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  1. Do they usually sell out quickly in January? If we don’t rush to book it when we board I take it we’ll miss out?
  2. We will be sailing on Enchanted 10 night Caribbean. Roughly how many loungers are actually available in the sanctuary?
  3. Hey everyone! They say it’s good to talk so I’m really glad I started this thread 😀 it’s so interesting to see everyone’s opinion and for it then to move to how someone holds their knife and fork (people must have way too much time on their hands to think about this). I can honestly say I’ve never looked at other tables/diners on our many previous cruises. Each to their own but enjoy your holiday and focus on what’s important. Which is most definitely not what others are doing. We love cruising, and yes my husband will wear smart shorts to the MDR. If he is told they are not allowed we will gracefully take that information and dine elsewhere. On formal night, if we feel like dressing up in our suits and gowns then we will. If not, off to eat somewhere else instead 😀 I cannot wait to fill you all in with what happens when we sail. Did he get in with shorts or did he not? Have a fab Monday everyone.... here’s to many smooth sailings?
  4. Thank you! I believe everyone is different and it would be a very boring world if not 😀 opinions can be listened to, taken onboard and given back in a respectful manner. I did struggle a bit with the ‘’lazy slob’ comment as my husband is the hardest worker I know and I’m a key worker who has been supporting our local hospice through this whole pandemic. But hey ho, each to their own 😃 I’m just grateful that we might be able to cruise again after all this madness... in shorts or not haha
  5. New to Princess board, a very interesting welcome haha!
  6. Thanks John, I didn’t realise this would be such an emotive topic 😉 I do appreciate your nice reply. If one thing the last year has taught me, it’s to not take things to heart and enjoy life while you can! Even if it is in shorts 😃😃
  7. This made me chuckle out loud 😂😂
  8. Life’s too short 👍👍
  9. Thanks Lady Arwen 😀
  10. We have just booked R423 and R427 on Enchanted. Does anybody have any photos of similar balconies that we can expect?
  11. Fab 😀 will be lovely to chat to people before we go!
  12. Thanks Paula 😀 apologies if my husbands previous MDR dress code may have offended you if we shared a cruise. Are you joining us on 28th January 2023?
  13. Smart chino shorts, but yea shirts are shorts 😂😂
  14. Post Covid dress code discussions 😂😂
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