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  1. I tried to pre-order water pre Covid and again for 2024 but sadly not available on Australian cruises. I asked on these boards about carrying bottled water on board or sending a case through with luggage, and had a variety of answers. I didn’t try last time as we couldn’t face lugging a tray. Didn’t notice anyone sending a tray through with luggage or carrying any through. Some answers have said it is possible to pre order on some Australian cruises..but definitely not showing available on ours.
  2. OP here. Just to point out I am from UK where there is no charge for using Credit Cards, and having travelled with a ‘no transaction fee’ card, have not paid charges in USA, South America, Asia…and must have missed them on previous visits to Australia.(or maybe used cash!) Tipping is not excessive in UK..but sadly seems to be trying to follow USA in this regard. Credit Cards do not have surcharges here.
  3. That’s interesting to know.. cash is King, then ! Although I suppose it doesn’t make that much difference when you have to convert Pounds to Aus. dollars, as we get a better exchange rate using credit cards. Maybe it’s all just swings and roundabouts !
  4. Thank you, that makes sense. Will make sure we have some cash available. Has anyone cancelled Credit card from folio to use cash before end of cruise ? Thanks again.
  5. Thank you for that information. Charge won’t be huge, but better in my pocket than Princess’.
  6. Just read a disembarkation notice on facebook, that someone posted from Australia. Maybe I am not very observant but hadn't noticed previously that there is a 1.1% charge for paying onboard folio by Credit card. Is this something new ? Is it just in Australia ? I am wondering about removing credit card on penultimate cruise day and paying using cash prior to disembarkation, if this is the case. Anyone have any information ?? Thanks.
  7. Mine does not show the Wi Fi discount pre cruise, but last summer a visit to Guest Services sorted it within minutes..and we paid the price at 50% instead of having to fuss with OBC…of course if Princess does increase the price, that might be an issue.
  8. Lemonade on cruise ships is what is called ‘Lemon Squash’ in UK. For us, Lemonade is a fizzy drink similar to Sprite or Seven Up.
  9. Some are made from fabric which shrinks when washed..becoming smaller and smaller. Others made from a different fabric don’t shrink. It appears to be the luck of the drawer. In GB there is no option to order in the personaliser, but asking the steward on embarkation has always done the trick for us.
  10. Sorry, haven’t said Princess in the Med since medallion times, sure someone will be along soon who can help.
  11. We did question the price, the taxi driver stuck to his price request. After an overnight flight we were not prepared to continue to argue !!
  12. We cruised from Sydney pre Covid. Had checked the taxi fare online before we travelled..was showing about $60 Australian at the time. When we arrived at the International Terminal, we took a taxi from the official taxi rank to an hotel in the Rocks area. (2 Adults with two large suitcases and two rollaboards) We were disappointed to find we were actually charged $120 Australian. Was leaving the airport at about 8am on a wet, miserable day when traffic was slightly backed up…but this was double what we’d been told !!!
  13. We live in GB but usually sail from US. South America or Australia….no option to have medallions mailed to us. We have never (yet) had to wait more than an extra few minutes to pick up our medallions. Just ask yourself how they managed in pre medallion times !!!!
  14. This is what we did too, when we couldn’t find the discount pre cruise.
  15. Princess uses the Sheraton and provides transfers to San Antonio..at least they did in 2018 which we used and saw offered at the hotel in 2023 when we booked the hotel and transfers independently..Princess’ prices are more expensive but we tend to use them for our first visit to a port. When we feel we know the ‘lay of the land’, we book independently.
  16. We stayed a few nights in the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre in Santiago, then used a transfer to San Antonio organised by our travel agent with Southbound travels. Worked well for us. Certainly not the cheapest and have read about people using local buses but that wasn’t for us as we had heavy luggage.
  17. Again this is true..but no ‘included’ coffee at IC…without a package of some sort…
  18. Agree- but they hadn’t offered included coffee in IC before the start of packages. I wondered why so many people were carrying ‘flasks’ of coffee on last Australian cruise- probably because buffet is not open 24/7 !
  19. I am putting this here in the probably unlikely event that someone from Princess might read it….the equivalent to the International Café on Royal Caribbean ships offers tea and coffee without the need for a package…you have to serve yourself but it is available 24/7
  20. Useful to know that Royal Caribbean’s equivalent of the International Café does provide Tea and coffee 24/7 at no additional charge..but think this was on Princess board.
  21. Remember that unless you have a package, you will need to pay for coffee though.
  22. Not helpful if you visit the IC in the middle of the night !!! Suppose Room Service would work, or ordering via the Medallion might work..if you have a package or have paid to activate medallion.
  23. We used Southbound. Our travel agent booked us a taxi bus from the Santiago airport to the Sheraton Hotel, then three days later from the hotel to the cruiseport in San Antonio. Different drivers and minibus taxis but both clean, punctual, comfortable with professional drivers. Would use again
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