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  1. We cruised from Sydney pre Covid. Had checked the taxi fare online before we travelled..was showing about $60 Australian at the time.


    When we arrived at the International Terminal, we took a taxi from the official taxi rank to an hotel in the Rocks area. (2 Adults with two large suitcases and two rollaboards)


    We were disappointed to find we were actually charged $120 Australian.  Was leaving the airport at about 8am on a wet, miserable day when traffic was slightly backed up…but this was double what we’d been told !!!

  2. On 11/13/2023 at 12:39 AM, txjim09 said:

    I looked into Princess transfers to the ship but the web site only mentioned airport pickup.  I asked a Princess person on a recent cruise who seemed to confirm that but I'm not sure they were well-informed.


    Princess uses the Sheraton and provides transfers to San Antonio..at least they did in 2018 which we used and saw offered at the hotel in 2023 when we booked the hotel and transfers independently..Princess’ prices are more expensive but we tend to use them for our first visit to a port. When we feel we know the ‘lay of the land’, we book independently.

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  3. We stayed a few nights in the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre in Santiago, then used a transfer to San Antonio organised by our travel agent with Southbound travels. Worked well for us. Certainly not the cheapest and have read about people using local buses but that wasn’t for us as we had heavy luggage. 

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  4. 42 minutes ago, skynight said:

    Princess' marketing plan is to maximize the sale of plus and premier fares by including items like brewed coffee. Doubtful Princess will change. Princess has changed to Lavazza in the buffet which is no charge.

    Agree- but they hadn’t offered included coffee in IC before the start of packages. I wondered why so many people were carrying ‘flasks’ of coffee on last Australian cruise- probably because buffet is not open 24/7 !


  5. I am putting this here in the  probably unlikely event that someone from Princess might read it….the equivalent to the International Café on Royal Caribbean ships offers tea and coffee without the need for a package…you have to serve yourself but it is available 24/7

  6. 4 hours ago, SCX22 said:


    On Royal Class ships, the buffet will always be open (but there won't necessarily be food, 6 am to 10 pm are the hours with food), and the dispenser will always have brewed coffee/hot water/tea.  On some, the lemonade/iced tea dispensers have been removed and you can only get these during service hours in pitchers.  Crew doesn't have problems with passengers going in to get a cup of coffee prior to breakfast service or after food service has ended at night.


    On the Grand Class ships, there's been reports on this board upon the switch to Lavazza coffee pre-brewed coffee is put out in coffee dispenser urns.  I assume once the buffet wraps up for the night, these won't be replaced until the next morning for breakfast service.  Haven't been on this type of ship since the switch so cannot comment.  I know when it was still the coffee concentrate, you could go in at anytime to get brewed coffee.



    I haven't seen a drink gun at the IC.  You can always go to the nearest bar for a cup of water.

    Not helpful if you visit the IC in the middle of the night !!!


    Suppose Room Service would work, or ordering via the Medallion might work..if you have a package or have paid to activate medallion.

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  7. On 9/19/2023 at 5:01 PM, beshears said:

    Reina del Mar, are you saying the package (even though it was expensive) you booked through Holiday Inn Resort in Galveston, they picked you up at the Galveston airport,  you stayed overnight at the Resort, and transferred you to the ship as well? If this is the case, ballpark figure per person what was it? There are 7 or 8 of us going and I'm trying to get some figures.

    Sorry to take so long replying.


    We drove to Galveston, stayed a couple of nights at the hotel, then used their park, stay cruise package. People we met used Uber from Houston airport and to the port and found it easy. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, 1965 said:

    Reina del mar is your 26 day cruise Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale departing Nov. 12? We're doing that one as 2 b2b cruises. 

    No, it’s 26 days around Australia…delayed for several years due to Covid. Just grabbed what was offered, as we in UK, seem to be bottom of the list…was offered in Australia first, then States..then we had to grab left overs….need to look into it to see if it is sold in segments…just checked and is showing that it could be booked as 2 x B2B but currently unavailable, so probably full.

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  9. Thank you. 

    Don’t think it is a B2B..but who knows?  Booked as one cruise around Australia, as far as I know.

    Debating a drinks’ package. We couldn’t order a water package on our last Australia cruise and doesn’t seem like we can do so this time either.

  10. It’s worth finding the steward of your second cabin during the first week and explaining you will be moving to his section. He might be prepared to ‘do’ your new cabin as one of the first cleans to allow you to settle in.


    We have only had to change cabins once..packed everything in cases ready for first steward to move…he didn’t do it quickly enough for us and cabin door left open to anyone walking the hallway.  We decided to take the suitcases ourselves as there was no sign of steward. New steward was cross with first steward for not sorting our bags straight away.


    We have done a Princess excursion between back to backs to see alligators..Flamingo Park rings a bell..bit underwhelming but something to do and an expensive way of using our OBC. They dropped us back to Port Everglades and we just used our ‘In transit’ cards to walk straight onboard.

  11. We will be Elite on our next cruise.


    Interested to know what the benefits will be regarding mini bar and being able to change what we don’t like.


    Also…without wishing to sound grabby…if both of us will be Elite, are there two mini bar set ups??


    Many thanks.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Torfamm said:

    It depends on the ship. Skywalkers can be a really nice spot for the views and some cruises have very good snacks. We had one in the spring that had sushi most nights.


    On the other end, boring cheese and veggie sticks in the Vista Lounge on Enchanted wasn’t worth it for me.

    As I said, each to their own, I wouldn’t give thank you for sushi!!!

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  13. On 9/18/2023 at 6:46 PM, JimmyVWine said:

    All food at the IC is included in your fare, regardless of whether one has a package or not.  It is just like going up to the Buffet area on a ship.  In fact, much of the food served at the IC is also served up at the buffets during certain times of the day. Just think of the IC as a "mini-buffet."  Coffee drinks are another thing altogether.  

    In the equivalent Central Park Cafe on Royal Caribbean, non speciality teas and coffees are without charge even if you do not have a package!

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