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  1. Not sure whether I read somewhere that you have 30 days to purchase FCD after disembarkation….could have been a dream..but worth asking Princess !
  2. Just remembered something that used to work for us….Purex three in one washing sheets. Keep some in suitcases to keep them fresh..easier to carry than sprays. Sadly they don’t seem available in supermarkets these days but similar items can be found in Amazon..not sure if the scent is as strong though. I must be on a roll now, as Lush bar shampoo/conditioner have strong scents that send fragrance around rooms.
  3. Like a previous poster wrote, we order FCDs at the beginning of cruise (Being a technophobe, by filling in a form at Future Cruise desk, and posting it in box) and usually get an email confirmation within a day or so. Shows up on first credit card statement when we return home.
  4. Little trees car air freshener or similar ??? https://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj-uePlscj3AhWq6O0KHfc1DyQYABAJGgJkZw&ae=2&sig=AOD64_1NWThYHjTQZRIUljhKzQGsO_d1nA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwij_tzlscj3AhWQgVwKHbUHB3YQ5bgDKAB6BAgBEEA&adurl=
  5. Just booked with Lloyd’s Pharmacy..not as simple and straightforward as anticipated. Local stores have limited availability..one shows availability on website but when phoned to check they don’t do them at all, next closest only does them on Mon- Weds. Have booked one adjacent to Sainsbury’s about 4 miles away. They didn’t want to use online booking but took our names and booked us in. Want us to phone in a week to check they have had delivery. Two tests will then be put aside for us. You don’t pay until you have had test and if no longer required, can be cancelled at no charge.
  6. Spoke to the cruise specialist in our TA today. Still as clear as mud. She is suggesting waiting to book tests as she thinks they may be discontinued shortly. So sorry to hear of Covid in the house..hope it soon disappears. Think we will go with Lloyd’s pharmacy too…LHR testing not open when we fly ( 6 am) I agree with the stress about this holiday. We have just returned from a Princess Caribbean cruise, booked with a different TA and had very clear instructions for testing here and in Fort Lauderdale..not half as stressful, but we didn’t have a minor travelling with us.
  7. Thanks for suggestion..sadly RC site does not explain about children under 12. Travel agent has also looked and told me only 12-17 year olds need tests..which is why I am ever so slightly confused!
  8. Help ! ….Please! I am struggling to understand which tests are required for our forthcoming trip. We are in the UK..seven adults, all fully vaccinated and boostered. One child who will be eleven at time of sailing, She has had one dose of vaccine. We have been told so many different stories by travel agent and RC overseas call centre that I am hoping someone who has done a similar trip might be able to help. Please don’t give experiences from USA as it will confuse the issue further…maybe I am easily confused, but now beginning to stress. We thought to do FaceTime type tests. But it seems they are not acceptable for minors, believe adults need PCR or Antigen test two days before..from a registered test centre, and child PCR or antigen one day before from registered test centre. If anyone can untangle this confusion, by sharing actual experience, we would be most grateful. Many thanks.
  9. We recently returned (April 2022) from 14 night Caribbean cruise on Emerald Princess. There were three formal nights.The majority of people wore formal dress on each of the three nights. On the other evenings, we saw all sorts. Contrary to stated guidelines, shorts were allowed in MDR for dinner. We are also from Wales, so if you have any questions, ask away.
  10. Looking for suggestions for clothes for tween/ young teen girls for formal night on RoyalCaribbean in Mediterranean. Any photos greatly appreciated or where to shop might be helpful. Many thanks.
  11. Know exactly how you feel. My panics before our most recent cruise were Having a negative test result before international flight. Not being able to check in for flight till we reached airport. Finding airport hotel Getting to the airport packing place. Checking in with so much paperwork. (Negative result, Attestation form, Vaccine certificates) Arriving in USA worrying paperwork wasn’t correct. Finding the Lab Doctor for pre cruise Antigen test. Worrying how long result would take, and praying it would be negative. Concern that our Green Lane had changed to Yellow lane when doing health check in form. Delay at Terminal 2 as ship had been delayed docking. Finally embarked..and breathed !!!!!
  12. I am saying 70% of passengers were dressed in formal wear on each of the three formal nights. We chose to be smart casual on 3rd formal night and were the only couple not ‘dressed up’ in the bar we chose. Very few people in the buffet where we chose to eat, that night.
  13. On Royal Caribbean, when we did a B2B, our server in the buffet told us she was leaving the buffet for the second cruise to join the room service team. This was not in addition to her other work, but to gain experience in a variety of positions. I’m not sure whether Room service is part of the tipping pool. We always give a small tip when our port days’ breakfast is delivered.
  14. We did that three years ago, but certainly did not feel comfortable being stared at !!! Anyone with post Covid experience please ??
  15. The admin fee is £100 per cabin in UK. Think you would need to speak to your travel agent or Princess UK. Not sure why you would want to downgrade. Live prices may help you grab a better cabin for the same price, but don’t forget the admin fee. Not all Princess agents will give you the same story, so it is worth ringing to ask, then ringing again if they don’t tell you what you want to hear !
  16. A pack of ordinary disposable masks was left for us in our cabin on embarkation. (Emerald, March 2022) with a card saying to ask steward or at Guest Services for replacements.
  17. I would try as soon as they open..which you obviously did..but if all else fails, try during the evening..you will get put through to the USA call centre which might be able to help.
  18. Just to be back on a cruise ship. Sailed Emerald Princess late March/Early April..others may have had complaints, but after stressing about getting negative tests to fly to USA and another to board, we were just delighted. (Fare wasn’t cheap, tests were expensive, masks bit of a nuisance, flights were long, too many people tried to squash into lifts, buffet was served....but who cares?) Thank you Emerald Princess, we had a wonderful time !
  19. We are sailing from Barcelona, around the Med., on Wonder of the Seas. A Princess cruise in March/April this year, allowed men to wear shorts in MDR on a `Caribbean cruise which they haven’t allowed previously. However, 70% or so dressed formally on each of the three formal nights. Hence my confusion.
  20. We last cruised on Royal Caribbean three years ago, pre Covid. As a family group we chose to have tuxes for the men and Cocktail dresses for the ladies. As per RC dress code suggestions.. On the second formal night, we felt we were being stared at for being dressed too formally in the MDR. The majority wore smart casual but at least 30% in casual wear, including shorts.(Yes shorts in MDR) Please can anyone share post Covid experience of how formal formal nights are these days.? Many thanks.
  21. Look at Lab Doctor on 17th Street. No appointment needed. Walked from Hyatt Place. Two Rapid Antigen tests $100, results within 15 minutes. Extremely helpful and professional.
  22. Lab Doctor 17th Street is amazing for International Travellers. Tested Thursday, Boarded Saturday.
  23. We used Lab Doctor. It is right next door to Dollar Tree. There are seats outside and the staff are amazing. We paid $100 for two Antigen Tests and walked away with our paper copies of negative results , 15 minutes after testing. The receptionist offered us use of their iPad as she thought, as international travellers we might not have internet access to fill in the pre test information form. We arrived at 8am, when it opened and were walking away, mightily relieved, by 8.30 am. We had tested negative in UK on Tuesday, flew into FLL on Wednesday, stayed overnight in Hyatt Place. Lab Doctor Thursday morning and boarded cruise ship on Saturday. Very impressed.
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