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  1. Maybe things have changed..our situation was pre Covid..D and SIL had a suite with SIL’s Dad and GD in balcony nearby.…for booking purposes only. We were in adjacent balcony to Grand suite. Fortunately we were all close enough to have the same steward…so he didn’t miss out on any tips by putting GD in with D and SIL.
  2. I heard the Lady Future Cruise Consultant on Sapphire Princess was rude to some of our fellow cruisers. We were waiting to confirm how many FCDs we had. A gentleman consultant saw us waiting and enquired what we wanted. I explained..he checked with lady who said neither of us had any. Later that day someone phoned the cabin and said we had two each. Does not inspire confidence !
  3. Maybe I used the wrong terminology..I meant buggies are available to transport passengers to the gates. Maybe you thought I meant luggage trolleys ??? I think the cost of luggage trolleys is outrageous..but that is another story! Suppose traffic varies due to time of day..our experience was early morning and although Tom Bradley terminal was quite busy, it wasn’t at a standstill as we travelled through.
  4. Many thanks. We have a hotel with parking at the moment but I have read recently that taxis are difficult in Galveston these days. It’s booked on a fully refundable basis so we can cancel if necessary…and get a cheaper hotel !
  5. Thank you. Any suggestions which lot for a ‘mature’ couple with far too many bags, please ??
  6. Book adjacent cabins ? Book a cabin with sofa bed, talk nicely to steward (hopefully same one) who will make up sofa bed for daughter…tip well. Beds in many cabins are two singles zipped together so may not be comfortable for three. Have done similar with D and SIL..GD booked in Father in Law’s cabin but had sofa bed made up with parents. Steward very obliging. We were booked as a row of four cabins though..all with same steward.
  7. Please recommend parking at RC’s cruiseport in Galveston. We will have a hire car.
  8. Hope they have fixed the Swirls ice cream machine, iced tea machine and decaffeinated coffee machine in buffet. They were out for at least San Antonio to San Pedro if not from BA round the Horn as well !! Seemed as if they couldn’t be bothered to fix them as Dry Dock was coming up.
  9. We had an early disembarkation spot on a Thursday…may be different on weekends, but traffic was quite heavy. Used a porter to help get us through immigration and to the taxi rank.Taxi cost $68 plus tip to International terminal. Arrived about 9.40am before our check in opened at 10 am for a 13.55 departure. Be aware some gates are a very long way from security but free carts are offered to help cover the distance.
  10. I paid $135 for 18 days Wi-Fi on the Sapphire Princess in March/April for one device. That was with Platinum/ Elite discount. The wi fi was dreadful and kept dropping off. I have no idea how Princess can advertise it as the best Wi Fi at sea !!!!!!!!!
  11. We had a similar problem when they changed the ship we were due to sail on, to Wonder for last May. We had four cabins booked in a row. RCCL and our travel agent kept telling us we had to wait till a particular date for our bookings to be re adjusted. I wish we hadn’t. When they eventually reassigned the cabins they weren’t together at all. I spent hours on the phone to both travel agent and RCCL. I wasn’t prepared to accept what was offered, so emailed the CEO. In very little time I was able to negotiate new, higher grade cabins together..but it took much time and dogged determination on my behalf. We were fortunate and ended up with better than we had originally booked. We only had one specific week that our whole party could travel, so were limited with our options. My advice would be to get in touch with RCCL (directly, even if booked through agent) and not accept anything you are not 100% happy with..and certainly refuse any price increase.
  12. Oh dear..hope they manage to locate him. It’s not impossible. Many years ago a crew member jumped overboard, wanting to go for a swim..possibly on drugs or having had too much to drink. He was rescued by ship’s crew…was in the daytime though, in the Med. I have photos of him being wrapped in blankets in a lifeboat before being taken to the ‘isolation hospital’ on the ship. This was on my namesake TSS Reina del Mar
  13. We have already been able to book our flights….and hotel rooms with other companies other than Rydges…we have found out this is because Crystalbrook which has bought Rydges has not yet decided their plans for the hotel.
  14. Airlines offer flights eleven months after return journey and hotels usually post their prices a year in advance. At least that has been our experience over many years of international travel.
  15. British pounds not wanted…change to US $…sorry to be the bearer of bad news… We buy ours in Marks and Spencer’s and find their rates better than those offered in banks..but worth checking on the day..they can order on line or just go into store, as M&S usually carry stock.
  16. Having returned…. We changed about £100 per day into Soles and also carried dollars. Found the prices were better using Soles, but no issue spending Dollars.
  17. Can you remind me what RCCL call it, please ?
  18. Talk about splitting hairs..you managed to work out what was meant !!! Many thanks.
  19. Have done a few RCCL cruises but just can’t remember…Please can anyone help ? How soon can I book boarding time ? Many thanks.
  20. We ate in the Savoy Dining Room at 7pm most nights, requested the same table for each night. We had a table for two but the tables were pretty close together. We had asked for quick service and that is exactly what we had. Our waiter was Joey, his assistant Eisen. They were amazing !
  21. No idea, sorry.Just quoted what I was told on Princess UK live web chat. Just tried to find it to copy and paste, but it has now disappeared. Will try again nearer to the cruise . Suppose 12 each makes it almost one bottle between us per day…can also buy some at various ports, I suppose.. although in theory that isn’t encouraged. Flasks from the buffet may be the answer…just don’t fancy drinking water from bathroom taps, although I am aware it is the same water used in buffet..just my personal ‘thing’.
  22. Just had a live chat with Princess UK, who advised water packages are not available for cruises using $Aus / from Australia. They also said you can take as much water on as you can carry on…no sending with luggage tags. ….`Most disappointing !
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