are not. I think it's easier for slots players but with any gambling, it's a matter of your throughput. The more you wager on each "pull" the faster your points add up. I don't have any delusions of ever being Signature.
  11. EEK ! Sorry, but that carpet leading into the MDR is hideous....and a terrible clash with the video art on the walls.
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