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  1. We have 101 days booked in 2021, all in suites. We have 14 suite-days booked in December but I don't expect those to sail. Of course, I realize that some or all of the 2021 sailings might not happen, either. We just have to move forward and hope for the best ! IF they all sail (doubtful), we would make P on our May Serenade Alaska trip. If not then, my hope is that we achieve P before our Ovation NZ/TP in April 2022. We're only in a JS on those cruises and while I understand that P amenities can be adjusted on the long cruises, it will still be nice to be "in the club".
  2. I do the same thing all the time....very easy mistake to make !
  3. I actually don’t know the answer to that question. I have always upgraded our casino comp offers. I know there was a battle a couple of years ago when CR tried to deny double points for casino comp suite upgrades and CR reversed their decision. I am anticipating 4X points for our casino comp suite upgrades. I guess we’ll find in Feb when my first casino comp Suite upgrades come around.
  4. Ditto. Fast track for us....assuming everything sails that we have booked. Most likely some of the early ones will get cancelled.
  5. This is great news ! I am on the 12-31-21 Symphony (thank you, Empress) and I was wondering if they would count the days that extended into 2022. Thank you !
  6. I haven't had a great hot rocks experience, either. I find it almost impossible to cook the vegetables adequately. Truthfully, you might as well just eat them raw. I have found the whole experience to be more trouble than it's worth. I love the other options at Izumi so I always have plenty to eat but I do not order the hot rocks anymore.
  7. I've never seen any other discount combined with a casino rate.
  8. Certainly that’s possible...but I specifically asked if there were any additional discounts that could be added (this was early-on in our discussion- before he “found a better price”) and he said “no”. It wasn’t exactly $100 either. No idea but it could have been a balcony discount.
  9. We both got the snail mail offers yesterday, which are just duplicates of the online offers. I called and booked B2B NAV sailings since our offers were only for shorty cruises. I normally don't book those but by then we will be living in FL so it will be much easier (and cheaper) than flying. What was notable, however, was that the agent that helped us actually "found us a better deal" while I was on the phone with him. He said that, based on my cruise history and C&A status, they were able to give me a bigger discount than what had been offered at first. It wasn't that much - just an additional $100 off the upgrade (we upgraded ocean view rooms to GS). That is the FIRST time in all of these years, that I have ever had a casino agent mention a WORD about C&A status or cruise history (aside from the obvious, casino play history). So maybe, like Marc, they had some kind of tactic upgrade going on. Who knows.
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