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  1. It is only 0.3 mile between the existing terminal and the new planned site. 5 minutes walk.
  2. If the husband gets the vaccine before his wife, should he go on a cruise on his own ...........................................................Asking for a friend😁
  3. Took my Mother last week and was given a credit card sized Card with the Vaccine details for 1st and 2nd jabs to be filled in. Her Name was not filled in. I presume once we have had the vaccine, our Doctors can provide a certificate as it will be on our NHS record. Obviously, they will charge for this letter like they charge for private doctors notes etc.
  4. My First cruise was on Grandeur in 2011 from Palma. At the time, it was a big ship to us as we didn't know anything else. Certainly got us hooked on cruising. After working our way up to Ovation it would be great to return to her one day. If they are still doing the new cruises from Barbados in 2025, I may look at this for my 60th Birthday.
  5. The FCC will only be for the cruise fare. Port taxes will be refunded. So the total FCC will be less than what you originally paid with your Credit Card.
  6. A Good TA will be able to book it as a package with a different flight back and the Hotel. They will book the cruise without flights with the cruise operator and book the flights and Hotel seperately. Can't name my TA on here, but they have done a package for my LA & Las Vegas trip. As it will be a UK TA, the whole package will be ATOL protected.
  7. I would check with the Hotel if they have storage facilities for your luggage as check in time may not be until after 3pm. They may also have tours they can recommend.
  8. Just being realistic, My 2022 cruise has already been cancelled.
  9. Just received an email from Princess. My 1st May 2022 cruise on Discovery has been cancelled due to redeployment. Need to look for something else as that was our 30th Anniversary cruise.
  10. After doing an overnight Ferry from Uk to Bruges and back in 2010, got a taste and decided to look into cruises as we enjoyed the experience. Was then shown a US TA by a work colleague that he used when on trips to Florida to take short Cruises. Managed to get a really cheap 7 Day cruise out of Palma, Spain and we were Hooked. 2nd Cruise was Out of Venice, so another place off our Bucket List. Decided I wanted to be on a beach for my 50th Birthday, so next Cruise was a Carribean out of San Juan, that we enjoyed so much, we repeated for my 51st Birthday. Since then we have
  11. We also moved our April 2021 cruise on Royal out of LA to May 2022 on Discovery. Even in July when I decided to change, I wasn't convinced it would happen. Also didn't want to tie up over £5K in January and take the risk. Looking more & more like I made the right decision. We too will now be on a Cruise ship for our 30th Anniversary (Hopefully)😃.
  12. The countries requiring Quarantine are trying to prevent you from travelling, if you can't get the time off including the quarantine, you shouldn't travel. In Singapore, anyone arriving from anywhere MUST Quarantine for 14 days in either their own house or a Goverment specified hotel @ Sin$1000 per week, plus must have a test when you arrive (another $100) and at the end of the 14 days (Another $100). They also fit you with an Electronic Ankle Tag to ensure you do not leave the Quantine.
  13. This advice has been there since March. It just showed on the Gov-UK website thay it was updated yesterday, but nothing has changed. The press are just looking for any stories at the moment.
  14. The FCO are still advising no cruising for UK residents. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cruise-ship-travel This means, in the Very Unlikely event that any cruise lines start up from one of the countries on the UK list of Holiday destinations, you would still not be covered by any Insurance if you boarded a cruise ship.
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