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  1. You’re welcome & currently with many cruises having the same type of cabins at the same price I would also want a midship cabin assignment.. You might have some luck through your booking source to get a cabin assignment instead of a guarantee. For one of my cruises all of the midship Emerald deck obstructed view balcony cabins were only guarantees despite booking a year in advance. About 9 months before sailing my TA requested a cabin assignment which was provided. Since then & up until today it’s only showing guarantees available for my cruise sailing in 3 months.
  2. It's only available on Royal-Class ships in the MDR Wine Cellars with limited participation for 12 people costing $40/pp. Great service, meal & wine that can only be requested onboard through the DINE line. For more details do a search for Princess Cruises Winemakers Dinner where you'll find much more info.
  3. Here’s a website that was created by CC participant Renmar that shows photos he’s received from passengers who have stayed in the Emerald deck obstructed view cabins. Some are more obstructed by lifeboats and/or stanchions than other cabins which you can view on this website. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Sky-Princess&cabins=E101-E230
  4. That was discussed earlier & was said Majestic is now green but there’s a delay in updating the CDC’s website. No posts from passengers have said anything has changed onboard & that wearing masks are not required.
  5. In an earlier post it said your magician was Michael Misko who was the Magic to Do illusionist & performer.
  6. Thanks…I was wondering if the Winemakers Dinner in the midship’s dining room’s Wine Cellars for 12 passengers at $40/pp. was available…it’s my favorite specialty dining option.
  7. You’re welcome…it’s also very disappointing to me & for $29/pp wanted to try the original menu instead of a Chinese takeout menu that’s readily available at home. I’d prefer that they’d change it to a Sabatini’s Trattoria menu while in the Americas & in Europe. Based on photos it’s the same decor & they could just change the photos hanging on the walls to Italian themed.
  8. There is a new Harmony menu on the current Majestic cruise which is much more Americanized like Panda Express than the original menu which is still being shown on the Princess website. Website: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/harmony-dinner-menu.pdf Current Menu:
  9. Thanks…we’re sailing in October & will continue to check daily to hopefully get an early arrival time to board ASAP like before when elites had priority boarding.
  10. Thanks…I’ve been doing that daily & it’s not available yet. That’s why I asked about how far in advance Cruise Raider was able to make a selection & how she was notified as a P/E benefit to make her arrival time choice before other passengers.
  11. How were you notified about having early access & how long before the cruise?
  12. Majestic was the last one showing the shooting simulator for this space off Center Court Sky & Enchanted - Phantom Bridge Discovery - The Experience Center
  13. This shows the under the head of the bed outlet from Sky Princess which was the ship built after Majestic & hopefully someone onboard can verify if Majestic is the same. As I recall that cord was for one of the bed’s end table lamps.
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