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  1. Haven’t bid for an upgrade, as we choose our cabin and stick with it. I am under the impression that upgrades would be to the cabins that nobody else wants….I could very well be wrong, but I wouldn’t risk it.
  2. Not sure what to advise..wanted to buy a Princess expandable roller bag to take purchases home. Unfortunately they were out of stock on our 2022, B2B cruise so we couldn’t get one. No huge issue just squashed everything into case and prayed was within weight allowance. My worry would be if they didn’t have stock/ size you might be without a jacket unless pre ordered ??? Might depend on when you are travelling..beginning or end of season, and how many they sell. ?? Decisions, decisions !
  3. We stayed in The Brick Hotel Recoleta.now the Sofitel. At the time (five years ago) it was part of a Princess Package..not sure whether they still use it. It was flagged up as a five star hotel but we felt it was more like a 3.5-4 star as it needed a great deal of updating. It may have since been updated. Food and staff were excellent. Good location for an upscale mall (didn’t buy anything) and for restaurants. It was a fair walk to the centre of BA.We used the hop on/off bus to see the main attractions. There were some homeless folk sleeping on the streets but the police seemed to be monitoring and moving them on.
  4. Union Castle’s TSS Reina del Mar……sadly long gone !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. As an aside………My husband has quite a few Fossil watches, mainly bought from outlet stores on holiday in USA. The only one which has broken was the one he bought in the ship’s shop on Ruby Princess! It lasted less than six months…took it to a watch maker, thinking in might need a replacement battery..but no, totally wrecked.
  6. Thanks, Taers, I have several of those…that must be what I used last time. Thanks again.
  7. We are in the Green Lane in boarding group A. Please can anyone remember what time boarding starts in San Antonio.? Travel agent just phoned to ask if we had everything we needed, so I asked her what time our (non Princess) transfer would pick us up. She said she’ll speak to transport company. Then she said that boarding does not start till 12.-1300. It’s confused me as we’ve usually arrived at port early and been onboard by 11am …mainly Fort Lauderdale but also Sydney. Last time we were in San Antonio we used Princess transfers and didn’t have a choice of transfer time…so can’t really remember. Hope someone’s memory is better than mine. Many thanks.
  8. Ooh, thank you, don’t recognise three pins in a row, but must have used them previously..I’ll have to dig through my “holiday cupboard” in search of something.
  9. Just looking at plugs and adapters for South America..although we have been before I just cannot remember which we used in Santiago. I am taking USA adapters for the ship but have a niggle at the back of my mind that we needed a different one for Chile, pre cruise. Unfortunately, my phone will not last four days without a charge. Any help gratefully received. Many thanks.
  10. Thank you for this. My husband will pack a suit for our Spring cruise, but not for the Summer one. I am not desperate for formal wear, but feel uncomfortable dressing ‘differently’ from the majority. I must sound like a broken record saying I just wish the cruiselines would enforce their stated dress codes, whatever they might be, instead of just suggesting them.
  11. Thank you. We really don’t like using ATMs anywhere, so suppose we’d better get some Sols ..now to work out how many.
  12. Not sure whether to exchange some money into Peruvian Sol for our upcoming cruise. …and if so how much ? If cruise goes to plan we shall have three days in Peru. Wondering is USA dollars are accepted. Do NOT want to use ATMs but will have credit cards without transaction fees. Is anyone able to offer information on recent experience please ?? Many thanks.
  13. Maybe look at sewing around the legs with shearing elastic ???
  14. I posted earlier that Princess managed to distribute key cards at the port, pre Medallion. Had another thought…if enough people refuse to pay for shipping the medallion and it causes Princess a problem, maybe they would revert back to free shipping. It doesn’t generally affect us as Medallions are not shipped to UK for USA cruises, so I must have too much time on my hands !!!!!
  15. Try typing Princess Cruises UK into the search bar..not very technological, but worth a try. Not having issues getting into Princess UK site myself.
  16. They take less room in your suitcase than towel pegs. We bought ours on Amazon. However, on a windy January day in Tenerife the back if the seat dropped forward and the towel band split apart. As we were just experimenting with them, we’d taken towel pegs too.
  17. Possibly because staffing isn’t confirmed until the last minute. OP - you can book MDR seating for the whole cruise, then cancel specific days if it clashes with your planned activities once you see daily schedules.
  18. I had a similar problem where I was not shown the 50% Platinum discount. I asked the travel agent who said it was to be booked directly with Princess. Phoned Princess and they said they could not help but to do it first day aboard….in case of any issues I have screen shotted (is that a word ?) what I can see with the expectation of paying the pre boarding price less discount, as I have tried and am now following Princess’ instructions.
  19. They managed it when they were using key cards!
  20. Why would picking up a medallion at the port take any more time than picking up the key card did, pre medallion ?????
  21. Maybe this could be said about ANY job and ALL tipping should be banned ?????? (I live in an area where tipping has not been the norm until recent years, where it is, unfortunately becoming the ‘done’ thing.)
  22. Pack a swimming costume, flip flops and a change or two of outfit in your carry on bag, as well as medication, chargers, passports and money…just in case your hold baggage is delayed/lost.
  23. Not all passengers are previous cruisers and want to know what is the norm on Princess ships. Not all cruisers are from USA where tipping procedures may be very different from other countries. Some of these people want to know what is expected of them, rather than upset those expecting to be tipped.
  24. If every elite member took family through with them, there would be a huge queue! You can go through with them and might even find their queue moves more quickly due to the number of elite passengers.
  25. Thank you. Have just spoken to Princess again. They have directed me to go to Internet cafe on boarding..maybe it’s a UK thing..or maybe they just want everyone to book Plus or Premium!! (My sceptical thoughts)
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