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  1. That’s great! We’ve only received such a credit one time & was able to use the amount on an already booked cruise. Due to the swine flu scare our cruise was changed from a Mexican Riviera to a CA Coastal. A better itinerary for us & a 50% credit towards another cruise...win, win! 😁
  2. Thanks...has your 20% credit of your cruise fare been issued in your Captain’s Circle account?
  3. Astro Flyer

    Grand Princess wine packages?

    Generally wine packages are available on 10 day or longer cruises however it's subject to having sufficient inventory. While that may not be a routine problem it has happened to me & based on posts I've read it has occasionally happened to other passengers. We get the Gold 12 bottle package for wines up to $45 to cost us $29 (plus 15% tip). We've enjoyed the wine package on our eligible cruises & hopefully they'll be available to you.
  4. That’s what I’ve seen...a picture is worth a thousand words. ☺️
  5. A friend who was on the same cruise said that Princess “gave us each a $200 OBC as well as 20% of what we paid towards a future cruise” Based on that information you should have received a $200 OBC to use during your cruise plus 20% of your cruise fare as a credit towards payment for a future cruise. Was the $200 OBC refundable? If so on other cruises with unused refundable OBC we received a check in an envelope from Bottomline about a month after our cruise ended.
  6. Thank you very much for the wine information.
  7. Astro Flyer

    Sip & Sail Promo Vanished from Personalizer

    As you can read in the attached link to another discussion about this problem you’re not alone but should be able to view it in your Travel Summary through your Cruise Personalizer. Other things such as FCDs & free tips have also experienced the problem of disappearing. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2597257-missing-beverage-package/
  8. Astro Flyer

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    All of our future cruise late TD times now show 7:15 instead of the previous 8:15 time.
  9. Astro Flyer

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    My guess about why they haven’t emailed notifications is because they realize it wouldn’t be a popular change & thus are keeping it a secret until many passengers learn about the change when boarding the ship. Previously it was possible to visit the maître d’ or his assistant to change dining assignments. Depending upon availability you should be able to change to ATD just like before.
  10. Astro Flyer

    Hawaii (Oahu - Remembering Pearl Harbor)

    Here’s the link to the official website which still states reopening at an unknown future date after 10/1/18. https://www.nps.gov/valr/planyourvisit/fees.htm Haven’t heard of an estimated reopening date on our local Hawaii news stations nor on online news sources. A couple of weeks ago even the harbor tour on a tender boat was suspended due to leaking floatation devices at the visitor’s center’s dock.
  11. Astro Flyer

    Luau minus food...

    The Lahaina Cannery Mall (across the street from the Old Lahaina Luau) offers free hula shows a few times per week. https://lahainacannerymall.com/free-hula-shows-on-maui/ The Outlets of Maui located in Lahaina have free Tahitian Dance Shows a few times per week. https://www.outletsofmaui.com/event/Tahitian-Dance-Show/2145511878/ If you only want to listen to a luau, Aloha Mixed Plate is next to the OLL with an ala carte menu & is owned by the same people who run the OLL & the Feast at Lele. https://www.alohamixedplate.com/ I don’t think any of the paid luaus offer a price minus the food. I know they have a children’s menu with things such as fried chicken strips.
  12. Astro Flyer

    Missing Beverage Package

    There have been some things that have recently gone missing from the CP & accounts that eventually returned including FCDs and free tips. My guess is that’s a result of website changes such as what appears to be a fleetwide change to all dining times being an hour earlier. So maybe your PBP will eventually be displayed again somewhere in your CP.
  13. Astro Flyer

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    All of my future cruises changed to the early times including on your Sky’s cruise that I’m also sailing. I clicked on my 5:00 assigned time to see the drop down list of available times: 5:00; 4:45: 7:15.
  14. Astro Flyer

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Me too...looks like their routine weekend website problems have been extended to weekdays. we're having technical difficulties We apologize for any inconvenience and will be back shortly.
  15. Astro Flyer

    Future cruise deposits on web site

    Thanks Keith...hopefully they’ll get their stuff together before our next cruise 6 months from now. Unlike CC’s weeklong shutdown, Princess needs to make changes on the fly & probably resulting in all of their recent website snafus.