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  1. Thanks, ladies.. I was hoping to read that some carry double figures of pairs of shoes….
  2. Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know the greatest number of pairs of shoes taken on a cruise. Being an over packer, I have asked for advice in packing shoes, but can’t seem to get my head around the sensible people saying 3-4 pairs.
  3. Thanks..not sure if I have seen them, hence the question. Probably not allowed to take coffee into Australia, so might need to find a supermarket there..or just take the flasks !! ☕️.
  4. Have just been reading that kettles are available, on request, on Coral Princess on Australian cruises. Please can anyone confirm whether sachets of Nescafé or similar are available in the buffet? Trying to cut back on packing, so this would allow us to leave Thermos flasks at home. (Yes I know we could order room service.)
  5. Have stayed in both..HI Resort had upped their game this summer…better buffet breakfast than previously..excellent services for port shuttle, cruise parking and storing bags not needed on cruise. Hilton was also pretty good last time we were there.
  6. Do not reply! Call the Princess Customer Service line.
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I am an over packer and need to sort myself out. I am listening to what has been said, and trying to see how I could cut back. I can fit everything into my 35KG hold plus 15kg cabin baggage allowance…so that is what makes me think I can pack more than I need to. Will give myself a good talking to ! Thanks again.
  8. Thanks, GrammieK…..a girl after my own heart !!!!🚢
  9. Thanks Ladies…I was really hoping that someone would say:= ”Eight pairs…that’s not a lot!”
  10. Some excellent ideas…..still dithering though, can make all sorts of excuses to myself but probably stems from being a shopaholic!! I can do a month in USA with about four pairs …still working on cruise wardrobe. Please keep suggestions coming. Many thanks.
  11. I struggle to see wedges as formal wear. Feel the need for both colours for longer cruises. Maybe I could cut back on one pair of flip flops and one pair of wedges. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. Wear Sketcher’s trainers....international travel, gold high, formal shoes, black formal high sandals gold wedges for smart casual black wedges for smart casual black walking sandals, black leather flip flops gold leather flip flops
  13. I need help !!! Asked a packing question and saw so many replies about ladies travelling with THREE pairs of shoes…..I am looking at a minimum of eight….how do people manage on longer cruises. Please ?? Will be taking a large suitcase and carryon rollaboard so will probably have room but possibly not weight, as our allowance is 35kg Many thanks.
  14. I would try ringing. 03443388663. It’s a UK number but is usually answered from an overseas call centre.
  15. I find Princess’ website difficult to navigate. I have taken screen shots of all additional purchases..just in case !!
  16. We have used both Princess and RC shuttles from the Marriott Hotel at IAH . They certainly weren’t sharing shuttles pre Covid. In those days there was plenty of staff to greet us at the airport, help with transfer to the hotel and to the terminal the next morning. More recently we have used a hire car from the airport to Galveston, and stayed a few days at Holiday Inn Resort or Hilton Hotel. More expensive as we needed to book park, cruise and stay option. Hotel offers shuttles to and from cruise port…suited our needs. Hire cars are difficult as only Enterprise has an office on Galveston Island and this isn’t always open on Sundays. However, maybe use Uber as suggested…we don’t use Uber or Lyft. We have booked Galveston Express Shuttle, Pink Taxis (which were wonderful but have now left Galveston). Have read Saltwater Mums taxis are very good.
  17. Thank you..but I’ll probably be using my 35kg flight luggage allowance !!!
  18. Was struggling to purchase wi fi online..quick phone call got it sorted, including the Elite 50% discount, before the price increases on 22nd. January. Don’t delay it’s not a small increase over a 26 night cruise !
  19. We took some Dong on a cruise that called in Vietnam..found it difficult to work out conversions as the numbers were so high. We were travelling on a ship which used US Dollars and were much happier converting prices from Dollars to Pounds. Merchants were happy to take Dollars and we knew prices we were dealing with. Must admit this was the year before Covid, so things might have changed. What you intend doing will determine how much money you need. We were only in Vietnam for one day and had a trip booked (Ho Chi Minh City, on your own- through Princess )so didn’t need too much…lunch which we used Credit card for, a couple of soft drinks throughout the day and quite a few small souvenirs..think we would have been OK with £100 each in Dollars or Dong. Or get some Dong if you’re good at Maths conversions and have Dollars as back up. Didn’t look into ATMs, sorry.
  20. Thanks for your replies. Mum 2 Mercury- I think your suggestions are most in line with my own ideas..but I could never manage on 3 pairs of shoes..I will probably increase other items too. Crystalspin- I couldn’t get my head around capsule wardrobes either. You are doing well to manage with carry on cases. We have Elite laundry so could use that but I am more likely to use the wash hand basin, then the iron in the laundry room. Think I am a lost cause…am on 8 pairs of footwear , three pairs of trousers, six blouse type tops and twelve mixed dresses for evening..formal and smart casual. Three day bottoms, eight day tops and four day dresses. Miscellaneous underwear , night wear and four swimming costumes with two beach dresses and two sarongs, a cardigan, hoodie and outer jacket as we will be travelling from colder climes to warm. It sounds even worse now I have typed it !!! I know I should cut back but not getting my head around it !!
  21. Have done several cruises of 14-18 days. This year we are doing our first 26 day cruise, (with pre and post stays) from Sydney, in March. I have always been a chronic over packer and am now stating to think what I should pack. Looking for suggestions how to cut back, but be suitably attired for Princess. Thank you.
  22. I was going to use OBC to purchase once we were onboard, but today’s post showing an increase has made me look into this. I have phoned Princess, as my Travel Agent wasn’t really much help. They greeted me as Elite, but said the personaliser shows first time cruiser and it would take 3-5 days to correct it….Argh !!! I will ring again tomorrow in the hope I am answered by a slightly more informed Princess Rep. We pay in GBPs but ‘add ons’ are usually in US dollars..so it’s all most confusing. Whatever the cost, it’ll be cheaper for a day or so before the increase is applied.
  23. I asked this question on general questions board and several people suggested I was wrong to ask it there and instead should post it here.:- Have just read that Princess’ wi fi costs are about to increase from 22nd. January..giving only a few days to book it before increases. Please can anyone post the cost of wi fi in Australia for one device and confirm whether the Elite discount can be applied down under.
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