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  1. Yes the main production shows were at 8 and 10pm when we were on the Enchanted in June. Shows lasted about 45 minutes if I remember correctly. No pre-booking, we had no trouble finding seats for the 8pm show. Also, we never made dining reservations (except for the Crown Grill) and never waited for a table. Plenty of other shows and many seemed to be offered at two different times each night. We loved our Med cruise on the Enchanted (Rome to Athens). Enjoy!
  2. Well I just looked over those guides and had no idea Elia was concerned nudist or even gay. I saw a total of two topless woman but thought that was normal in Europe. There were plenty of families and children with sand pails playing on the beach in front of me. Hope you have a nice time whatever you decide.
  3. I was on Elia beach on June 30 and had no problem getting a lounger for myself. They are usually set up in twos with one umbrella, I was by myself and didn’t even have to share. €35. They had nice bathrooms too. Where I was dropped off I walked left towards the center of the beach because it was quieter than to the right. There was music but not blaring. It’s a nice beach, the sand and water were lovely. I didn’t eat at the restaurant but had a freddo cappuccino (iced coffee) for €5.50.
  4. The Mediterranean is beautiful. If summer is when you can go then maybe try for early-mid June which might not be quite as hot as July/August. Also be prepared. I discovered the benefits of linen on my recent Mediterranean cruise. I usually wear cotton capris and t’s while touring but bought a pair of linen capris for this trip and what a difference they made. (The air seems to flow through them and no sweating at the waistline. TMI?) I was so glad Princess had self laundry’s, I washed them several times and have now purchased two additional pairs for a trip to France next summer. I also enjoyed doing the Mediterranean on a cruise because when I got back to the ship each afternoon I was able to spend an hour or so cooling off in the pool before dinner.
  5. Just off the Enchanted Princess but the Rome to Athens leg. We had one formal night (on Monday, our only sea day) and one called “dress to impress” which was two nights later after a half-day port stop. I wore black wide-leg chiffon pants both nights and a different dressy top each night. My sons wore suits w/ties. Many people were dressed up and I saw many more tuxedos than I expected. I thought it was nice. Also, it was nice to have a formal picture taken all dressed up. It did seem like not as many people participated the second night.
  6. I just returned from a Med cruise with my two young adult sons. They got in the habit of stopping by my cabin every evening around 9:30-10pm so we could go down to the IC for our “second dessert”. They also really discovered espresso on this trip and enjoyed going down first thing in the morning for a shot. Such nice memories now.
  7. I did a California Coastal last April and we met in the theater for excursions in SF, Santa Barbara (tender) and San Diego. I did not take an excursion in Ensenada.
  8. Thank you all this is what we will do. We each have a phone and I also bring an iPad mini because it’s easier for me to read on the larger screen so 4 devices will work nicely. And now they will have no excuse for not knowing my bd. Still laughing traveling.sisters
  9. I will be on the Enchanted next month (7 day cruise) with my two adult sons. They are in the cabin next to mine. If we buy three 1-device plans at $105. each the total is $315. Can I buy the multi-device (up to 4 devices) plan which is $280. total and share with them even though they are in separate cabin? Will it work? Any drawbacks?
  10. We’re on the Enchanted Princess from Rome to Athens in June and have two pre-nights booked through Princess in Rome. We arrive at 7:45am on a Thursday and sail at 7pm on Saturday. On arrival we plan to take our bags to hotel and just explore on our own - Pantheon, Trevi, Spanish Steps, etc. On Friday we have a morning tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill booked with Walks of Italy. May do Borghese Gallery in afternoon. On Saturday we have an early entry (7:15am-11:15am) tour of the Vatican also booked with Walks of Italy. A few questions: do we need to or can we pre-book entry into the Pantheon on Thursday afternoon? does anyone have any recent experience with Walks of Italy? (I had thought to book Through Eternity Tours but Walks offered a cash refund up to 24-hrs before so I went with them.) best way to get Borghese tickets? our two hotel nights are booked through Princess so they provide transfers but nothing I have shows what time we will leave for the port on Saturday. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you for your responses, I found them both very helpful. Glad to hear that water levels shouldn’t be a problem on this river. One less thing to worry about considering the cost of these trips! I just got done booking a late June sailing on the Buri, northbound, that will put me in Lyon on Fri/Sat and the 2-night pre-cruise extension in Aix. I was able to use the link you provided, pontac, to tour the ship (I had seen it but assumed it was particular to the name of the ship in the first picture.) I too like the look of the decor and can’t wait to see it in person. A good point to check air routings. My home airport is CLE so no direct flights to either city. (I can usually fly to Europe one stop through NY, but it looks like this one is two stops either way to/from either city. Ugh!)
  12. I’m thinking of taking my first river cruise and am interested in this itinerary but have a few questions: 1) I’ve read about water level issues but most refer to the Rhine and Danube, does the Rhône have similar issues? I’m looking at a late June (2024) sailing. 2) Does it make a difference if I select northbound or southbound? I prefer northbound because I’d like to do the 2-night Aix-En-Provence extension pre-cruise. I have taken several coach tours in Europe and I always go a day or two early but never stay longer, when it’s over I’m usually ready to go home. 3) The ships I’m looking at are the Buri or the Delling, any differences between the two? They appear identical, is that true of decor too? If you’ve sailed either one, your impressions? 4) The two dates I’m looking at have different start dates (Sunday or Wednesday), one would put me in Aix and Lyon on Fridays and Saturdays and the other on Mondays and Tuesdays, is one better than the other. I’m thinking it would be nicer on the weekends? 5) How is the lavender the last two weeks of June. I’m not planning to take a separate tour but would I see it while traveling around to/from the ship, on excursions? Thanks so much for any help you can give me!
  13. sboh

    Amalfi coast

    I’m planning a Mediterranean cruise for next June. I’ll be in Naples from 7am-6pm. I’ve already been to Pompeii so would like to see the Amalfi coast on this trip. I’ve been looking at italytoursharing.com based on a recommendation on this board. They have a tour that stops in Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. They also have tours that stop in Sorrento first then two of the three towns so: Sorrento-Positano-Ravello or Sorrento-Positano-Amalfi or Sorrento-Amalfi-Ravello Is it worth skipping a stop in one of the three towns to add Sorrento? If so, which would you skip and why? Would the drive be very different?
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