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  1. Thanks for your replies. 


    Mum 2 Mercury- I think your suggestions are most in line with my own ideas..but I could never manage on 3 pairs of shoes..I will probably increase other items too.


    Crystalspin- I couldn’t get my head around capsule wardrobes either. You are doing well to manage with carry on cases. We have Elite laundry so could use that but I am more likely to use the wash hand basin, then the iron in the laundry room.


    Think I am a lost cause…am on 8 pairs of footwear , three pairs of trousers, six blouse type tops and twelve mixed dresses for evening..formal and smart casual. Three day bottoms, eight day tops and four day dresses. Miscellaneous underwear , night wear and four swimming costumes with two beach dresses and two sarongs, a cardigan, hoodie and outer jacket as we will be travelling from colder climes to warm.


    It sounds even worse now I have typed it !!!


    I know I should cut back but not getting my head around it !!

  2. Have done several cruises of 14-18 days. This year we are doing our first 26 day cruise, (with pre and post stays) from Sydney, in March. I have always been a chronic over packer and am now stating to think what I should pack. Looking for suggestions how to cut back, but be suitably attired for Princess. 


    Thank you.

  3. I was going to use OBC to purchase once we were onboard, but today’s post showing an increase has made me look into this. I have phoned Princess, as my Travel Agent wasn’t really much help. They greeted me as Elite, but said the personaliser shows first time cruiser and it would take 3-5 days to correct it….Argh !!!


    I will ring again tomorrow in the hope I am answered by a slightly more informed Princess Rep. We pay in GBPs but ‘add ons’ are usually in US dollars..so it’s all most confusing. 


    Whatever the cost, it’ll be cheaper for a day or so before the increase is applied.


    • I asked this question on general questions board and several people suggested I was wrong to ask it there and instead should post it here.:- 

    Have just read that Princess’ wi fi costs are about to increase from 22nd. January..giving only a few days to book it before increases.


    Please can anyone post the cost of wi fi in Australia for one device and confirm whether the Elite discount can be applied down under.

  5. On 12/28/2023 at 12:53 PM, david63 said:

    Just a silly question I know - but do they not sell water onboard Princess ships out of Australia?

    We have sailed out of Australia previously and been unable to order water packages. Cruise out of Australia in 2024 it is also proving impossible to order a crate of water. Some people are saying they have been able to order, but neither my travel agent or I have been able to make an order for water, from UK.

  6. On 12/19/2023 at 7:49 PM, juniper berries said:

    The reason you can not pre oder water is that water from the ship is not allowed in New zeland due to bio security rules.  The first port in New Zeland they check your bags before you are allowed to leave the ship. This happened pre covid  so not sure if it still what happens. We just got water once we where in New Zealand.

    Our cruise does not visit New Zealand, so does not apply !


    4 hours ago, Gwendy said:

    You can order water on P&O cruises in Australia.  Princess does it differently.  You can order water package on board 

    This would be interesting but don’t recall it being available last time we cruised from Sydney, on Princess.

  7. I tried to pre-order water pre Covid and again for 2024 but sadly not available on Australian cruises. I asked on these boards about carrying bottled water on board or sending a case through with luggage, and had a variety of answers. I didn’t try last time as we couldn’t face lugging a tray. Didn’t notice anyone sending a tray through with luggage or carrying any through. Some answers have said it is possible to pre order on some Australian cruises..but definitely not showing available on ours.

  8. 1 hour ago, beg3yrs said:


    I think the OP is just surprised that there even is a surcharge and is wanting to understand. I remember my first visit to Oz and learning about the fee. Good thing my hotel stay was on loyalty points!

    OP here.  Just to point out I am from UK where there is no charge for using Credit Cards, and having travelled with a ‘no transaction fee’ card, have not paid charges in USA, South America, Asia…and must have missed them on previous visits to Australia.(or maybe used cash!)


    On 12/6/2023 at 1:59 AM, Womble99 said:

    I don't get it? A society that believes in forced tipping balks at a meager CC surcharge? 🤷‍♂️

    Tipping is not excessive in UK..but sadly seems to be trying to follow USA in this regard. Credit Cards do not have surcharges here.

  9. On 12/5/2023 at 9:09 PM, coo359a2 said:

    Just off the Grand Princess.  Was also charged the 1.1% for credit card payment for New Zealand restaurant. The Meriton in Sydney also charges the fee if bill paid with credit card.

    That’s interesting to know.. cash is King, then !


    Although I suppose it doesn’t make that much difference when you have to convert Pounds to Aus. dollars, as we get a better exchange rate using credit cards.


    Maybe it’s all just swings and roundabouts !

  10. Just read a disembarkation notice on facebook, that someone posted from Australia.


    Maybe I am not very observant but hadn't noticed previously that there is a 1.1% charge for paying onboard folio by Credit card.  


    Is this something new ? Is it just in Australia ?


    I am wondering about removing credit card on penultimate cruise day and paying using cash prior to disembarkation, if this is the case.


    Anyone have any information ??



  11. Mine does not show the Wi Fi discount pre cruise, but last summer a visit to Guest Services sorted it within minutes..and we paid the price at 50% instead of having to fuss with OBC…of course if Princess does increase the price, that might be an issue.

  12. Some are made from fabric which shrinks when washed..becoming smaller and smaller. Others made from a different fabric don’t shrink. It appears to be the luck of the drawer. In GB there is no option to order in the personaliser, but asking the steward on embarkation has always done the trick for us.

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  13. We cruised from Sydney pre Covid. Had checked the taxi fare online before we travelled..was showing about $60 Australian at the time.


    When we arrived at the International Terminal, we took a taxi from the official taxi rank to an hotel in the Rocks area. (2 Adults with two large suitcases and two rollaboards)


    We were disappointed to find we were actually charged $120 Australian.  Was leaving the airport at about 8am on a wet, miserable day when traffic was slightly backed up…but this was double what we’d been told !!!

  14. On 11/13/2023 at 12:39 AM, txjim09 said:

    I looked into Princess transfers to the ship but the web site only mentioned airport pickup.  I asked a Princess person on a recent cruise who seemed to confirm that but I'm not sure they were well-informed.


    Princess uses the Sheraton and provides transfers to San Antonio..at least they did in 2018 which we used and saw offered at the hotel in 2023 when we booked the hotel and transfers independently..Princess’ prices are more expensive but we tend to use them for our first visit to a port. When we feel we know the ‘lay of the land’, we book independently.

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  15. We stayed a few nights in the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre in Santiago, then used a transfer to San Antonio organised by our travel agent with Southbound travels. Worked well for us. Certainly not the cheapest and have read about people using local buses but that wasn’t for us as we had heavy luggage. 

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