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  1. HaveDogWillTravel, thank you for posting these pictures. That first one in the first set is great and really shows how wonderful that 180-degree view can be. Wait, is that a step-down? That might keep me from that second glass of wine. I love the view of the wake in A729 from inside also. Wait, is that a step-down? That might keep me from that second glass of wine.
  2. Thank you for the great information. We are still trying to figure out which suite we want to book. Since this will be a warm cruise I'm not too concerned about the cold wind but does the wind make that narrow side deck unusable? My husband likes the idea of having a 180-degree view from that corner. I'm not concerned about people looking down on us. I know the deck plan is a little deceiving for these cabins so do you think the cabins themselves are about the same size? I noticed that A726 has a mirrored pillar between the living room and the bedroom so it's hard to tell in the videos I've seen if the cabins are the same size. We will be spending 32 days in whichever one we pick and my husband has some mobility issues so want it to be as comfortable as possible.
  3. Thank you, I am sailing after that but need to book now because the suites usually go fast the closer you get to sailing. So, I might go ahead and book it and watch for your feedback. I've looked at a couple of videos that show most of the Vista suites on Island and it looks like the cabins themselves are all the same size with different-sized balconies but I just wanted to verify. What I don't like about the balcony for A726 is that you only have access to the aft-facing section from the doors on the starboard side. So there is no aft view when you are inside. The Panama cruise is very hot so I would like to have that view from inside. Also, people in the suites above are looking directly down on that balcony. However, my husband likes the idea of having a 180-degree view. Also, a friend is booking A724 which is the balcony next door and it looks like we could open the partition between those balconies.
  4. Does anyone know if the cabin only (not with the balcony) in all of the Island Vista suites on the Aloha deck are the same size? We're looking at either A726 or A728.
  5. I booked a year ago after the price increase but before these changes were made. The new benefits were added without a price increase. If you paid the $60 per day price you should get all the new benefits. My Travel Summary does not show the Ocean Now delivery or the two casual dining benefits but I'm sure they will be there. This is from their press release. "Princess Cruises today announced several valuable new updates to its popular Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages, providing guests with even more inclusive options at no additional cost, including casual dining, OceanNow delivery service, room service delivery, and express Green Lane embarkation."
  6. That's my husband and he's been chased a few times insisting that he give them an autograph. His beard is not nearly that long now.
  7. Unless you are reading every page on their site you wouldn't know some of this. It's in their news release but I couldn't find this information in any of my searches.
  8. I decided to just call Princess with this question and one other. Since Princess CSRs don't always give you the correct answer I called twice. Reedpricess was correct, Salty Dog Gastro Pub and Vines are the only casual pay-for venues included in the Plus package on the Crown. What shocked me is that there is now a charge of $5 for Ocean Now and Room Service delivery. I've always given at least a $5 tip for room service but the fact that they are now charging for something that has always been free is a little annoying. There is one exception. There is no charge for the room service continental breakfast.
  9. Oh, thank you. I didn't realize Salty Dog Gastropub would be included and didn't even think about Vines.
  10. Thank you Steelers36. I did check the dining venues and it doesn't look like there are any pay casual dining venues on our cruise. It does show the Crab Shack as a pop-up but only on the Alaska cruises. We'll be going to Hawaii. There are a number of the Plus Package perks that aren't available on all ships.
  11. I just saw that Princess has added 2 casual dining meals per guest to the Princess Plus package. Some of the older ships don't have many pay-for-causual dining venues. Does anyone know which venuses would be included in this perk on the Crown?
  12. I booked a cruise last year for March of next year. Princess automatically used my FCC to pay for the whole thing. The actual final payment date isn't for a couple of weeks. Now I want to add Princess Travel Protection and was told that I couldn't because I've already made the final payment. Has anyone else run into this? I guess this post is a cautionary one. Regardless of the actual final payment date if you pay it off early, you can't add travel protection later.
  13. If you're planning on getting Princess Vacation Protection remember you can't buy it after you make the final payment. Otherwise, there is no issue with making payments early. If you cancel before the final payment due date you will be refunded for what you have paid in.
  14. As long as you cancel before the FCC expires it will go back into your account.
  15. Thanks to everyone for info. We do have the plus package but would like to give a little extra for good service.
  16. When you are in a suite and have breakfast in Sabatinis you have four to five people who wait on you. How do you tip? Do you tip each person or if you tip your main waiter does he tip out the rest of the staff?
  17. I think that must be the case still. They were originally isolated and quarantined with a sign on their cabin door with orange zone because they were a close contact to another couple who tested posotive. When one of them did test positive the sign was changed to red zone without knowing why. Thank you for the quick response
  18. I understand when you test positive while on board you are isolated and quarantined. There are notices placed on the door of your cabin that desigantes a color zone. Our friend originally had Orange Zone and it was changed to Red zone. Does anyone know what these zones stand for?
  19. Just a thought. If you don't care about the other additional perks, I think the Plus package is still the better deal. You can upgrade to anything on the Premier list 3.5 time per day for the difference. I personally don't care about the photo package or the Princess prizes and on a 15 day cruise the two specialty dinners (if you can get a reservation) are worth about $3.33 per day for Sabatini's and $3.87 for Crown Grill. If you look on your cruise summary, Princess values those dinner at less than that. I still don't like not knowing what wineries they are offereing on the Plus wine list. I have never seen this in a land based restaurant and It's just plan tacky. If they are house wines, label them so.
  20. We are using the wheelchairs that Princess provides. Yes the rollators fold to about 10" wide. I'll ask the person who gets the wheel chair for us when we arrive what is the best way to get both rollators off at disembarkation.
  21. Oh, thank you. I will be getting two wheelchairs to get both people on and off the ship. Getting on the ship is easy because I can follow one person in a wheelchair with their rollator and then go back down and do the same for the other. Maybe I can get aother crew member to roll one of the rollators off the ship when we disembark. I'll check with the hotel desk when we board.
  22. Thank you so much for your response. It would be a bit unwieldy to push two rollators at the same time. I might try tieing them together to see if I can do it if they are both folder. They are too large and heavy to hold in the lap of a person in a wheelchair.
  23. I've posted this on the Travel with Disability board but since we are cruisng with Princess I thought someone might have experience with this issue. I am traveling with two people who each have a rollator. They will both need a wheelchair to get on and off the ship. When boarding the ship I will go with one of them so I can push their rollator. Then I will go back and do the same for the other. My question is how do I get both rollators off the ship at the same time? I can take one of them off but I'm sure they won't let me go back on board for the other one. Has anyone arranged for a crew member to walk a rollator off the ship while they go off in a wheelchair? Any other suggestions?
  24. I will be traveling with two people with rollators who each need a wheelchair to get them on and off the ship. I will go with them one at a time so I can wheel their rollator on board but I'm now concerned about getting them both off the ship. I don't think the ship will let me reboard once I've left the ship so any suggestions on how I get two rollators off the ship? I don't want to check them becuase I've seen the way luggage is thrown around.
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