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  1. If you have booked or transferred a booking to a Travel agent are you still able to book airfare through Carnival’s Fly2Fun program? TIA.
  2. First time staying in a suite with access to the Suite Lounge. Is there a dress code during the day for the lounge? Are shorts acceptable?
  3. We did not do Royal Up as the difference was just slightly over what the lowest bid would have been. We started as a GTY suite, didn’t like the room assigned so we went to Grand and then decided why not and went to an Owners. We sail 9/24.
  4. Is there a separate dining area for breakfast and lunch for suite guests?
  5. Just upgraded to an Owners Suite on Mariner of the Seas. This is our first time being in anything more than a Junior Suite. What can we expect? Thanks
  6. Thank you. Upon further review of the package looks like you are correct, already includes surf and stream.
  7. If I purchase a soda and Voom Surf package am I able to upgrade when on the ship to Voom Surf and Stream or do I need to just order the soda and internet separately? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. We like many of you have had several cruises cancel and therefore have FCC. Is there a way to find out what the original amount of FCC was given. We have rebooked but there is a discrepancy in what we owe after FCC applied.
  9. Going on Sun March 13. Does anybody know who is the current concierge and butler?
  10. Booked through Viator who the contracted with Bahtours for a private excursion "Bus for Half Day". We made arrangements to meet at 9 am and after calling them we were finally picked up after 10 am. They did not bring a bus or even a van but a junk car with windows in the back that weren't there or wouldn't go up. The seats were wet and smelled like mildew.When we got out of the car our clothes were so dirty and smelled that we went back to the ship and threw them in the trash. The driver said she was going to send me a coupon for a free tour by text but we have never received it. We are currently disputing this with our credit card but wanted to warn others.
  11. Thank you. On our first Princess cruise in July. Looking forward to it.
  12. Can you tell me the price for the cabanas in the Sanctuary? Thank you very much.
  13. I have a special needs child who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which manifests very similar to Autism. I have done non group cruise with Autism on the Seas and have determined that everything they did for us we could do on our own by contacting special needs. The special Needs Dept can arrange for expedited boarding, alternative safety drill and can help with dietary needs. As far as Camp Carnival, meet with the lead counselor the first day and let them know about your child. They will have you fill out a form and then you can all decide what is right for your child. If you do decide to use Camp Carnival, you'll be given a phone for you to contact them and for them to contact you. We have never had a y problems with Carnival. Enjoy your cruise.
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