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  1. Thank-you for posting these pictures. I’m sailing on the Coral next May and this is the excursion I’m thinking of taking. I’ve been to Skagway before (have done the train and a helicopter landing on a glacier) and was looking for something different and I love the scenery in your pictures. I also use my iPhone SE, how did you take the pictures with the telescopic lens?
  2. I probably should have mentioned that I am sailing eastbound from Vilshoven to Budapest. I may skip going into the Parliament (because it requires a timed entry ticket) and just do the included morning tour and then go to the baths. That way I could still do an evening river cruise since we are docked overnight. I disembark the next morning. A quick look at Budapest but that’s okay with me for now. Thanks.
  3. I’m doing Avalon’s Danube Dreams cruise next September. Can anyone who has done this excursion describe it-basically what you saw, how long it lasted and about what time it got done. CLASSIC EXCURSION Enjoy a Guided City Sightseeing, including the iconic Heroes’ Square. I’m starting to look at options for my free time in the afternoon, so far thinking of taking the 45-minute tour of the Parliament building (will need to book a specific time slot) and taking in the Szechenyi thermal baths. Also, I’m assuming an evening cruise on the Danube to see the lights wouldn’t be necessary since we’re docking overnight, right?
  4. Thank-you so much for this wonderful review. I am doing this cruise in June on the Buri and really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your comments. My first time on Viking so seeing the menus was helpful to me. I will probably read this several more times before I leave. BTW, I signed up for the Pont du Gard and Lyon culinary optional tours. I will probably skip the Lyon winery tour as I’m not much of a drinker. I think I will visit the resistance museum that morning. Thank-you again!
  5. notamermaid thank-you for your excellent information! I’ve never even seen the Danube so it’s nice to have your insights.
  6. Good to know that it is easy to get into the city from the ship. I’ve ridden trams in other European cities and enjoy them. I’ve never been to Vienna so prefer to do the first Classic excursion listed to see the Opera House and St. Stephen’s etc. I also do want to do the optional to Schonbrunn in the afternoon so I think I’ll book the October departure that would put me in Vienna on a Thursday when the museum is open late in case I don’t get there during the day I can go on my own in the evening. I do know the room the painting is in. It’s the Vermeer, I’ve seen all of his paintings except three so hate to miss this one. I’m sure it would be included on the other Classic excursion but I didn’t want to spend the whole morning tour on the museum. So much to see…
  7. Am considering an Avalon Danube river cruise for next Fall (Budapest to Vilshofen), can go September, October or November-would one of these months be preferable based on historic water levels?
  8. Hello. I am thinking about booking Avalon’s Danube Dreams river cruise for next year. It spends one day in Vienna. I am interested in doing their included classic excursion (described below) which is in the morning and the optional excursion to Schonbrunn Palace which is 3&1/2 hours, presumably in the afternoon. CLASSIC EXCURSION Explore the Habsburg empire with a morning Guided City Tour of Vienna’s gilded landmarks. See the Imperial Palace complex—Winter residence of the Imperial Family, the iconic Vienna Opera House and stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral. You may decide to take a Guided Optional Excursion to Schönbrunn Palace—the former imperial summer home of the Habsburg monarchy. There is a painting in the Kunsthistorisches Museum I would really like to see. If I did both excursions, do you think I would have time to stop in the museum too, which is open until 6pm. I realize it is a hugh museum with a wonderful collection but I only have the one day in Vienna and am trying to prioritize what I want to see/do. I had thought to book in September but there are two departures that would put me in Vienna on a Thursday when the museum is open until 9pm (and offers a single supplement waiver). (They also offer an evening concert in Vienna so I’m assuming the ship will be in port late that day): October 10 which is westbound or November 3 which is eastbound How would either of these dates compare to sailing in September? (water level? weather? daylight?) Is westbound or eastbound preferable? I will be booking the lowest level on the ship.
  9. I really enjoyed reading your review and seeing your beautiful pictures. I’m starting to think about visiting Australia and New Zealand and debating between a coach tour and cruise. I was afraid if I chose a cruise I wouldn’t see enough of the natural beauty of New Zealand but your pictures have convinced me otherwise.
  10. Hi! I’m doing the 7-day New England/Canada cruise in October and hadn’t planned anything for Boston since I’ve been there before but the Lexington Concord trip looks interesting and I love history and haven’t been there. Thanks for posting that. Can I ask what excursion you did in Acadia? I was there many years ago on a family trip (did Cadillac Mountain on a picture perfect day!). I’ve signed up for the walking tour in the park but I’m not sure it will be enough. It sounds like it sticks to the carriage roads so I’m not sure we’ll see any shoreline so I’m rethinking my choice. Thanks!
  11. I recently had to change my email address because I switched my internet provider at home and my old email was through my old cable company. I called the Princess #800 number and they were able to change it for me. It only took a few minutes. When I logged in with my new email all my bookings were there.
  12. I did the beach excursion through the ship, it cost $39. When I researched this trip I looked into booking a cab to a beach through Welcome Pickups but it would have cost more than that to go one way and since I was going to the beach by myself it made sense to use the ship’s excursion. If the three of us had gone I might have booked the cab. I believe it was called Elia beach.
  13. Thank-you all. I’m booked in 111 on the Buri for Avignon to Lyon. I was able to save a few dollars by booking first cabin in F category right next to E category cabin. (Traveling solo and have to pay almost double so every bit helps.) Looking forward to my first river cruise.
  14. If I book a standard cabin (bottom level) does it make a difference if I’m on the side of the ship below the veranda cabins or the French balcony cabins? Is there any difference in the rooms at all. In other words is cabin 110 exactly the same as cabin 111? (I’m doing the Avignon to Lyon itinerary on the Buri.)
  15. How can you tell if the pictures are current? I was looking at some (free) for the Sapphire Princess and they sure looked outdated… ok I think I figured it out…I was looking at the “old site” assuming it was the free one. I was able to look at the pictures/videos on the “new site” for free and they seem to have dates
  16. I love Eggs Benedict so I usually go to the MDR twice during a week-long cruise to have them. Not on the menu but you can order any day. I don’t mind the buffet especially if I have an early morning excursion. If the weather is nice I like to take my food to the outside area at the back, there is coffee available there too.
  17. Thank-you for your review. Doing this itinerary next October and looking forward to it! Need to start thinking about shore excursions…
  18. In addition to the small sofa (love seat) in the Deluxe Balcony category you have a shower rather than the tub/shower combo in the Mini-Suite. I prefer the step-in shower.
  19. I was on the Enchanted earlier this summer and our second formal night was called “dress to impress”. I’m glad it wasn’t gold and white.
  20. Sorry you had a bad experience on Mykonos. We were in Mykonos in June on a port stop and had a wonderful time. I went to the beach and thought it was one of the nicest beach experience I have ever had. The sand, the water, just lovely. I didn’t eat there, just ordered an iced coffee (€5.50). My two adult sons went to Delos then stopped in Mykonos town for a coffee and to wander a bit before returning to the ship. We would have been disappointed if we had stayed on the ship.
  21. We were on the Enchanted in June. Saw more tuxedos than I expected but also many in slacks and button down/polo shirts. We dressed up and enjoyed it. Also, noticed more dressed up on first formal night than second.
  22. I have no idea what the best time to embark is but I think we arrived about 2pm (we spent two nights in Rome pre-cruise and did an early entry Vatican tour that morning) and were able to get a bite to eat in the buffet. Gigi’s was probably open too.
  23. I remember the trays too. I do like that they have the silverware wrapped in napkins on the tables, makes it easier since you don’t have a tray.
  24. That is what we did in June. Except for the Crown Grill one night we ate in the MDRs every night and never made a reservation. After being in port we usually like to cool off in the pool for a bit before getting cleaned up for dinner so we probably went down anywhere from 5:30-7pm and never had to wait.
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