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  1. No idea, sorry.Just quoted what I was told on Princess UK live web chat. Just tried to find it to copy and paste, but it has now disappeared. Will try again nearer to the cruise . Suppose 12 each makes it almost one bottle between us per day…can also buy some at various ports, I suppose.. although in theory that isn’t encouraged. Flasks from the buffet may be the answer…just don’t fancy drinking water from bathroom taps, although I am aware it is the same water used in buffet..just my personal ‘thing’.
  2. Just had a live chat with Princess UK, who advised water packages are not available for cruises using $Aus / from Australia. They also said you can take as much water on as you can carry on…no sending with luggage tags. ….`Most disappointing !
  3. Thought of that but apparently Princess only allowing a small crate of 10-12 these days. Looks like they want everyone to buy the ‘All Inclusive’ Plus or Premier package. Thanks.
  4. Thanks folks. I emailed the Rydges group. The Rydges at the Rocks has been bought by another company..seems they haven’t decided when renovations will take place, so availability is not showing yet. They suggested we keep an eye on the website..and should have rates showing by the end of June 2023 I have put a hold, with free cancellation on Sebel Suites. Rendezvous- Vous might be worth looking into but the consolidator I looked at wasn’t showing availability with breakfast…not a huge deal but looking for simplicity. Thanks again.
  5. Last time we cruised from Sydney, there were no bottled water packages available. We ended up buying the soft drinks’ package. Looking at 2024, I can’t see bottled water packages again. The Classic soda package has increased in price so much I don’t see it as an option for our 26 day cruise. We’ve just done an 18 day cruise where we bought the soft drink package and don’t really think it was worth it for us. What do people do on longer cruises? Pay as you go ?? Lug cartons of water/ Coca Cola on board ?? Any suggestions. ?? Many thanks.
  6. Had similar issues. Could not buy 50% discount online. Phoned Princess UK. They advised waiting till we boarded as it would be same price as pre cruise. Once aboard , went to Guest Services . Lady there confirmed same price as pre cruise with 50% Platinum/ Elite discount. Used OBC to pay for it.
  7. We stayed in the Holiday Inn at the Rocks, Sydney for our first Australian cruise. For the next cruise it had changed to Rydges..but sadly Covid hit and cruise/ hotel all cancelled. We were fortunate enough to change to February 24. I’ve now tried to book it again. Unfortunately there seems to be ‘an issue’. Please does anyone know if Rydges is selling the hotel or any other information ??? Otherwise.. any suggestions for an hotel near OPT ?? We wondered about Sebel Suites, Quay West or Radisson Blu…would we be able to walk to drop off cases, like Rydges?? Medium priced hotel please. Many thanks.
  8. If you haven’t prepaid gratuities you can use for that or a drinks’ package on the lines I have travelled on. I have no idea how to do this..but hopefully someone will come along later and explain….use a small amount in the casino, then cash out the whole amount, making it ‘refundable’…as I said I have no idea how. Items in the shops, in my opinion, are very overpriced and not wonderful quality. Spa prices are extortionate, (about three times what you might pay shoreside) you are charged 18% gratuity and they try to persuade you to purchase goods from them, again at inflated prices. If you are booking cruiseline shore excursions, be aware you can get similar at the pier for lower prices, but cruiseline operated tours offer the security of the ship being held if the tour is delayed. If you need internet, you could use to pay for a package. We have paid for Speciality restaurants, but for us it was unnecessary as Main Dining Rooms offer food which is fine for our tastes. Good luck !
  9. We take prescriptions and medication in individual containers. However, on embarkation put the week’s tablets in a weekly/ daily container..this can be replenished for second and subsequent weeks. Had no issue on recent South American cruise.
  10. I have used both. Bands just twice..and second time one split in the wind. Clips are quite useful but take more room in your suitcase. We have also had one break during use. That said, they anchor your towel and avoid it curling up. So we always take them.
  11. Arrived in Santiago for a South America cruise the day before the Pope arrived. Many places closed or roped off. Lots of Police and Security Officers patrolling and guarding area where he was due to visit. We couldn’t see as much of the city as we would have liked. Didn’t affect our cruise as we used cruiseline transfer to port.
  12. Just reporting back, following our trip. We were picked up in Santiago just before 9.30 am, as arranged. Journey to San Antonio was about an hour. Dropped off at cruise terminal, wheeled cases a very short distance to check in. Short wait in terminal. Had to hand over passports to cruiseline and had a receipt for them. Another few steps to pick up medallion..less than five minutes all told. Then outside to a complimentary shuttle bus which dropped us off at the gang plank. We were onboard, and in our cabin by 11.30 am
  13. Just returned from Chile……European, two round pin adapter worked for us.
  14. Our travel agent booked us a transfer from the airport to our hotel and from our hotel to San Antonio port with a company called South Bound. They were professional and punctual. You need to state whether you need a Spanish or English Speaking driver and/or guide.
  15. We sailed into San Pedro..but out of San Antonio, Chile; so can’t help with time it takes to get through international arrivals at LAX. We had a car booked at Santiago, Chile …they had monitored our flight and were waiting for us, with a board. I think many/most car services do this. Maybe someone could make a recommendation.
  16. Isn’t this the waste they are trying to avoid ?????????
  17. Debating some sort of drinks’ package on RCCL. Please can anyone post drinks’ menu for 2023 ???? Many thanks.
  18. That is exactly what we did last week..left several cans of soft drinks / some wine and a note to the steward saying he was welcome to them, if he were allowed.
  19. I appreciate I can drink tap water on Royal Caribbean ships. This question is not about that ! I ordered a Water package for our August cruise back in February. I paid £11.80 for 12 bottles. Looking for a price reduction today, I was staggered to see the cost now showing over £29 for 12 bottles…can anyone explain why, please ?? Many thanks.
  20. Returned from South American cruise on Sapphire Princess last Friday. Majority wore suits on Formal Nights (two Formal and one Dress to Impress) A light weight suit takes much less weight and space than a pair of jeans or a sports coat. Dress shoes may be an extra. We manage to pack formal clothing within our 23kg International flight allowance, helped by taking travel sized versions of toiletries. Smart Casual Nights in MDR saw a variety of styles…some not very smart and rather more casual. We also saw the occasional pair of shorts being allowed in.
  21. We were looking for information about leaving a cruise ship at San Pedro and returning to LAX for a same day flight..unfortunately we couldn’t find much, so I am explaining our experience here. Originally our return flight to UK left at 6pm..we intended taking the Princess disembarkation tour at $90 per person. This meant we didn’t need to worry about cases as they would be stowed under the coach and later dropped at the airport. Unfortunately flight was changed to 2pm. Asked onboard about transfers to airport to arrive by 2pm. Excursion desk sent us to Guest services. Lady at guest services was able to offer very little information regarding specific terminals and said the coaches would drop at each terminal ‘on request’ at a price of $30 per person. We had no interest in waiting for the coach to fill up, then empty at each terminal, as we hadn’t done the transfer before, so had little idea of length of journey and whether we would have disembarked with enough time for three hours pre flight check in. Decided to take a risk and look for taxi. This worked out really well for us. Walk off disembarkation started just after 7am. We were fortunate enough to have an early disembarkation group and were called at 8am. Our bags were waiting for us. International arrivals was quite slow- only one desk for international passengers. Outside by 8.30 am. Went straight to the waiting line of taxis. There was a price board, showing $65 to LAX. It was just an ordinary car where two large cases and one rollaboard fitted into the boot and second rollaboard in front seat, we sat in the back. Traffic was quite busy, we arrived at Terminal 2 before 9.30 am. Price asked was $68 due to slow traffic..obviously plus a tip. We were there in plenty of time, before check in actually opened. By 10am we had checked in and were on our way through security to the gate. Our first visit to LAX since the refurbishment..we had a drink/ snack after security but had no idea of the LONG walk to the gates for KLM. There were courtesy carts available which helped but for those with any mobility issues, you will need extra time….if walking reckon on 20-30 minutes. Hope this is useful.
  22. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre. It is an older hotel but has a fantastic breakfast which can be included, at an extra cost. It is a fair walk from the centre. We walked to the Costanera Centre without difficulty and it was easy to find taxis to get back to the hotel.
  23. Agreed ! We used our OBC and more for 18 days, this time. Next year is 26 days around Australia..so we’ll make do with included drinks, or take one of those tiny squirty squash bottles to add some flavour. Maybe we’ll carry some cans onboard too. Wonder if they realise they are pricing themselves out…or perhaps there are many who are prepared to pay ????
  24. We had the Classic Soda package on Sapphire recently- got off Thursday. They were not very keen to sign us up for the Classic Package and wanted us to take the Alcohol free package, which is quite a lot more expensive. We persisted and managed to get the Classic package. I am not sure whether it was cost effective for us and think we might do ‘Pay as you go’ next cruise. Some bars would give you fountain drinks, others provided us with plastic bottles of Diet Coke/ Coke Zero and others gave cans. Depended on who was serving and whether they ‘knew’ you as regulars or not.
  25. Our transfer is with Southbound. They picked us up at the airport and dropped us at hotel. Confirmed 9.30 pick up for Sunday.
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