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  1. Sorry..the app isn’t showing any tier…lady I spoke to at Princess knew we will be Elite during this cruise, but still wasn’t able to help…according to her !! Maybe I’ll try phoning again and speaking to a different agent..otherwise I have taken a screenshot of what they are offering now and will show when we are onboard.
  2. Thanks for that ..my app is showing £194.40 for one device and £518.40 for four devices. This is for 18 nights and is in Pounds !!!
  3. Thank you..I have called Princess, only to be told that the 50% would be applied as non refundable OBC !!!! Of course, this is in UK where T&Cs may be different..but not what is advertised since the free Wi Fi was discontinued. !!
  4. We have not booked a Plus or Premium Package this time, so need to purchase internet . I understood that as Platinum passengers we could buy internet for one device at a reduction of 50%. When trying to do this on line, I could only find the full price of $15 per day. When I phoned Princess UK, I was told that the 50% would be applied as non refundable OBC. Has anyone found a way around this?? Maybe purchasing using existing OBC on the first day ?? Many thanks.
  5. We have flown from UK with suit/ cocktail dresses for an Alaskan cruise, followed by three weeks driving down to Phoenix. The packing can easily be managed if you remember you can also have a rollaboard case (cabin bag) on many international flights.(Check with your airline) We cut back on toiletries etc. and I am not a light packer. We did notice that the Alaskan cruise was not as formal as some other cruises with Princess and many will tell you they ‘got away with’ black jeans and a shirt on formal night.
  6. Not clear which Intercontinental Hotel you were looking to book for Day use..but you can search through Day Use hotels.
  7. Wish we could do this in UK..we are allowed ONE change to booking..but at an admin fee of £100. Would appreciate it if T&Cs were standardised wherever you book.
  8. If everyone who is Platinum/Elite, takes family or friends with them, just imagine the queues. If you want to be with family, go in their queue. You might even find their line moves more quickly !!!
  9. I think mtnesterz has made an excellent statement. ’Mostly, those who dress for dinner are respecting Princess' request of what to wear and enjoy the ambience that formal dining creates, which is Princess' stated intent.’
  10. Really? If that were the case there would be less threads like this. I believe you yourself wrote you weren’t happy with those who wear baseball caps to MDR.
  11. Please read what is written ……. Once again…cruiselines need to state a dress code, formal or otherwise…..and enforce it!!
  12. Very sad comment, that those who follow the suggested code are craving attention. They are choosing to follow what is asked and made to feel uncomfortable for doing so…. Once again…cruiselines need to state a dress code, formal or otherwise..and enforce it!!
  13. Were you there? We were a group of eight and everyone was well turned out so we’re all know what we experienced I do not use hyperbole, just describe circumstances as they were !!!!!!!!!!
  14. We are allowed one change in UK but at an admin cost of £100 per booking..so make sure it’s worth it. I agree T&Cs should be the same wherever you book.
  15. On a family cruise with Royal Caribbean, we chose to wear cocktail dresses for ladies and black tie for the men. We ate in the MDR on formal nights and must say I felt hugely uncomfortable as people with shorts and very casual clothes were staring at us…even though we had followed the dress code and they had not…..so it works both ways !!!
  16. I started cruising in 1969..Union Castle’s TSS Reina del Mar. The big difference for me is they stated a dress code and enforced it….no one saying, “I can get away with this , that or the other.” I am not desperate for ships to be formal but would appreciate it if they stated a dress code and enforced it !!!!!!!!!
  17. Is there really any need to mail medallions? Picking up cards at embarkation port worked for years.. Princess is trying to cut costs, so why add more? Recently read they are now charging to have medallion mailed unless you have booked Premium/Plus package….why ????? Probably not my place to moan as we in GB/UK have to pick up our medallion at Embarkation port if travelling to Caribbean, Australia, South America etc.
  18. Maybe because we are in GB. …I’ll keep trying and speak to travel agent. Thanks again.
  19. Thank you so much for the replies. Think I will need to contact my travel agent as it doesn’t seem to be recognising our status and is offering 0ne device for 18 days for £194.40. Or four devices for £518.40. NoPlatinum/Elite button and no 50% offered.
  20. I have tried to use the SEARCH facility for this but cannot get a straight forward answer. We are Platinum and have booked an 18 night cruise. This time just Princess..no plus or premier. So..we need to book Internet..we will share one device. I understand there’s no longer any free minutes but can’t work out how to book Internet for one device at 50 % discount. Any suggestions?? Many thanks.
  21. Just a general enquiry following the unrest in Peru.
  22. Our 18 night trip to Brazil, Argentina, and Peru was canceled by ………….Travel on Friday. We were due to leave January 26. We had the option of just doing Brazil and Argentina for 10 days but Peru was out. Must be bad down there. Copied this from a post on Cruise Critic. Does anyone have information about South American cruises being cancelled or ports subject to change, please ??/
  23. I am looking for information regarding Shuttle buses offered by Princess. Does anyone know where I might find this please? We have used Princess’ shuttle bus from the old port in Brisbane to the city centre..I believe the charge was $28 per person return…not looking for free shuttles necessarily but whether the option is offered. Specifically for South American ports… La Serena, Pisco. Lima, Manta Many thanks.
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