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  1. Coral Princess 29th Feb-26th March 2024. Steak on favourites menu every night- more than edible.
  2. It’s kind and considerate to others to set an alarm on your phone to make sure you are back by the time your wash or dry has finished. Or just take a book and sit there. I have seen many an angry passenger waiting for someone to empty their machine, and others removing clothes and moving them, to have access to machines.
  3. We try not to send out daily…every four/five days on our recent 26 night cruise. Separated colours and whites in different bags. We took photos of everything we were sending and wrote on the bag that we wanted a cool wash to avoid shrinkage. Took two/ three days as many elites on that cruise.
  4. Thanks for all your answers. Have returned from our 26 night cruise with pre and post cruise stays making 35 nights. I struggled to cut down on shoes and took eight pairs. However, I tried hard to avoid wearing all of them, as an experiment, and managed to use only five pairs. A lot more than many would take, but a target for me in the future. Many thanks.
  5. Thank you, this is what we thought..have not previously requested a kettle for Caribbean cruise, but after realising how much we enjoyed having one on the Australian cruise, thought I’d ask if anyone had managed to acquire one. As you said, asking the steward costs nothing. Thanks again.
  6. We disembarked Coral Princess, after a 26 night cruise around Australia, on 26th March. Still waiting for final folio…so glad I printed out a paper copy from the Folio Machine, on our last morning. Hope it syncs with credit card bill !!!!
  7. We have just returned from a ‘Round Australia’ cruise where we were able to request a kettle for our balcony cabin. We know we can use Room Service, International Cafe or take a thermos flask and grab some coffee from the buffet. For us, a kettle is most convenient for early morning and late evening coffee. Please can anyone advise whether this is possible on Caribbean cruises…Enchanted Princess especially. ? Many thanks.
  8. No way to order robes pre cruise for us in UK..at least I have never managed to find a box to tick! On meeting the steward, we give him/her a list of things we would appreciate..ice, wine glasses, robes, bar soap, paper Patters, no ‘Junk mail Effy/ Art Auction’ etc. All requests swiftly sorted. Robes on our last two cruises seem to be made of a different fabric..more like old fashioned crimplene, so don’t shrink. We tip cash when steward has gone over and above..which has been always on our 25+ cruises.
  9. Definitely a charge earlier this month(March 2024).sent to your cruise folio..AUD 25 pp. No one checked tour tickets in either direction though.
  10. Yes, as I mentioned in the original post, we have boarded just showing our passports..BUT..and this is the big but…we are NOT able to have medallions mailed to UK and I certainly do not want to face ISSUES, having flown half way around the World to Australia. We have boarded in Fort Lauderdale and San Antonio (South America) just showing passports….but I am a worrier…if Princess tell me I need QR codes for both of us, that is what I will have to travel. We now have a QR code each..just in case !!!!
  11. Checked in weeks ago, today was the day We were meant to access our QR. Codes for boarding. Have done this several times since Medallion was introduced. This time, app would only let me access mine..nothing for husband. Phoned Ocean Ready. Rep told me that we only needed one QR code as we are in the same cabin. That didn’t ring true at all. Phoned travel agent who said we needed a QR code each. She explained what we had to do, log out of my name, log in again with booking number rather than name…both QR codes appeared..not too difficult, even for a technophobe like me…..We have previously just boarded by showing passports, but being a long way from home, felt the need to have everything that was recommended. Why can’t call centre staff be trained to help rather than give incorrect information ?
  12. We are allowed to make one change to our bookings in UK..but at an admin cost of £100 per booking. Only useful if there is a big price reduction and you need to be careful that you keep any ‘perks’ .
  13. Just found where I read cans are included in Classic Soda Package.- from our personaliser. What is Included The package includes all, fountain sodas, and cans of soda and juices (excluding the fresh juice bar), mocktails, and smoothies as per the menu. The package may be used on our Private Islands and all onboard Food and Beverage Venues and other areas such as the Theater or public spaces that offer beverage service. Selections and service are limited to that venue’s menu offerings and operating hours. Package Details and Qualifications There is no age restriction for purchases of the Classic Soda Package. The Classic Soda Package is USD $14.99 per day plus 18% service charge (totaling $17.69 per day) for all itineraries except Australia. The package is AUD $23 per day which includes a service charge for all Australian based vessels. A tax may be added at the time of purchase for certain itineraries or ports of embarkation. You will be charged the full amount for the complete voyage at the time of purchase. The Classic Soda Package must be purchased for every day a passenger is sailing. Partial / Pro-Rated Packages or segments of a guest’s voyage are NOT accepted, although some exceptions may apply, such as the World Cruise. These exceptions, IF applicable, will be displayed in the Cruise Personalizer at the time of purchase. The package is offered onboard on day one and day two only. The package is NOT available for pre-purchase within 3 days of sailing. The package is NOT refundable or transferable once purchased onboard, and for advance purchased packages, NOT refundable or transferable within 3 days of sailing. Exclusions and Limitations Does NOT apply to bottled, specialty or premium coffees and teas, hot chocolate, ice-cream based drinks or any items offered in Retail Venues or Shops onboard. Can NOT be used for Mini Bar Items. Additionally, the package cannot offset the cost of, or be a substitution for, special or private events such as cocktail parties, wedding receptions or similar. Please contact Group Onboard Services for additional details or clarification. Souvenir Glassware is excluded but is available for an additional charge. Excludes and is not combinable with other Programs, Promotions, Onboard Specials, or Buy One Get One type offers, or food items for sale such as ice-cream etc. Not all exclusions or limitations can be foreseen or published here and may exist or be implemented without notice. The Classic Soda Package excludes all alcoholic items, nor does it provide a discount for any alcoholic drink. Terms and Conditions Packages may NOT be shared, are NON-transferable and NON-refundable. Only one beverage is allowed per guest per order, a time interval between orders may by applied by our point of sale system (POS) or in some instances, manually, at the discretion of the vessel. Orders are only accepted from and fulfilled for, guests whose name and folio number are assigned the package as reflected in our system. Shipboard management reserves the right to add additional restrictions or limitations, revoke or cancel the Classic Soda Package at any point during a Guests voyage for any reason with or without a prorated refund, including but not limited to guests who: Provide beverages to other guests or do NOT comply with the terms, conditions and limitations of the package. Have an account that reflects a pattern of consumption that is wasteful, excessive, or appears to violate the non-sharing policy. Princess Cruises may modify, amend or update the terms and conditions of our beverage packages at any time with or without notice to guests. The terms and conditions as published on princess.com on the date of sailing will apply. Pricing is subject to change without notice, and for vessels designated in a foreign currency, packages purchased in advance may vary from onboard pricing due to timing and currency fluctuations. Guests will NOT incur additional charges, nor be issued any credits or refunds for such currency variances.
  14. Ozwoody- Many thanks for your spreadsheet. Think I have read somewhere that the Classic Soda package now includes cans. It seemed to on our South American cruise this time last year..but we were always checking our folio, just in case! We weren’t charged extra on any occasion, over 18 days, but that might have been a fluke.🥫
  15. Thank you both..this was exactly the information I needed. Two cans and two mocktails would be $Aus 28..if the Classic Soda package is $23 , it would be worth getting that…Obviously for both of us. Relaxing Robbies- do you mean Zero mocktails with Diet Sprite or just non alcoholic cocktails ? Husband is diabetic so we struggled to find Zero sugar mocktails on last Princess cruise- they kept suggesting using soda water which isn’t so tasty. Thanks.
  16. That would save buying a (soft) drinks’ package on a longer cruise ! (2 people, 3 cans/mini alcohols a day = 120 cans /mini alcohols= 20 days) ?????
  17. Wondering whether to book a soft drink package on Coral Princess on Australian cruise. Please can anyone share the cost of both fountain and Cans of soft drinks, as well as mock tails ?? Many thanks.
  18. Thank you. We wouldn’t want to expect something we won’t have paid for. Besides, bartenders can probably see from medallion being close whether you have a package or not! Thanks for sharing though.
  19. Thank you..I knew you could carry a limited amount of water onboard as hand luggage..as this is a 26 day cruise, more interested in knowing whether slabs of water can be sent aboard with cases. If you don’t have either Plus or Premium package, what should you do??? Make friends with someone who does??????????????…
  20. I asked this question last time we cruised in Australia and received several different answers…we ended up just buying a soda package once on board. This question is for passengers who have recently cruised from OPT in Sydney. I know we can drink water from the ship’s taps so don’t need advice on that. There is no option to order bottles of water in my personaliser. Both TA and I have phoned Princess to try to order a water package. The only answer Princess UK come up with is you can order once on board…which I definitely don’t think is right. I read on another forum that people have sent slabs of water to their cabin with their luggage…is this still possible ?? We are travelling for 26 days and although we have Elite mini bar set up, think we’ll need additional water and too mean to order bottled water at a bar or from Room Service.
  21. Sherri - that sounds like a plan..and certainly closer to my thinking. Thanks very much. Happy Cruise. We are in Australia for 26 night cruise with a few days pre and post cruise in Singapore and Sydney Grammie K- I’m not quite up to a dozen for ten days….but could work on it !!! 👟👠👡🩴👟👠👡🩴
  22. Thanks, ladies.. I was hoping to read that some carry double figures of pairs of shoes….
  23. Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know the greatest number of pairs of shoes taken on a cruise. Being an over packer, I have asked for advice in packing shoes, but can’t seem to get my head around the sensible people saying 3-4 pairs.
  24. Thanks..not sure if I have seen them, hence the question. Probably not allowed to take coffee into Australia, so might need to find a supermarket there..or just take the flasks !! ☕️.
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