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  1. Wow, I had forgotten it was an 8 day voyage! Thanks for the reminder. We look forward to meeting you onboard as well. As a SeaDream veteran, maybe you can "show us the ropes"!
  2. We are not going to be much help with St. Thomas hotel recommendations. The last time we stayed on the island was pre-hurricanes. That time, we spent a week at a condo at Bluebeards Castle. We did enjoy that visit. It was a beautiful view overlooking the harbour and one of the island's cruise terminals. The resort felt very 1960-70's, but to us that was a big part of the charm. It had three onsite restaurants that were really quite nice and a great pool deck. But I have no idea how the resort fared in the hurricanes, and what the current state of things are. The time prior to that, we
  3. I believe we are booked on the same voyage. It will be our first time on Seadream as well. Look forward to meeting you onboard! Doug and Pam
  4. This snow and ice has been so bad that they have renamed my wife's home state Missi-slip-i.
  5. We are booked on the June 24th out of Southampton. If we both get our vaccine shots by then, and the UK lets us in without quarantine, and the ship is sailing, then its a go for us. We have friends we want to see in Scotland and North Ireland. Fingers crossed.
  6. A big yay!! from us today. Pam received her first Covid vaccine shot today. She is under the age limit for Phase 1 who are currently receiving shots, but is a volunteer supporting the organizations giving out the shots. There was no guarantee she would be getting one anytime soon, if at all, but she happended to be in the right place at the right time today. We are very happy, because the way they are doing it here if you are under 65 and healthy like Pam, you are in the Phase 4 with everyone under 65, and likely would not get your shots for several months. I am als
  7. Glad I was able to share some useful info. That's the beauty of these Cruise Critic Boards, everyone benefits from everyone else's info. I hope your trip works out for you and hope maybe to bump into you someday on the high seas.
  8. Sorry Bigmike, I thought your post was about a July 2021 trip when I first read it.
  9. Big Mike, did you not get an email from Cunard about shifting final payments till 30 days out? We have a Late June booking, and we’re very relieved to get the final payment extension.
  10. In my opinion, Cunard is better in most every way, but has fewer ships and less cruises to choose from,
  11. It could well be Covid Boredom induced humor, but was not reported that way on the evening news. They seemed quite serious about it, with a fine graphic including an artist's rendering of the Big Footed fellow. But the reporting did provide me with a very big laugh 😉
  12. I agree totally. I presume the idea of the hunt is to kill one, which seems totally disgusting. If such an animal existed, why kill it? Here in Oklahoma, it’s the coyotes who kill the cats and small dogs, not Bigfoot!
  13. Here in fabulous Oklahoma we a state representative who has authored House Bill 1648 for consideration. This Bill would provide draft rules, annual dates, licenses and fees that would define a hunting season for the Big Foot, also known as Sasquatch. If approved, the season would start on November 1st, this year. (I'm not kidding, this really happened). ☺️
  14. The article does not say any firm regulations to continue the shutdown till July exist, its just that the government extended its ability to do so if it proves necessary.
  15. We have yet to be able to travel with SeaDream, so I can't compare the two lines. But we did have an 8 day trip on the Windstream Star Pride a year or so ago. We enjoyed it very much, as it was our first smaller ship trip. In fact, it was seeing the SeaDream ship anchored across the bay from us in San Juan PR that initially interested us in looking at SeaDream. We had a juliette balcony and a drink package, and those were nice. The pool onboard looked to be a good bit smaller than SeaDream's pools, more like a hot tub than pool. They had an open bridge policy where you coul
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