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  1. Yes, it definitely felt good to dine out again, and was a definite Happy Place. The restaurant was not crowded, so it was easily spaced out to the 6 foot requirement. Our server (and her trainee) wore a mask, but some of the other servers did not. Menus were handed out as normal (I didn't even think about that one!) . I did have to cut a hole in our masks to get the food through to our mouths (Just Kidding!).
  2. Woo Hoo!!!! We just had dinner in a restaurant! It was Awesome!
  3. Imagine the horror of going on the Jungle Cruise, and not being allowed to dock due to virus concerns. Two weeks of those corny jokes could do you in ☺️ !
  4. I would have to say that is a reasonable plan. Best of luck!
  5. I do not plan on cruising until I get vaccinated, but after an effective available vaccine exists, I do not see any reason at all why things on a cruise ship would not go back to normal. With a vaccine, no Covid concerns.
  6. In the US, recovery after the pandemic was pretty quick. The 1920's became know as the roaring 20's due to the economic prosperity of the period. But anyway, I don't want to get off the topic of the thread which is how to help Celebrity...
  7. History shows that life went on and returned back to normal after the last big pandemic of the 1919 Spanish Flu. I doubt this one will be much different.
  8. It's pretty tough times all around out there for most all companies and for people in general right now. Things are way different than we were used to just a short month ago. Going through the cancellation process was not particularly easy, and not the "Sea Dream" I had in mind, but that's just the way things worked out, and certainly not even nearly all Sea Dream's fault. So I am still looking forward to being a first time SeaDream customer when things calm back down. I am happy with my 150 percent future cruise credits from my previously scheduled trip, and look forward to a few Painkillers at Jost Van Dyke in the future.
  9. Since the decision about the cancellation, SeaDream is handling things very well in my opinion. The website was updated promptly, we have already received an email anouncing the cancellation, plus the email gives us good details of the future cruise credits we will receive because of the cancellation, and how and when they can be used. It also lets us know their representatives will be contacting us in the future to discuss specific details. Good on them!
  10. Just had a good call from Eden at Sea Dream. She said that Sea Dream fully intended to offer some sort of compensation or offer to those customers who, if they were to cancel would be in the 100% loss of funds category. This was very well received by me, since I am in that category. The only major problem/issue is she could not say what that offer was or might be. So my choices at present are 1) Go on the Barbados trip as scheduled 2) Cancel now and take whatever Sea Dream offers 3) Wait for a while to see if Sea Dream has to cancel the Barbados trips, and (in my opinion) maybe get a slightly better offer. For now I picked #3.
  11. As of this morning, all of the remaining SeaDream 1 itineraries have been changed to Round Trip Barbados, with all stops being in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I understand and appreciate SeaDream would like to still provide some kind of cruise for those previously booked who are happy with that itinerary, and that is great. But I think it is only ethical and fair to offer some kind alternative to those who are not interested. There are people who booked to depart out of Marigot in four days who may be just learning about the changes.
  12. I confirmed on the Sea Dream website this morning that our April 5th Round Trip from Marigot, St. Martin has been changed to an April 5th Round Trip from Bridgeport, Barbados. None of the stops from our original itinerary are on the new one, nor do the new stops especially appeal to us. Of course our plane tickets and hotel reservations are no longer applicable. No contact direct from SeaDream yet. 😞
  13. Thanks for the info TrapperZimmy. Sounds like they treated you well, and that makes me feel better. I hope your cruise goes off without a hitch!
  14. I was doing some checking today just to get a lay of the land, and I am beginning to get a bad feeling about this. Sea Dream told me would not offer me any options at present regarding refunds or rescheduling, and to wait to see if the cruise is cancelled. As mentioned in other posts, it seems that our BVI stop is not available, so when they mentioned something about changing the departure country for my trip from St. Martin to Barbados, I was concerned. That would bring in possible hotel canceIation fees in St. Martin, increased flight expenses, etc., plus paying a good bit for a trip to places I may not be that excited about. I asked if that was not reason enough to offer something at this time, and was again told nothing can be offered, and was advised to wait. So I will wait, and hopefully things will work out. But I hope if worse comes to worse, they would come through with some similar offers of credits or refunds similar to every other cruise company I know of. I certainly know the risks when you book a cruise, but I was hoping not to have to go through my credit card trip insurance. I have a feeling it might not address a "pandemic-related cancelation". Has anyone got any knowledge/experience with how SeaDream has handled this kind of thing recently or in the past? Are they reasonable and helpful, or is just "Buyer Beware!"
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