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  1. If the high end spirit you want in the cocktail is included within the Premier price limit ($20), then there would be no upcharge for the cocktail even if it had 2 or more items within the limit.
  2. It's still there when you do a new booking.
  3. Must be a British thing, I thought the same😁
  4. You just need to book the couples pass for 1 person. This will cover both in the Cabin.
  5. Unfortunately, I think it was Heineken, but they also had Stella as far as I can recall.
  6. I have had Draught beer on both of my Sky Princess cruises.
  7. If a Princess excursion has changed days, you should still be booked on it when it actually goes.
  8. Haugesund is easy accessable as long as you don't mind a hike over the bridge, which is quite a steep slope to get to the Middle. On Our Walking tour in September, we started with 30 people, but by the time we got over the bridge, we were down to 18.
  9. ABPMSC22 still works. Type it in, don't copy an paste.
  10. Doesn't show my Dec 2024 cruise when I log in. If I try adding the cruise with the booking number, it says that cruise is already added.
  11. This restriction about using the package must be a Princess rule as when we sailed on Liberty of the Seas, we were able to use our drinks package straight after boarding. They had the same rules about limited Alcohol only bought in Texas. This looks to me like it is Princess trying to save money on the first day. If I was boarding at 11am, I would certainly drink more than $25 worth before we sailed.
  12. All the CPS drivers are fully insured. They take pictures of your car before you leave it. There is an option on the booking site for Disabled parking. AB Parking cannot be booked for a Princess cruise.
  13. Not had experience personally, just what I have read on here by other people. Best Thing to do would be to cancel the drinks package before the upgrade, then if you don't get the upgrade, just purchase again as it will be the same price.
  14. If you have booked the drinks package as part of your booking, there is no refund if you win the upgrade bid. If you have purchased the drinks package as a seperate item, then it would be refunded if your bid is accepted.
  15. When comparing the total price for a cruise, I always include the drinks package price to get the overall cost of the cruise. It would be much easier if they had a set price like Princess & MSC. I compared my last cruise to Norway on Princess with the same 7 day cruise on Anthem. Without the drinks package , Anthem was cheaper, but when you added on Drinks package, Gratuities & Wifi, the Princess price came in around £500 cheaper with the Plus package for the 2 of us..
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