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  1. Princess forum is working again & speed is back to normal.
  2. Yes!!! 👍 Since it was eliminated I spend much less time participating on CC.
  3. Is anyone else experiencing very slow loading on this thread? That’s happening to me & wondering if this thread will also slowdown to crash. When that happens I eventually get a message when the page fails to load that I am not connected to the internet. That is not true because it’s not happening on any other websites but only on CC.
  4. Since implementing the new system one time they had a green banner at the top of forums to notify us about an upcoming scheduled outage for maintenance. By reading Jenn’s earlier post it appears the recent unavailability of forums is an unanticipated failure & not any scheduled maintenance outage. Not many have located this thread which unfortunately doesn’t provide much information from CC about it’s status. Guess these continuing issues shouldn’t be a complete surprise after the couple of days outage to implement the new system dragged on for nearly a week. I’m not an IT expert but based on these recurring outages whoever they got to make the changes still hasn’t been able to provide a reliable system nearly 4 months after implementation.
  5. Jenn...in addition to the MySQL server going away message I sometimes get this message which might help with troubleshooting the problem.
  6. Thanks...obviously MySQL is unable to handle CC & the previous system had fewer issues than the new system.
  7. Princess forum has been intermittently down since yesterday including now. Previously my Princess roll call wasn’t affected but yesterday repeated half of the posts...went from 101 to 161 pages.
  8. Astro Flyer

    Partial obstructed views on Royal Princess

    I had D508...nice to have the couch & looking down we could see the ocean between 2 lifeboats. They’re the standard 9’x4’ balconies which was okay for us. E508 from the link previously provided looking outward between lifeboats.
  9. Astro Flyer

    Is EZ Air covered by Princess Insurance

    As Coral wrote, EZair flights & hotel add-ons are included at no extra cost for the Princess Vacation Protection insurance. The price of the insurance is solely based on the cruise fare. I kept my paperwork from my covered reason cancellation in June 2018 only a week before departing which included EZair flights. Most of the cost was included in my insurance claim because we were in the 100% cancellation fee period of time. However some costs were immediately refunded to my chargecard used for payment when canceling: port fees, transfer, half of the airfare. I don’t know why half of the airfare was refundable & the other half was non-refundable and thus was included in the insurance claim. But the bottomline was that everything minus the insurance cost was eventually refunded. We each received a check for half of the non-refundable amounts from Aon a month after filing our claim; refundable amounts were immediately credited to our chargecard. OP...if you used a chargecard check there for a credit issued by Princess for the refundable amounts. My TA forwarded the Cancellation Notification that Princess immediately sent upon being notified of our cancellation. You should have received that notification with a breakdown of total cost & cancellation fees. If not I would suggest that you contact either your TA or Princess because you should’ve received that notification immediately when canceling the cruise.
  10. Astro Flyer

    Royal Princess International Café Menu

    I agree that 15 specialty coffees on a 7-day cruise is too many for me. If you haven’t sailed on a Royal-Class ship the free coffee in the buffet is filtered coffee made from ground coffee & not from concentrate. I thought that was much better & took fewer trips to the IC for brewed coffee. ☺️
  11. Astro Flyer

    Royal Princess International Café Menu

    Great! I was unable to copy and paste the images so glad you were able to view them.
  12. Astro Flyer

    Royal Princess International Café Menu

    Hopefully you can view this recently posted IC drink menu: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h19FheGlcD0jQuQ-OS7DTboAXaQ5bEvb/view
  13. Astro Flyer

    Sabatini's New Menu

    I prefer the previous menu with options that are more familiar than the new ones. Although like Share & La Mer, Princess is moving towards more trendy food options for specialty dining. I’ll try the Sabatini’s Trattoria menu in their more modern dining room to decide whether to go again or not. I wonder how long it’ll be until the Crown Grill menu changes? Hopefully it’d still be like a steakhouse although wouldn’t mind seeing a few changes to try something different.
  14. Astro Flyer

    Ultimate Balcony Dining

    XBGuy...I neglected to give you credit for the menu which I bookmarked from your previous post. On each of our four UBD’s they allowed us to exchange the half bottle of champagne for a similarly priced full bottle of red wine. As I recall they’d also include a free specialty coffee with dessert.